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About Ryze

Member Testimonials

"Ryze rocks!"

Kathleen de Saran
plaNETsurf Creations Pvt Ltd

"On a lark, I was one of the first ten to join...Now, every time I check out Ryze, I see more names and faces I know. Coincidence????? "

Ron Goedendorp
Predictive Research Group, LLC

"Good job with the application design, it really draws you in and maintains interest in the people involved!"

Ian Kallen

"Networking through Ryze, one can actually find wonderful, creative, inspiring and positive people to make music with, compare ideas, come up with solutions and to generate business as well as life long friends."

"Ryze is networking at its best. The scope & potential are breathtaking."

"This is a great place to do efficient networking. I view it as a major *soft* method of marketing. I enjoy it. You meet interesting people by surfing for them, or looking at the new photos, or keeping an eye on your friends guest books, or seeing whose been at your page... It's endless and fun. Ryze is one of those things that works if you work it - and in this case the work is more like play."

Janet Tokerud
Tokerud Consulting Group

"I've been with Ryze as a gold member for almost a year now, and have met some of the nicest people. Ryze has given me the opportunity to not only meet new friends, but to network my business as well. It's a great place to be! "

Judy Gow
Tahitian Noni International

"I found Ryze while researching networking organizations for a magazine article. I can't believe I hadn't heard of it earlier. It's truly an excellent resource!"
S.K. Fentress

"This seems like one of the positive places I might have been searching for!"

Pat Brodie

"I have always been an admirer of networking sites but eventually they all proved out to be Single-to-Mingle stuff, something I had never been intereted in, though online. Ryze lets me develop my business network and though I am new to it, I preferred going Gold, for the productivity I could foresee. "
Kritagya Sharma

"I've met great people already on Ryze! It's a wonderful way to expand your network."

"Global communication has never been this fun! :)"

Hans Kumlin

"Ryze is Netster.."

Andrew J. Tan
AJ HeartWorks Pte Ltd/The Wealth Potter Pte Ltd

"I belong to several network groups but more focused on my interests and hobbies. Ryze is a good business networking platform and I enjoy meeting all the friendly people that are all part of it!"

"Ryze is the early step of human commerce or h-commerce. It must become the building block to create the next generation Intelligent Inter Knowlege network the next internet. "

Human commerce net

"Very nice concept. Much better than that 6 degrees thing I did before...that was much too difficult. "

Vanessa Au
University of Washington

"Ryze is the place for the Business Woman to succeed in being all she can be. I am glad I found this Network. "

"Ryze is THE place to be! When you participate with the intention of adding value for the people in the networks that interest you, you receive back tenfold. "

Stephanie Frank
Stephanie Frank

"Ryze is truly a powerful medium of communicating with people worldwide."

"Where you can network while sitting in your PJ's at 1:00am..."

"Ryze is about getting & staying connected"

Parmeswar Menon

"Ryze has given me the best results of any online networking I've done. I have found several of my primary vendors and resource people on Ryze. Clients have also found me through Ryze, more than paying the annual membership costs."

David Stocum
Great Lives Coaching

"In less than a week as a member of Ryze, I have 547 friends of friends! That's 547 people at my fingertips that didn't I didn't know existed last week!"

Michele Neisler
Wedding Wisdom

"Ryze is one place where you will find people & professions you never imagined in your life!!! Ryzing is good karma :))"

Satish Vijaykumar
ActiveMedia Tech

"This is a great place to be... If you want to do something great in someone's life then do recommend that they join RYZE!"

Rahul Shah
Consindia HR Services

"Very sweet idea. Chalk one up to that list of ideas I WISH I had invented :-)"

Daniel Weimann
Cube 216

"Ryze is BY FAR the best Biz Network I have found on the Internet since our site went live! You won't be sorry for joining and you'll never stop thanking whoever invited you!!!"

Debbie Wells
Natural Wellness

"i met 4 of my ex colleagues and caught up on lot of things professionally and on a personal front ... Ryze just Rocks.. I just love it"

Sunil Rao
Symbian Software

"Ryze is like a cabinet full of jewels, but to discover them, you have to be willing to open many doors, and always go deeper. The richness of Ryze is not for skimmers, but for deep divers!"

