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You're Not Crazy...You're an Entrepreneur!

"I think I'm going crazy," I said, feeling afraid and alone.

There was noise in my head. "It's like there's a party going on all the time. I feel lazy and stupid," I explained, sure she was going to commit me to some kind of institution.

"You're not crazy," the psychologist explained gently, "I think you might have ADD".


This is a short excerpt from the (becoming infamous) Chapter 9 in the Accidental Millionaire. I almost didn't write this chapter, and it was funny because my writing stopped - I mean completely stopped - until I was ready to expose what being a truly creative, Attention Deficit Entrepreneur was really like.

You probably struggle with forgetfulness (did you close the cupboard doors?), disorganization, time management and focus. You are frustrated because you know you are smart - if you just have the systems, structure and organization to get through your day, you'd be able to focus - you'd be UNSTOPPABLE!

We welcome you to the Entrepreneurs with ADD network, We specialize in providing tools, resources, mentoring and education for highly educated entrepreneurs who did not go to business school and who want to create a balanced life while building the business of their dreams.

This network is perfect for you if:

You are open-minded, entrepreneurial and interested in learning
You are intelligent, and on your spiritual path.
You are open and caring and willing to get past your fears that have held you back in the past
You are aware that there is a better way and are coachable
You are polite, courteous and supportive of other people on this network

There are a lot of people in the world who are truly happy being miserable. They appear to get great joy out of telling the world all the reasons why they can't have the success they say they want and no one else can tell them differently. It only brings up fear and anger. These aren't the kind of people we want at the Entrepreneurs with ADD Network. If this is you, do us both a favor and join another network. Youll get really annoyed with Stephanie and other network members taking away your excuses every time someone comes up with another strategy that would assure your success. We only want to attract positive people to our network. If that's you then youre in the right place.

We are generally an unmoderated network because we want to encourage a free flow of ideas and insights. But make no mistake about it - you are like a visitor in our home and if you are rude, boorish or mean-spirited to others your posts will quietly disappear. This includes MLM appeals, no matter how thinly-veiled they may appear. This is my network, I pay for it and I set the rules. It's not a town hall meeting or a free-for-all. There are lots of boards that won't censor rants from people who are negative or unsupportive. This one will. It doesn't happen often so it's generally a non-issue, but I just want to make it clear up front.

Here are the rules:

Be supportive, gracious and friendly.
Do NOT post your MLM offerings.
No blatant advertising. Period.
This network is for offering and receiving support, encouragement and new ideas.
No event announcements without permission of the network moderator, Stephanie Frank.
DO attach a brief signature line at the end of your post with your business URL if you wish.
Ask me if you have a question about a post before you put it on the network
Make it meaningful.
Ask yourself "What would this network look like if everybody wrote what I'm about to post?"before you press Post.

About Your Moderator

[img src="http://www.balancedwealth.com/Photos/AM.Front.jpg" align="center" border="0"]

Stephanie Frank has been an entrepreneur all of her life. She made her first million at age 22 with her own business. After losing everything in a personal shift, she bounced back, quickly made millions again and then learned smart strategies to keep it. Stephanie has learned to create leverage and has created passive streams of income in network marketing, the Internet, stocks, and business ventures.

Stephanie says, "I dropped out of college because they weren't teaching me to be happy. They taught me how to get a job. Now, I'm committed to helping others get more of what they want through the secrets I've discovered. My ADD has helped me find success in life and I can help others do the same."

She is the author of the wildly successful book "The Accidental Millionaire," and the author of several home study courses in the popular Solving the Million Dollar Mystery series. She helps business owners build a global presence from their home office.

Join Stephanie and the other highly sensitive, intuitive and intelligent entrepreneurs here on this network and get excited about enjoying your own life - just the way you want it - while living with ADD.

Entrepreneurs with ADD
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