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Welcome to The Better-World Project network! My name is Frederick Mann and I'm the Network Leader.

"I've used online networking to obtain a 6-figure VP-level job, hire half a dozen people, win over $12,000 in consulting contracts, double my readership on About.com, sell some domain names to people in England I've never even spoken to, and even to do a multi-million dollar merger deal that started on a Yahoo Group!"
-- Scott Allen - http://www.ryze.com/view.php?who=ScottAllen

How Do We "Ryze" to the Next Level?

Unsolicited Testimonial

"Welcome [Frederick Mann] -- The Ryze community can only benefit from your contributions as I have!! The lucky ones will accept the brilliant insights you so generously share and see the successful results on sooo many levels that I'm experiencing as a result of applying your powerful, yet practical, insights and advice that open the door to an abundance mindset and a bank account reflecting financial wellness that is globally inclusive! I'm so delighted to find my valuable mentor and friend over here at Ryze -- :-)"
-- Mary K. Weinhagen (07/04/04) - http://www.ryze.com/go/MKW

Did you know that by flying in V-formation, a flock of geese adds at least 71 percent greater flying range than if each bird flew on its own? People who share a common direction and sense of community can progress toward their destinations much more quickly and easier if they organize themselves so their individual journeys benefit from mutual "uplift drafts" created by "flying in formation"... (more below)

Do You Dream of a New Human Civilization?

We're Creating a "Mutual Uplift System" That Enables Like-Minded Individuals to Make the Differences the World So Desperately Needs!

We idealists and visionaries are often under funded and lack the power and influence to make the differences the world so desperately needs.

All that is about to change, because we've made some huge breakthroughs related to the "POWER OF FORMATION-FLYING!"

Next fall, when you see geese heading south for the winter, flying in a V-formation, you might consider that scientists have discovered why they fly that way.

As each bird flaps its wings, this creates an uplift draft for the bird immediately following. By flying in a V-formation, the whole flock adds at least 71 percent greater flying range than if each bird flew on its own. People who share a common direction and sense of community can progress toward their destinations much more quickly and easier if they organize themselves so their individual journeys benefit from mutual "uplift drafts" created by "flying in formation."

When a goose falls out of formation, it suddenly feels the extra drag and resistance of trying to go it alone. It quickly gets back into formation to take advantage of the lifting power from the bird in front. If we had as much sense as a goose, we would stay in formation with those who are headed in the same direction we are.

When the lead goose gets tired, it rotates back and another goose flies at the point. It is sensible to take turns doing demanding jobs. Geese honk from behind to encourage those up front to keep up their speed. An encouraging word goes a long way.

Finally, when a goose gets sick, or is wounded by a gunshot, and falls out of formation, two other geese fall out with it and follow it down to lend help and protection. They stay with it until it is able to fly or it dies, and only then do they launch out on their own or with another formation to catch up with their group. If we had the sense of a goose, we would stand by each other like that.

We're creating a "mutual uplift system" with extraordinary power! In fact, it's much more powerful than the V-formation of the geese. The sooner you join us, the better!

Our Main Focus:

In their personal lives, occupations, endeavors, etc., everyone operates at a certain LEVEL of competence, efficiency, and success. Would you like to "raise your level?" Some people learn from experience and "raise their level" over time. Others make false conclusions as a result of setbacks and become more negative. They tend to "lower their level" over time, becoming less competent, efficient, and successful. Humans love, hate, and slaughter.

In the world, there are groups, organizations, and systems. Some raise their levels and some lower their levels. Marriages succeed and fail. Organizations rise and fall. Civilizations thrive and perish.

The levels of individuals, groups, organizations, and systems can be ascribed to the "programs or software in their brains." Humans love, hate, and slaughter as a result of the programs or software in their brains.

Our main focus is on providing the means whereby individuals, groups, organizations, and systems can upgrade their software and raise their levels. Most people can reprogram their brains and become much more successful!

Synergistic Cooperation can be a most powerful element in raising your level (of competence, efficiency, success, health, wealth, happiness. etc.).