Owen Ryan
Brand Name Management

"Ryze works! I've met some talented, nice people who are now collaborating with me on funded projects. They're happy, I'm happy :)."

"I love RYZEing a little bit every day! By being helpful and adding value, I've only been on for a couple weeks and already I've gotten three new coaching clients. WOW!"

Denise Michaels
International Book Writing Guild

"Iím not even four weeks here with Ryze and I met already so many interesting people on such a great professional level, I never have met before in such a short time. "

Gerhard Schwarz
Marullus Productions, Inc.

"The best things in life are sometimes just a "click" away. Friends, jobs, business relations..Ryze makes all of this possible .. Have you clicked yet?"

"As a newly-appointed CEO, I have special needs for business contacts. Thanks for creating Ryze ! I've not only made many great business contacts, but also lots of personal ones! Great job."

Bob Glass
Solterra Renewable Technologies, Inc.

"Ryze is fun!!!"

Price Roe
U.S. Department of Justice

"I found Ryze through a business message board. Now I'm addicted. I'm always looking to sign people's guest book. My tip to fellow Ryzers is join as many networks as possible that relate to your business or profession. I have already worked together on projects with other Ryze members, and have only been a member for 3 weeks. "
Bryan Batelli
Bluefin Creative Group

"Have you noticed how Ryze has exploded over the past few weeks!!! I think the word got out..:)"

"The best thing about ryze is, perfect strangers drop by on your page and leave some warmth there. In a world where we continue to become more and more insular, isnít it wonderful to have a place where we can interact without, first putting our armour on?"
Avi Das

"Finding people with shared values and interests has become so much easier with Ryze!"

Slim Chandra-Shekar
Gaya Music

"When someone asks me has it been worth it to upgrade to a Gold membership, I just tell them what Emeril says, 'Oh yeah, baby!'"

Ellen Britt
Primal Waters

"Ryze brings people, countries and continents together. Here at Ryze, the freedom of the Internet allows us Ryze members to network, to browse and/or to exchange thoughts and ideas. I have met many people and made many friends in the less than a year of being a Ryze Gold Member. "

helmut schonwalder
The Waiter's Digest

"RYZE makes people-connections easier, simpler !! And its wonderful to know how many people are looking for a person like YOU ... isn't that such a human touch to the internet technology !"

"Ryze is a great place to be and to meet new friends. Also a great place for advice. "

"Ryze is Simple ! Simply Ryze !"

"WoW! I have found the missing piece to the success puzzle of having an online business. I want to say thanks to the founders of Ryze and a HUGE thank you to everyone who has signed my GB and included me as their friends. I wish each and everyone of you the very best of success!"

David Batchelor

"Ryze has given my business new exposure, helped me meet new business acqaintances as well as allow me to make many new friends with common interests and goals!"

Claudia Beck
Sunflowers and Seagulls Promotional Services

"great place to be. i feel so comfortable about putting my picture and giving details which i am sure i will not do for any site"


"Sometimes, due to a huge list of people we know, we find it hard to keep in touch with all of them. With Ryze, managing half a million contacts is a piece of cake! "

Mehul Patel
KIPL.Net - Digital Services

"Ryze is a powerful way to find and contact people, worldwide, with similar interests."

Marc Rudov
MHR Enterprises

"Ryze works because it's simple. I love it."

""If you want 1 year of prosperity, grow grain. If you want 10 years of of prosperity, grow trees. If you want 100 years of prosperity, grow people." Chinese proverb. And "I think Ryze is worth 100 years of prosperity :)""

Rajesh Gupta
Gupta Brothers, The Abarkhabo Shoppe,Jharokha

"Because I am a woman working from home and have kids, $10 a month is very affordable for networking for me. Chamber of Commerce and other networking outlets are $300 a year and I would have to attend lots of meetings outside the home and hire babysitters to make it worthwhile - whereas, I can 'Ryze' at any time, day or night! "

Darla Dixon ~ Artist
Darla Dixon Portrait Art and Illustration

"The World of Ryze is a great way to develop collaborative synergy and share creative ideas and information. The sense of community is a 10+. My business has really developed because of the great relationships that I have acquired since joining. Thank you Ryze!"

Tim Dias
Dreamcatcher Marketing

"This site is all - and a little more."

Kerima Wahl
Russell Reynolds Associates

"Ryze is not only really powerful, but a whole lot of fun! I've met some fantastic and very sharp people here in just a short time."

Monica Ricci
Catalyst Organizing Solutions

"Good Job on Ryze. Six Degrees done right."

Miko Matsumura

"Love it...love it...love it!!!! RYZE is my new addiction after a soothing cup of hot tea. Thanks! "

Guprit Singh

"If the likes of Jerry Springer and the so-called "reality" shows have you getting cynical about the state of mankind, join Ryze. You'll be relieved to find that there really are intelligent, thoughtful and creative people in the world. Lots of them, in fact, and most of them are here!"

Tom Adam
United BioSource Corp

"Ryze's gives me the opportunity and the privilege of reaching great minds from so many diverse cultures. Although, I have been a member for less than a week, I tell everyone I know about Ryze."

"If you like people or like working with people, you are going to enjoy Ryze!"
Christina Xu, RN

"The Geography of Names! Once, based solely on the sound of members names, I decided to see how long it would take to click myself "around the world" on Ryze. It was a great journey! 13 guestbook entries later, I'm back home in New York! "

Owen Ryan
Brand Name Management

"The best thing about Ryze is the variety of people. It's not like other places where everyone is in the same field... "

Scott Stratten

"INCREDIBLE! Ryze is definitely THE place to be on the Net! Experience it for yourself and you'll surely agree. It's like a humongous family, all getting to know each other ... and connecting. AWESOME!"

Bryan Hall
Bryan Hall's Success Network

"I am not sure why I looked at the date and went "WOW" I have been on Ryze for four years. In this time I have made many wonderful friends in the industry and have met some personally. Thank you for being a part of my life. "

Chris Wolfeagle

"Funny that I found out about Ryze one day after I found a job--now I can network for the long term, which is always more useful, rather than network for the panicked short term. :-) "

Rebecca Nathenson
eBay, Inc.

"The beauty of Ryze is its simplicity. It is an open pallette upon which masterpieces may be created."

"Ryze goes to prove that its truly a global village we live in."
Avi Das

"I am making such great connections on here and GROWING MY BUSINESS! Who says you can't mix business with pleasure??? "

"As a recruiter with international responsibilities I have found Ryze to be an invaluable source of contacts. As a person, I have found it to be populated with a wide range of interesting and talented people."

Tom Adam
United BioSource Corp

"Since joining Ryze I've made so many new friends across the globe that doing business is really like one big happy family reunion. "

Michael Lemm
FreedomFire Communications

""I must say, the more I study and interact with the Ryze Network, the more amazed I am of its potential." "And the quality of people is truly outstanding." "And that's the key, it's the commitment and quality of those Ryzonians that make it work." "

"In a few hours, I had 5 confirmed friends and 98 friends of friends and tons of new networks in which to find tons of new friends. One friend I invited said "I'll have to be careful not to spend too much time in Ryze. I cannot believe I hadn't heard of this.""

Eric Standlee eric@apccash.com
American Prudential Capital

"Ryze works for you when you work it."

"Ryze is what the Internet is for, and what it used to be. Within seconds, I was reconnecting with past contacts from many different worlds, and making even more new ones. It gives me that cyberhigh that I remember from the first time I sent an email or used the web. "

Dave Whelan
Apex Fitness Group

"As a Ryze Gold member, I'm thinking long-term. For just a few bucks a month, the advanced features are well worth it, and the connections it has helped me make are immeasurable in lifetime value."
David Berkowitz

"World is a small village with Ryze."

Deepak Motiramani
Trinus Technologies

"I have made BOTH business contacts AND friends through Ryze. You can't beat that!"

"Life has never been so exciting since I joined RYZE. Its all about connecting with people. You give your hand, and there are so many waiting...you will be surprised."