The three biggest benefits for members of The Better-World Project:

1. Individual Freedom, Empowerment, and Wealth Creation;

2. A Powerful Method for "Individual & World Improvers" to Finance and/or Expand their Projects;

3. The Much Greater Power and Influence added by our "Mutual Uplift Cooperation & Network System."

For more details and background information related to this project (including a New Era of Unprecedented Individual and Economic Freedom), see MOTIVATION CHALLENGE.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions? -- Please Post them to Our Message Board below!

"Human beings are at their best
not when they are engaged in
abstract reflection or when they
are engaged in individual
transformation for its own sake
but when they are engaged
in the act of transforming the
corners of the world in which
they live." -- The Twilight Club

"It is now your turn to take
on the task of leadership to
build a new world, a new
civilization, through the
development of human
character, and the evolution
of the human soul. Whatever
it is that you do in life,
ultimately this is the only game
worth playing. To play a game
lesser than that is to fail the
dignity of your soul."
-- Yasuhiko Kimura

"The Twilight Club is a catalyst
for the creation of a new global
civilization in which technology
advances concomitantly and
harmoniously with moral
consciousness to the benefit of
humanity -- in which individual
liberty, autonomy, and rights
are respected, while individual
responsibility to communities
is practiced, and thus world
balance is maintained -- and
in which metaphysical and
physical sciences not only
harmoniously coexist, but
also may develop into a new
synthesis to reach further into
the frontiers of knowledge."
-- The Twilight Club

Weavers of Freeorder

Weavers of freeorder are pattern seers, connection makers, thinkers, artists,
entrepreneurs who work for all who discover that their home is Open Network.

Open Network names a freeorder comprised of and arising from
all aspects of the world
in which an explorer of sovereign spirit may rejoice.

It is very old.
No one invented it.

Freeorder is a balance among designed and spontaneous orders conducive to quest.

Quest is an aesthetics governed pattern of explorations
in course of which resonance grows.

Resonance is the expectation of magic.

Magic is emergent,
an awareness arising from a fusing through present action
of intensity, sensitivity, integrity, and wonder.

Such capabilities of human beings are the reason why
Open Network came into being,
why it continues to exist,
and why it is inextinguishable.

Leif Smith, March 8, 2000. Copyright © 2000, Pattern Research, All rights reserved.
Permission is given to view, copy, print, and distribute this document.
Please tell people it was written by Leif Smith, and include his contact information:
Leif Smith, Pattern Research, PO Box 9100, Denver, Colorado 80209, USA;
leif@pattern.com; 303.778.0880; 303.722.2680 (fax).

The Better-World Project involves the creation of a worldwide FREEORDER of unprecedented individual and economic freedom. See also:
I support the Make a REAL Difference movement

In addition to a Better World in general, the following may be discussed/promoted on this Message Board:

  • 12DailyPro
  • ActualFreedom.com.au
  • AdCashDoubler
  • AdventuresinLegalLand.com
  • BigBooster7Million
  • BigBooster.com
  • Big Money Pro
  • BrainTechnologies.com
  • BuildFreedom.com
  • BureauCrash.com
  • ClearPurpose.com
  • Double Your Way to a Million
  • DownsizeDC.org
  • e-gold.com
  • eForexGold (Market Maker/Currency Exchange Provider)
  • Empowerism
  • Enlightenment-Psych.net
  • Extropy.org
  • Free-Market.Net
  • FreeStateProject.org
  • GandhiInstitute.org
  • Get More Green Back (GMGB)
  • Gold Age (Market Maker/Currency Exchange Provider)
  • Idenics.com
  • ImaginationScience.com
  • Indomitus.net
  • Konformist.com
  • Libertarian.to
  • Liberty2001.com
  • LibertyRoundTable.org
  • LysanderSpooner.org
  • MegaBooster & MegaBooster PRO
  • MonsterPreLaunch
  • Motivation-Challenge
  • Neo-Warriors.com
  • NewCiv.org
  • NoMoreFakeNews.com
  • Pattern.com
  • Pecunix.com
  • PEP(TM) - Personally Empowered People
  • PrometheanMovement.org
  • PowerPause
  • RegulationsSuck.com
  • RemakeTheMatrix
  • SauderZone.com
  • StigmergicSystems.com
  • Strike-The-Root.com
  • SuperCivilisation.net
  • Think Right Now!
  • TrafficSwarm
  • TransHumanism.org
  • Transtopia.org
  • TwilightClub.org
  • Venturist.org
  • Voluntaryist.com
  • WealthWarrior.com
  • WorldTrans.org
  • Wyoming FreeStateProject
  • YellowTimes.org