FuFaji Lalit Vashishta
Diva Envitec (Europe) Ltd

"With Ryze, you get to open up to so many professions..the best design for horizontal networking yet! Working the Net AJ"

Andrew J. Tan
AJ HeartWorks Pte Ltd/The Wealth Potter Pte Ltd

"I think I am getting addicted to this site. Didnít know there were so many people I know here. It's nice to get to know like-minded people. Amazing! Creators of Ryze, keep it going."

Shakun Gidwani
Tarang Software Technologies

"Great way to stay in touch with old friends; excellent way to make new friends !"

Beth ** Paix **

""Ryze is so simple to use, and extremely effective. The gold membership is a 'no brainer'" "

Ancel Fernandes
ValUserv International

"Quite possibly the best networking site EVER!! If you have it, you can find someone who wants it. If you want it, you can find someone who has it. It doesn't get much better than this."

Glenda Lowery

"Ryze's wide-open design seems to be ideal for business networking. I'm impressed with the possibilities!"

Dan Hartung
Birch Grove Technology

"Like Maslow's Self-Actualization!"

Raphi Salem
SalemGlobal Internet, Marketing Directories

"Ryze is the best place to be for business networking. You make more friends and contacts here, than handing out your business card daily!"

Dana Neal
Essence of A Woman

"What a great way to network and meet people to help advance your business. I enjoyed the event in San Francisco last week (I think that was it), and met some great people. Thanks for providing this network and encouraging people to be a part of it. "

Michael Murdock

"The thing I like about Ryze is, it's hearts and minds, unshackled by time and distance!"
Avi Das

"Ryze is live, lovely and extremely rocking. If you are not on Ryze, you ain't online!"

Mehul Patel
KIPL.Net - Digital Services

"Go for the Gold! It's amazing how easy it is to find people with similar interests once you upgrade. "

John Benfield
Agents Of Change, Inc.

"I joined as a skeptic but am beginning to see the benefit after a few days."
barbara meynert

""I received business through Ryze within hours of joining! This is an awesome resource.""

Ellen Britt
Primal Waters

"I'm sure that you're going to love this place. It's extremely warm, friendly, allows you to be yourself, and attracts like-minded friends effortlessly! "

Kingshuk Hazra
SAP India

"You will find more presidents here than in the refrigerated butter section of a large French supermarket! hehe...the Ryze is FANTASTIC...have fun!"

"Owning a network on Ryze has provided me with quality and amazing contacts that were untouchable before."

Anna Campbell
Prudential Califorina Realty

"What a GREAT medium! I've met some really terrific people here! Thanks for offering two great memberships for us to choose from, a must for all business entrepenuers!!"

Tracie/ Promote your business! Ask me how
Go Promotions & Scrapbook Company

"The quality of people I have met on Ryze, is simply unbelievable. Thank you Ryze for giving those that are serious about what they do a place to network, and build not only business relationships, but some great friendships as well!"

Brande Bradford
Cornerstone America

"I was introduced to Ryze by a friend who thought it would be a great way to increase my Copywriting business. I never expected that I would befriend so many great people! I run Ryze in the background while I write all day. And the last two weekends I've had 'in person' visits from other Ryze members with another coming next weekend and one planned for next month! "

"Ryze is a great place to make new friends, help others and receive so many wonderful ideas and feedback. It's also a good place to get new business, too! ;)"
Kim Joins

"Relationships are key to the success of any business, Online or off ... The Ryze Network provides unlimited potential for growth in this area. Highly recommended! ;) "

Mike Merz
Internet Marketing For Newbies LLC

"Great idea, great site..very cool!"

Kris Surroy

"Ryze is a wonderful destination to increase your personal and professional network !! Ryze is Nyze!"

"Any previous visit to a new city was always as a stranger...a tourist! But thanks to Ryze...going over to a new city, simply means being with friends!"
Avi Das

"Ryze helps connect the likeminded!"
Avi Das

"A perfect group of friends for me was just Ryze away..."

Chirag Kenia

"Ryze is simply awsome. I could spend hundred and even thousands on public advertisements and get nothing or very little. On Ryze I have connected to thousands of people and have developed many great friendships and of those many are now seeking my services..Thank you Ryze."