For additions/changes/deletions to the above list, email: frederick@bigbooster.com with "BWP List" in the Subject.

Sponsoring protocol: If you decide to join a money-making program as a result of participating here, please join under the person who invited you to The Better-World Project (if applicable). Exception: If Frederick Mann invited you, you're welcome to join under anyone.


The winning entries, starting with "Five Steps to a Better World" can be found at Better World Essay Contest,


A "libertool" is any tool that can be used to liberate yourself from an "unwanted condition" in your life; any tool you can use to free yourself from whatever holds you back; any tool that advances your competence, effectiveness, freedom, health, wealth, happiness, etc.

"Tools are things of thought and matter used to increase the power, precision, and scope of deliberate action, including things as various as mathematical concepts, poetic imagery, philosophical and economic concepts, machines, habitats, business structures, negotiation strategies, communications technologies, industrial parks, shopping malls, and free zones... Freeorder generators, or forges, are ventures in the provision of tools to serve the emergence of freeorder. Forges are convivial places which engage tool makers in vortices of conversation. They attract vortex spinners." -- Leif Smith (Philosophical Overview of Pattern Research, Freeorder, Open Network, and Open Society)

Money skills enable you to free yourself from poverty.

Health skills may enable you to overcome most illness and disease.

Technology has produced many libertools: telephone, refrigerator, automobile, air conditioning, washing machine, etc.

Idenics and similar techniques are powerful libertools you can use to free yourself from psychological shackles.

Pecunix, e-gold, and similar alternative currencies and payment systems may become powerful libertools for individual economic empowerment.

The Internet and Ryze can be used as powerful libertools.

Anything that brings about positive individual empowerment is a libertool.

Maybe focusing on the positive can be a very powerful strategy to improve conditions of individual lives, as well as in the world generally: Identify and develop libertools and persuade people to use them!

"I have a very strong sense of being in the middle of a historical wave. One hundred and fifty years from now, what will the historians say about this age? What was really important? What was going? What was finished? My belief is that much of what makes the headlines is finished, and the "growing tip" of mankind is what is now growing and will flourish in a hundred or two hundred years, if we manage to endure. Historians will be talking about this movement as the sweep of history, that here, as Whitehead pointed out, when you get a new model, a new paradigm, a new way of perceiving, new definitions of the old words, words which now mean something else, suddenly you have an illumination, an insight. You can see things in a different way." -- Abraham Maslow (The Farther Reaches of Human Nature)

The opposite of libertool is "slavetool." Oppressive government is an example of a slavetool. Many people follow strategies of "fighting slavetools" or trying to reform them -- accentuating the negative. Maybe, if instead they were to focus on the positive -- identify and develop libertools and persuade people to use them! -- they would become much more efficient, effective, and successful!


Most of us have the potential to become more competent, efficient, and effective. Creating a better world requires better individuals. Sometimes the best way for us to advance or move forward is to get the support of a professional trainer, mentor, or coach.

Some of us, in areas like wealth creation, may be compared to a goose that has not yet learned to fly. What has been called the "Ostrich Factor" may be relevant here -- considerable psychological research demonstrates that the less competent people are, the more they tend to overestimate their competence. (It's also called the "denial of personal disadvantage.") This factor makes it difficult for some to realize that they need to increase their competence. Imagine a goose running along the ground, flapping its wings, unable to get off the ground, while boasting: "Look how well I fly!" (For more on this phenomenon, see #TL10E: The Power of Doing Things Right.)