"Every day, I'm connecting with interesting people through Ryze. It's an invaluable networking tool. "

Erlend Wilhelmsen
Fabric Interactive

" You can truly realize the amount of diversity in the workplace and personal interests of so many fascinating people here. Ryze is by far one of the greatest networking tools I have seen on such a multitude of levels."

Zachary Weiner
LuxuryReach Advertising

"Networking is so much fun and easy here at Ryze. Thank you!"

Ellie Tolbers
On the Lake Creations & The Angel Company

"Think of Ryze as -- among other things -- a living, breathing, and ever-growing encyclopedia. No matter your interests or questions, someone somewhere here either knows the answer or knows someone who does!"

Tom Adam
United BioSource Corp

"The simplest and most cost-effective process to increase sales, is through networking. Letís coin a new word and call it - RYZEworking. Because it does!!! It's your career. Make it Dinamic! Di"

Diane Carter

"Ryze is way too addictive!! And it's sucking all my time away from what is a very busy week! Why did you have to go and invent such a very cool thing??? "

Ken Berger
LogX Technologies (http://logxtech.com)

"There's Just no place else to go to get your business moving and make friends along the way!"
Renee Newman

"If you meet one good friend on Ryze, it's worth gold. I've met several friends that I connect with at a deep level and I've met people who are super helpful! How can you miss?"

Brian Ball

"I guess a more politically correct way to define Ryze would be to define it in terms of shared interests, opportunities, equations of need and supply etc. But Ryze to me has been more than a professional and business instrument! It's a force... a flow... of care, of warmth... of connecting up! We find ourselves in so many others around the globe! :)"
Avi Das

"Ryze-Rise-24x7-The worlds changing fast-get on the bus-or step aside-NOW"

Vaibhav Mahajan
Garments Intl Pvt Ltd

"Had to drop by to tell you how much I am enjoying the Ryze experience. It really evolves. Also, this place is seriously engaging. "

"Ryze is a beautiful platform for People! I have found and made so many beautiful and interesting people on Ryze in just a matter of few days. Ryze up everyone!"

Renith Valsaraj

"Ryze has been a wonderful means for me to grow my business! I have made many contacts and friends here who have helped Global Image Group beat the competition and who I would like to thank for helping me achieve further success."

Michelle T. Sterling | Image Consultant
Global Image Group | Image Consultants

"A great place to meet like-minded business owners who are working hard to be successful."

Denise O'Berry
The Small Business Edge Corp.

"Enter at your own risk! This site is seriously addictive :)"

Ashvin Lima

"RYZE is ideal for real estate investors seeking professionals in commercial real estate and private equity."

"Ryze-ing and Staying connected....is expanding one's circle and harnessing the strength of a larger think tank"

Parmeswar Menon

"Still by far the best networking site out there... and I've seen and tried a lot of them. Ryze just keeps getting better in the face of all the competition."

Steven Cheung
Cheung's Trading Co. Inc.

"This is a dynamite site with a dynamite concept, and with dynamite people. Thanks you for starting this! "

"If you find youself wondering if you should join Ryze or not, or if you're already a member but wondering how actively you should participate, then ask yourself this: Would I rather have more contacts and resources or less? "

Tom Adam
United BioSource Corp

"Personally, I find Ryze offers me a great means to reach out and connect with people - calmly and respectfully."

Bob Marshall
Falling Blossoms

"Ryze is the ultimate jungle for the connected mind."

Jason Nyilas

"Really enjoying the site ... the updated features are wonderful."

Jennifer Kronstain
KMG Worldwide Public Relations

"What to say? "It's Different!" Try it."

mohammed Arif
Lantern Software Systems

"When you work Ryze, it works for you!"

"It's not what you dont have that matters, it's what you have and the will to get what you want. Ryze is a great way to be ONE of the starting points to get."

Rahul Puri
Inventum Group

"Two things are man's greatest assets in this interconnected intelligent network: 1) How much you have got in your head 2) How Good you are at creating new relationships and synergies memoRyze it! "

Robin Good
IKONOS New Media, Master New Media, MOTO

"Ryze is a great resource. I just came back after a few months away and the benefits keep getting better and better..."

"Ryze is about relationships. Life is relationship. It is not about having another's candle dimmed so mine can burn bright, but about having the wisdom to see that only when all candles are bright, shall mine be so."

Navin Pillay
Oxford Aviation Academy

"Ryze is cool! :-) You'll stick with it for life! Enjoy!"

Donna Daritan
Jupiter Capital Pte Ltd

"My book sales jumped 45% on barnes and noble in one day. My web site traffic doubled in three weeks. I have another book offer in the works. All because of this site. RYZE RULES!!"

Christine Louise Hohlbaum
Wasabi Publicity

"I am amazed by the amount of contacts & friends I have made on Ryze! Thank you for creating such a great place to network!"
xxx xxx

"How many of you have made 'Ryze' the default web page of your browser?"


"The most efficient way of meeting people halfway. Half the work's already cut out. Network and grow."

Wot's... Uh The Deal (Vijai)

"This is a very interesting concept. It's like the business networking version of Craig's List and Six Degrees. "

"Having a gold membership has allowed me to start my own network. What a blessing to meet so many people with the same interests! "

Judy Gow
Tahitian Noni International

"Ryze is one of the HOTTEST sites on the web"

James Hong
HOTorNOT.com, XMethods

"Wonderful service and concept! "

Scott Krause

"I love this site, can't get enough. One of the best kept secrets out there! Let's not keep it a secret anymore."

Paul Mellady

"I just wanted to thank you for setting up Ryze, I was able to establish some interesting contacts"

Stefano Corbellini

"Ryze is Viral. Business giving. Remunerative. Abso-bally-lutely one-of-a-kind. In form and feature, there's nothing even close to it."

Krishnan Unni ~ PigtailPundits.com

"Ryze is the best place to work and play!!!"

Vidya Sury
Rather good, most of the time

"Make Ryze your staple diet for networking!!"

Kall Ramanathan
The Times of India Group

"Ryze is highly addictive and becomes a "responsibility". Yes, I became a member of Ryze this month and found it a very positive tool to interact and build relationship with like minded people."

Rajesh Gupta
Gupta Brothers, The Abarkhabo Shoppe,Jharokha

"I was amazed to get response to my listing within 2 minutes. Its a wonderful place to network and meet new people "

FuFaji Lalit Vashishta
Diva Envitec (Europe) Ltd

"Prospecting for interviews or business opportunities in an unknown city can be a daunting task. However, thanks to Ryze, I always know someone, who can further sync me on to another acquaintance, who would take me closer to an opportunity!"
Avi Das

"Ryze is as useful as the time you put into it. I try to use it a little everyday, and the connections I have made have been fantastic!"

Christian Buckley

"Ryze simply rocks! A great way of gaining new contacts!"

kash d
adaptive synergy

"Ryze has opened up a whole new world for me. My business contacts have now become my friends. This is a great place!"

April Bentancourt
Avon & Mark

"My network is growing with the help of Ryze. Internationally and nationally in Germany. I invite you to use German contacts for your business!"
Torsten Herrmann
chain relations

"Sometimes, all a small business person needs is an introduction to some appropriate contacts. Ryze offers the ability to instantly be transported inside a thriving, virtual chamber of commerce, and allows members to selectively search out suitable targets or to be more strategic in their networking activities. What a find...."

Roger Darnell
The Darnell Works Agency

"I've only been here for a week and I have met so many great and positive people that are really trying to make a difference in the world. I've told everyone I know about it...you should too!"

Kimber King

"Ryze lets one explore, connect with people and then *persist* those connections via guest-book entries and friend/contact lists. Pretty cool and I like it!"

Ronny Ashar
Software Consultant

"Ryze is truely awesome place to network with people from around the world . The network groups are very interactive . I have already started work with some of my contacts that I met here in Ryze and I have only joined 28/10/2003! Cheers to team RYZE ! Ahoy! "

Anant Bajaj
Bajaj Electricals Ltd

"Ryze is the "creme de la creme" of online networking sites. Do your friends a favor and send them an invitation to join Ryze today!"