Unfortunately, it also seems that some people, in some areas of their lives, are in "downspirals." As a reaction to "bad" experiences, they make false conclusions and become more negative. They "dyslearn" from some experiences and become less capable. Some get caught up in the grip of self-sabotage patterns. Some experience apathy, helplessness, and depression. In order to advance, they may have to "unlearn" what they have "dyslearned." Some people may need to "learn how to learn." Some need to develop "foundational life skills." (As a possible illustration of people "dyslearning" and becoming less capable, Dr. Phill McGraw reported on his TV show (early August, 2004) that in America about 50% of first marriages end in divorce, over 60% of second marriages end in divorce, and over 85% of third marriages end in divorce!)

These are some of the challenges our trainers, mentors, and coaches may be faced with. The following are available to provide assistance:

  • Mike Goldstein is President of Idenics. He has been working in the field of self-improvement and personal growth since 1969. Idenics is a relatively new methodology that assists people to resolve the "unwanted conditions" in their lives and improve their overall existence. Idenics is not a rehash of some earlier methodology. It is a new approach that you should find refreshingly complementary to your own thinking. Many hundreds of people from all over the world have greatly benefited from the work they've done with Idenics. Most issues resolve easily in a matter of hours with the assistance of an Idenics facilitator. Through its unique, nonjudgemental approach, Idenics has facilitated the desired results with 95% of its clients. Free consultations available.
    "I've been following Frederick Mann's writings for several years. Finally, last week I hooked up with Mike Goldstein of Idenics. I really want to thank you for the simplicity, truth and ease with which you helped me SEE CLEARLY that which was causing so much agony for me. I also appreciate the method of NOT trying to dig up and analyze a bunch of garbage from the past with an agenda preset by you. Your integrity to the work you do is admirable and I will definitely recommend you to any and all possible. I am truly amazed at how quickly you helped me get to the root of what had caused me so much pain and confusion for 13 years! The breakthroughs that I have had since we talked have been numerous and I continue to feel the freedom that I always knew I should feel but had forgotten how. To say that I have literally had my life reset in one session is not an exaggeration. What's even more impressive is that what years of analyzing, study, books, tapes, etc... could not solve you helped me solve in under TWO HOURS!! That is amazing!" -- BB (3/17/04)
    "I've been set free and I owe it all to Mike Goldstein, Frederick Mann (for his recommendation), and Idenics. For years I've been battling a specific problem that I thought I would never conquer, but after a free introductory Idenics session, the change was immediate. I hadn't planned to mention this particular issue during my first session, since I thought it would simply be too difficult to release in such a short period of time. I didn't think it would be fair to begin with this issue, but Mike said we should start with whatever I felt was most important. After the session it was like a switch had been flipped and I had become my old self again. My issue was a burden that I had assumed I would deal with for the rest of my life, but now it just seems trivial and stupid! Near the end of my session I had a revelation, realizing that my problem was connected to something I had never considered throughout years of self-analysis. Idenics is the REAL DEAL! I would recommend it to every single person on this planet. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" -- M.M. (8/12/04)
  • Liz Shaw -- Wings to Soar Over Storms - Life Coaching for Overcomers. I'm a life coach who has already successfully negotiated the road ahead of you, who knows what's around the corner, where the potholes are located, and which forks in the road to take. There is no substitute for an experienced guide as you journey through life. Because of my life experiences, I am uniquely qualified to help you develop your foundational life skills, steer you toward empowerment-based life recovery, guide you through life transitions, and help you develop your creativity. Extensive links to online tests and assessments. Free consultations available.