Ellen Britt
Primal Waters

"I've only been involved with Ryze for a few weeks now, and I can't even begin to describe the amount of support I've received from other members."
Jordan Dinsmore

"The site is not only well thought out and put together, it's an incredible amount of fun. THANK YOU! "

Bill Swartz

"RYZE is an extremely powerful online business/social network. I have made more valuable contacts in just three months than in the last three years. Try signing up for a Gold membership as it further extends your networking capabilities. "

Ahmer Alladdin

"Ryze is cool."
Sunil Paul
Brightmail, Inc

"Ryze is stimulating"

"Thanks again for this valuable resource. "

Pete Gascoyne
PG Grafx

"Great place to do targetted search for people with similar interests/background. Or for connecting to people whose expertise you may require."

Asim Rasheed
A networking company

"Ryze is one of the best sites I have seen to meet people in the Entertainment industry. "

Johnny Rodes
Johnny Rodes Outlaw Band

"What I love about Ryze is the **reliability** of Ryze: that over time it's remained a Business Networking forum and hasn't evolved into a "dating network"!"

Linda Caplinger
Crimson Consulting

"Until I came into Ryze, I had no idea that there were so many kindred souls out there. So many, who shared my interests and views. Thanks ryze for bringing us together! :)"
Avi Das

"Ryze is really cool! "
Hao Wu

"Before Ryze, I had the philosphy of why do today what I can put off and do tomorrow. I no longer think that way! Thanks so much!"

"Thanks to Ryze, I feel that urge and excitement to check who my new freinds are and who is interested in doing business with me. Ryze has been the most successful network on the web for me. I like the model followed by Ryze, Thank you for the network."

Sheshanth Bhambore

"Ryze offers a way to connect with people across the street or across the nation. People you may never have had contact with otherwise."

Shaun Nestor
StormFront Development Group, LLC

"I found Ryze very useful & supportive for all my activities in a very short span."

Rohan Kashyap

"Ryze -- The ultimate online playground for interesting personalities."

Rick Bruner

"In the one month that I've been really taking advantage of Ryze and all it offers, I've been thrilled by the quality of people and legitimacy of the contacts I've made. Getting involved here has been one of the best things I've done this year. "

Ted Silverstein
Thomas Publishing

"In a world where connecting often means bumping against some stranger in a subway, it is nice to have a place like Ryze where the bumping can turn into the kind of lasting connection that can take us further and faster than any old crowded train!"

Alexandra Sokol
MemeStream Media & The IMBrand Group

"It is great being here - I myself have been involved in setting up an internet company in the career networking sector but your concept is really "the best I have experienced so far" - it really works and I am happy to tell my friends and colleagues about it. "
Fabian Wasmus
KPMG Corporate Finance - FI

"I can not thank you enough for creating such a wonderful environment to connect. I have met some really amazing people since becoming a member several months ago. Thank you and continued blessings for all you do!! "

Karen Sullivan
WRMN Radio

"Ryze is an opportunistic approach to strategically leverage your professional center Of influence to help grow your business."

Charlie Brown
NRG Beacon

"I've actually made a few contacts via Ryze in the past week alone, it's pretty amazing!"

Sherman Kwok
Ode Curtis Productions

"Ryze is great! With our country's current economic state, it is important to work with as many people and groups as possible, build relationships and meet potential new clients. Ryze is the starting field for doing just that!"

"When I first heard of Ryze, I said let me just try it once and well....that once does not seem to get over. Amazing network, this, Congrats to those who thought of it and made it and thanks guys!! "
Shashank Sahni

"I just became a member and I left all other work aside, it is amazing..."
Upendra Deglurkar
Kimberly-Clark Hygiene Products Pvt ltd

"This is a brilliant service! I've been using it for only a few weeks now and already I've benefited from the knowledge and support of many helpful people."

"RYZE - Really Youthful Zinging Experience of meeting people in a ryzing way! Now the everyday question is "Did you RYZEd today?". Well I did. :)"

"Ryze... quite simply the fastest way to network online... without any apprehensions. This is the definitive international business network. Give and get is the philosophy to adopt!"

kash d
adaptive synergy

"Ryze isn't a place to question what you believe about other people's worth; rather, it forces you to be honest about what you can give to others while being honest about yourself. Profiles aside, the reality is in the exchange of ideas and thoughts."