  • Soni Pitts is the chief visionary butt-kicker for Restless Spirits, a business dedicated to designing and implementing creative solutions for people and organizations ready to create a deeper and more meaningful way of living for themselves and for the world around them. FREE! ebook: 50 Ways To Reach Your Goals.
  • Rahul Bhimjiani focuses on handling start-ups, transitions and change in general. He helps people, groups and organisations to think about themselves, their life, their surroundings, their work and their plans differently -- as a consultant, a coach, a teacher, a trainer, a friend or a family man. One part of thinking, learning communicating, working and indeed living differently is helping people break mind-sets in pursuit of effectiveness growth and profitability in increasingly more complex and turbulent times... It may involve cutting across disciplines and domains.
  • Stuart Nelson is an experienced mentor (over 25 years) and has Diplomas in Life Coaching and Business Excellence. He has written a unique three-aspect course on Stress Management. He is also qualified specifically to coach Christians, has a Certificate in Christian Studies and is studying toward a theology degree. He is committed to helping his clients overcome their barriers to success.
  • Joe Summy a.k.a. "Papa Joe: The Doctor of Common Sense!" has been a mentor for 30 years and finds it to be one of the most challenging and rewarding of all professional experiences. Areas of Specialization: Leadership, Management, Human Development, Education, Life, and most ofthe subtopics that go with each.
  • Charley Edwards has been doing Personal Growth Coaching since 2002. He has a thriving practice, doing telephone and e-mail consultaions. He also contributes his life-skills knowledge by operating a Personal Growth Retreat consisting of "four days of deep healing," with an optional fifth day free, "how-we-got-this-way information," "how-to get-moving exercises," and a very successful set of "motivational exercises." His clients have met with wonderful success on both personal and business levels. They come from engineering careers to teachers to social workers and everyone you can imagine.
  • Neo Vincent is the Founder of apilife IMC. His learning center provides Internet Marketing training. His products: Internet marketing tools, leads (with contact number and email address) and an Internet Mentoring program.
  • Paul Bradley Cordle is a profit improvement consultant, Internet marketing coach, and professional website designer. As a Certified Systems Integrator, he consults with businesses of all sizes to identify and implement process improvements resulting in dramatic bottom line results. He teaches MBA and undergraduate courses for a local university and facilitates Steven Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" seminar. His unique "risk-free" approach to website design puts businesses online and generating traffic before they spend a dime. Last, but not least, Paul teaches home business owners how to become professional recruiters and top income earners in their existing business.
  • Donna Rougeau - Super Duper Personal Coach and Life Guide! "I am a Spiritual and Personal Development Coach. My work is about the power of "YOU," the real you, the one underneath the judgments, fears, apprehensions and arrogance that may protect your persona, but do nothing for "You." If you think there might be a greatness within you that has not been realized, or there might be a different person inside you than the one that is "allowed" to be seen, you will find working with me a blessing filled with Joy, Freedom and Abundance and an outpouring of uplifting insights you never imagined possible. (I was born into extreme rural poverty, and have grown and prospered through the most heart-wrenching life experiences. I have lived with nothing and have also attracted over 40 million dollars into my life...)"
  • Kimberly D. Wells is a Coach who can help with time management. "One of the things I stress is MAKING time for important things, not just waiting around for time to 'appear.' My focus right now is on helping people who are starters, have add/adhd symptoms, and/or procrastinate come up with a system and schedule that works for them for time management, goal setting, and organization skills. I, myself, have been a chronic procrastinator, have symptoms of Adult ADD/ADHD, am a starter and definitely not a finisher, and am a classic "green" (Myers-Briggs results). I have, however, created tools that allow me to increase my productivity and make specific progress towards all my goals, each and every day."
  • Do-It-Yourself #1: Most likely the best starting point for everyone who seeks greater success! Read and/or listen to the FREE 30-page booklet THE SUCCESS FORMULA: Three Timeless Principles that will Turbocharge Your Success and Dramatically Improve Your Life. Combine the "Three Timeless Principles" with Purple Curve Effect: SKI's Throughput on Command ($1) and you'll have "the most powerful Thinking Process/Work Approach" available to you. (If you suffer from "self-sabotage software" that prevents you from applying the above, seek professional help, e.g., from Idenics or from our other trainers, mentors, or coaches.)
  • Do-It-Yourself #2: Coping.org - Tools for Coping with Life's Stressors - onsite manuals for coping with a variety of life's stressors, authored by: James J. Messina, Ph.D. & Constance M. Messina, Ph.D. Includes "I AM A GOOD STUDENT - A Study Skills Program"; "Parents' Tool Box"; "Adults' Tool Box"; Manuals to handle Addictive Behaviors, Anger; Communication; Conflicts; Denial; Depression; Despair; Fear of Rejection; Fear of Success; Goal Setting; Guilt; Hatred; Helplessness; Insecurity; Irrational Beliefs; Loss; Motivation; Negativity; Perfectionism; Powerlessness; Preventing Burnout; Problem Solving; Rage; Resentment; Revenge; Self-Control; Self-Esteem; Shame; Stress Reduction; Victimhood; Withdrawal; and much more.
  • Do-It-Yourself #3: Just before falling asleep at night, ask yourself a question. Wake up the next morning with the answer.
  • Do-It-Yourself #4: Whenever something "unpleasant" (or "pleasant") happens to you, say: "It means nothing!" or "It has no meaning!" Walk around looking at and touching things (the same applies to watching TV), and say to yourself: "It means nothing!" or "It has no meaning!" If you do this long enough, you'll have some "earth-shattering" realizations about the universe, your role in it, and the nature of meaning.
  • Do-It-Yourself #5: Rational Recovery® Developed by Jack and Lois Trimpey, Rational Recovery® is an amazingly powerful technique practically anyone can use to fully recover from alcohol and/or drug addiction "in as short a time as they like." Simply click on "Recover Now" and do the crash course on Addictive Voice Recognition Technique® (AVRT®). In my (Frederick Mann's) opinion, you can also recover from "addiction to failure," "addiction to self-defeating behaviors," etc. by doing AVRT® and, as you go through it, replacing "alcohol/drugs" with whatever your "self-destructive behavior patterns" might be. I suspect that practically everyone can become happier, more competent, and more effective by doing AVRT® as I suggest! By recognizing self-defeating thoughts and negativity as coming from your "BEAST" -- you simply "KILL THE BEAST!"
  • Do-It-Yourself #6: Actual Freedom. Read the fundamentals of Actual Freedom and live your life out of the question: "How am I experiencing this moment of being alive?"
  • Do-It-Yourself #7: BECOME A 10X PERFORMING PERSON! In your head you may have a "program" about how fast your earnings, business, and/or achievements can grow. "10% per year" is a typical "growth program." Such a program may hold you back! Would you like to achieve and/or earn TEN TIMES as much as you are now achieving and/or earning? If your answer is "YES!" find out how at: BigBooster.com.
  • Do-It-Yourself #8: Evolution of Consciousness. Over a hundred years ago, Friedrich Nietzsche wrote that human consciousness was in its infancy. This is still the case. More recently, G.I. Gurdjieff (famous proponent of self-observation), claimed that in their normal "awake" state most humans were really somewhat unconscious and in a state of "waking sleep." A good place to start your conscious evolution is with Maxwell Stein's free e-book Awakening the Wealth Warriors.
  • Do-It-Yourself #9: Unleash the awesome power of your intuitive mind by learning to "ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS!" -- see Breaking the Rules: Removing the Obstacles to Effortless High Performance by Kurt Wright and Clear Purpose Management, Inc.
  • Do-It-Yourself #10: Learn The "X-Factor" For Success: The 11th Element:The Key to Unlocking Your Master Blueprint for Wealth and Success by Robert Scheinfeld.