Ray Uyemura
City of LA - Information Technology Agency

"Ryze lets you network at 2 A.M. when you have insomnia -- try that at you local chamber of commerce."

Michael Spremulli
"The Intuitionist" - Michael Spremulli

"Ryze gives you an audience and a voice, but more importantly, people to listen to."

Glenn Fiedler
Irrational Games

"Ask and you shall receive. Most people on Ryze are more than willing to help or refer you to someone else if they can...and in the spirit of good karma, you should be willing to help or refer people that ask also."


"Ryze does for my business what no amount of in person networking can ever do...and that is to enable me to contact potential clients and business partners 24/7 from around the globe. Just awesome!"

Ellen Britt
Primal Waters

"Ryze = Can You Measure the Gift of Finding a Lifelong Friend? Can You Measure the Gift of Acquiring a New Major Client? Invaluable Gift = Ryze! Yachts of Success to All."

Charlie Brown
NRG Beacon

"After joining Ryze I could not believe the increase in website traffic and how addicting hanging out on Ryze was! So many new friends! It's fun! "

Christina - HomeBasedBusinessWoman.com

"I LOVE the new Ryze! The site is even easier to navigate, more attractive and believe it or not - even more fun!!!"

Denise Michaels
International Book Writing Guild

"Great job with RYZE! Wow - I've just started playing with it, and it's great the way you've buit in such amazing functionality. I'm impressed, and am becoming an avid user of the service already. "

Evan Margolin

"Ryze has helped me enjoy an even more successful business while having fun, too. As a published author and marketing mentor for women, about half my clients come from ryze. Be a savvy entrepreneur and stick with it. And don't miss out on the business benefits of upgrading to Gold membership. It's the smartest $10 a month you'll spend on your business!"

Denise Michaels
International Book Writing Guild

"I love Ryze - it Rocks! It's been a great source of connections both personally and professionally. I've met some great people from all over the world and hopefully one day will meet them all in person. Invite your friends!"

Wayne Wallace
Wayne Wallace Photography

"Ryze is a great way to locate old friends and renew contacts."

"I was told about Ryze last year from a friend and joined up. I had no idea I would meet so many awesome people and enjoy it here as much as I do! Keep up the awesome work and thank you!! "

"Ryze is the water cooler for all business connections... Great job!"

Bitera.com visit today!
Bitera Corporation

"I am very glad to be part of Ryze. I have made wonderful contacts and great business relationships."

"Not even one week and I received a pm from halfway around the world. We may be doing business. Very cool. Sometimes it helps when others simply know you exist. "

Rich Geiger
Adaptive Business Technologies

"Using the Ryze Gold membership enables me to fill the intangible gap zone, i.e., it's value is not always initially apparent but it is loaded with gems along the way."

"The best place to meet people for business and pleasure. Ryze is one of the best concepts online."

Sarath Menon
Oracle India Pvt Ltd

"Ryze provide the best relationship for merchants, businessmans & traders in the virtual world."

Alireza Khodaverdi
Fara Novin Pishro, Co. LTD.

"I didn't believe one member of Ryze when he said that ryzing has turned in to $70k in 9 months. But now I do. I am a believer. ;)"

Eric Standlee eric@apccash.com
American Prudential Capital

"Talk about POTENTIAL!!! RYZE has it all. If someone can't can't find the gold here, they should pack their bags and go home. There's simply nothing like it available anywhere else. Edward Smith"
Edward W. Smith, AFC
RU School District

"Since my first day at Ryze I'm totally addicted to this vital community "

Tom Noeding
DER Touristik Online GmbH

"From a few friends my network grew and grew and grew.... Now there are interesting forums, interesting friends, business contacts, just about anything on Ryze! "

John Matthew
Software Solutions Company

"I recently upgraded to Gold Membership status and it is so worth it. Great investment."

Michelle Murphy
Murphy Assistants

"In response to speedy help from the Customer Support service:- "Wonderful, Many thanks for your kind assistance - incidentally, I think the Ryze is fantastic! Some wonderful people have breezed past and I am really enjoying being here. Kind regards, Tracey Smith" "

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