To be added to the above list, email: frederick@bigbooster.com with "Trainer List" in the Subject and explaining in the body of your email why you're qualified to be on the list and what contributions you plan to make to the Better-World Project.

Maybe our trainers, mentors, and coaches can design a questionnaire to pinpoint the "action skills" that will enable "geese to fly like Jonathan Livingston Seagull."

"The trick Fletcher is that we are trying to overcome our limitations in order, patiently. We don't tackle flying through rock until a little later in the program... And though he tried to look properly severe for his students, Fletcher Seagull suddenly saw them all as they really were, just for a moment, and he more than liked, he loved what it was he saw. No limits, Jonathan? he thought, and he smiled. His race to learn had begun." -- Ricard Bach (Jonathan Livingston Seagull)

Maybe our trainers, mentors, and coaches can help their clients master the necessary skills to soar like they've never soared before!

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[PGM] Staving artist carves out own BW vision! $$$, Greg Horn - BlackMarketGold, 09/17/04

re: Love, Light, Peace and Healing, Mary K Weinhagen, 09/14/04

Love, Light, Peace and Healing, Laura Zaky, 09/14/04

Greetings to fellow members of better world project!, Jerry Lim, 09/12/04

re: Look up aerosol attacks happening above your head!, Mary K Weinhagen, 09/07/04

Look up aerosol attacks happening above your head!, Laura Zaky, 09/07/04

Agathon Project Wish List, Edward Pittman, 09/01/04

re: Welcome New Members!, Annette Ommen, 08/31/04

Welcome New Members!, Frederick Mann - Better-World Project, 08/27/04

[PGM] Here's Your Magic Key!, Frederick Mann - Better-World Project, 08/27/04

Hello All!, Paul Marble, 08/22/04

[PGM] Catch the Big Monster!, Frederick Mann - Better-World Project, 08/20/04

[PGM] Starving artist raises 2,409 troy oz Au in 12 months!, Greg Horn - BlackMarketGold, 08/20/04

re: Hello All-Introduction, Whitney Rix Victory II, 08/18/04

Hello All-Introduction, Vipender Mann, 08/18/04

re: Hi all, Mary K Weinhagen, 08/17/04

Hi all, Sham Gill, 08/17/04

re x 5: Upcoming Events, Whitney Rix Victory II, 08/16/04

Health International & Safe Haven Health Community Introduction:, Cynthia Miller, 08/16/04

re: re: re: re: Upcoming Events, Frederick Mann - Better-World Project, 08/16/04

re: re: re: Upcoming Events, Jerry Waxman, 08/16/04

re: re: Upcoming Events, Frederick Mann - Better-World Project, 08/15/04

re: Upcoming Events, Francois-Rene Rideau, 08/14/04

[PGM] Equu.com -- Get Paid Just To Use a New E-mail Address, M Antonio, 08/13/04

Upcoming Events, Frederick Mann - Better-World Project, 08/07/04

re: Asking WHAT'S RIGHT questions, Greg Horn - BlackMarketGold, 08/06/04

re: Asking WHAT'S RIGHT questions, Mary K Weinhagen, 08/06/04

re: the right questions, CoachDonna Rougeau, 08/06/04

How to Be of Service (Be/Become a Winner) - Key Thoughts, M Antonio, 08/06/04

[PGM] Join MegaBooster now while waiting for PRO, Greg Horn - BlackMarketGold, 08/06/04

Asking WHAT'S RIGHT questions, Greg Horn - BlackMarketGold, 08/06/04

re:, Mary K Weinhagen, 08/05/04

re: New, Carol Roach, 08/04/04

re: New, Mary K Weinhagen, 08/04/04

re: New & Welcome!, Frederick Mann - Better-World Project, 08/04/04

re: Benefits from BWP, Frederick Mann - Better-World Project, 08/04/04

(no subject), gayatri varadarajan, 08/04/04

New, Gregor Wolbring, 08/04/04

re: I'm Greg Horn and I'm reporting for duty, Greg Horn, 08/01/04

It's Time to Get Excited!, Frederick Mann - Better-World Project, 07/31/04

New Network Member: Dave Patrick, Dave Patrick, 07/31/04

Newbie here, Sathyamoorthy "Out to steal the scene" Iyer, 07/31/04

re: Need contributors to project to raise money for charity/fun back in funeral, Stephanie West Allen, 07/30/04

re: re: re: Need contributors to project to raise money for charity/fun back in funeral, Liz Shaw, 07/30/04

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