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“Masterminding happens when two or more people, in a positive and supportive environment, tap into a creative power source that is many times greater than that of each contributing individual.”


Heidi Richards, HER Masterermind Network founder.Hello and welcome to HER Mastermind Network. My name is Heidi and I am the Founder & CEO of the WECAI Network™ and the Leader of the HER Mastermind Network here on Ryze. If you are looking for an informative, lively meeting place where women can feel comfortable networking, sharing business ideas and opportunities and relaxing with other like-minded women, you’ve come to the right place! Are you a Work at home Woman? Do you have a virtual and/or brick and mortar businesses? Are you a professional working for yourself or others, or an executive looking for answers or seeking information to start your own business? If so, join us!

A Mastermind is often described as an effective and practical process to provide solutions to challenges, problems, and goal-attainment by communicating using tools such as creative brainstorming and networking and implementing of accountability measures to achieve those goals.

The benefits of having a supportive mastermind group include having access to a group of people available to help you succeed. Being a part of HER Mastermind Network you have the benefit of differing perspectives, input, and feedback. HER Mastermind Network can recommend resources and connections to you that you might not otherwise have access to or know about. By participating in HER Mastermind Network You will receive support, advice, accountability and inspiration from our members, enabling you to maintain focus in achieving your goals.

Participating in HER Mastermind Network will help you to truly understand your product or service, and your target market and help to reach your potential clients most effectively. You can enhance your skills, acquire new knowledge and use it to your advantage in your business.

To put it simply, HER Mastermind Network is dedicated to your success and achievement.

When posting here, please be mindful of those who will be reading your posts by providing positive and supportive content that will be of interest to women. We are looking forward to networking with you here at HER Mastermind Network. Please let us know if there is anything you would like us to include here that would help you in achieving your professional and personal goals.

PS. Many thanks to Tracy Lloyd of the SheNetwork.com for starting this network. Your legacy lives on!

Meet the Moderators

Marketing Monday

Monday Media Minute

Goals Monday

Kimberly 'The Eagle' Motivator
He is Known as Richard "The eagle" Motivator because he loves to Motivate Women into being all they can become. His dedication to Motivation and Goals is one of her primary Passions along with Patriotism which is Richard’s main Passion.

Tech Tuesday

Wealth Wednesday

Networking on Thursdays

 Sherry Simoes
Sherry Simoes
Sherry thrives on helping women in business to market their businesses and learn to network professionally and efficiently to grow their business. She believes that Networking is an important part of marketing your business.
She is owner of Creative Concepts Design & Marketing Group, a diverse group of people who specialize in turning your ideas and visions into reality.  She is also the founder and president of Women of Today, a professional Networking Group for women with chapters across Ontario, Canada as well as online that helps women connect to network and promote their businesses together professionally and affordably. Women of Today was developed because of her love of helping women market and promote their businesses to give women a  successful way to network and grow their businesses with support along the way.
She is the author of Networking for Women Made Easy, a book that teaches the fine art of Networking, written from her experiences in running Women of Today.
You can also find Sherry on the Panel of Experts as Networking Expert for Women Business Owners and Real Women Real Success Network.

Mastermind Your Ideas

MaryAnne Robertson is fairly new to network marketing, yet she has built a large and happy group by helping others to good health and business success. www.MaryAnner.com . If I can do it, so can you! is her guiding principle. Since 1970, MaryAnne and husband Greg are well known for their Award winning handmade Teddy Bears . A vegan for 40 years, she has studied Health and Nutrition, is a Chartered Herbalist and Organic Gardener growing all their vegetables and herbs.

Time For Me Day

Relationship Thursdays

Bea Kunz, along with hubby Michael owns Sage Hill Farms in Tennessee. Sage Hill is a sustainable farm project focusing on herbs and all natural foods and growing methods. Bea is retired from the field of education where her speciality was pre-school and day care ages. Bea also has 20+years of antique buying and selling experience. Her speciality there being furniture and jewelry. Bea has been a successful business owner for more than three decades. She is also a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and member of a very large family. www.SageHillFarmsAndVintageStore.com

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Paul Steven Finkelstein Paul is the owner and photographer of Paul Steven Photography in Sunny South Florida. He loves networking and meeting new people, marketing and driving his mobile photo studio to clients. Oh, and taking pictures!

Interested in co-facilitating one of our topics? Please let the topic moderator know. We would be delighted to add your name to our list of experts!


WECAI.orgFind more business resources at www.WECAI.org






We would like to give a gift to our members of HER Mastermind Network -Motivation to win free to members! the Motivation to Win! Ebook. To receive your copy, simply click on the book cover or visit: http://bit.ly/motivationebook!

This 61 page eGuide includes:

The characteristics of a Winner

The 4 truths of Attitude

4 steps that will help you grow your humor gene

5 steps to practice self-confidence.

13 Ways to Motivate Yourself to WIN

19 Charts and Worksheets to get you Motivated to WIN...

All this and more!


Daily Discussions

Marketing Mondays - Have some great marketing tips? Read a good article about marketing? Need advice on the subject? Start your week by getting involved today. If you have read or written an article on the topic of marketing, please post the first paragraph only and include a link to the rest of the article.

Monday is also Goal Getting Day. Share your goals with us so we can help you stay on track!

Tech Tuesdays – have a technology question? Find a great new tech tool? Are you a blogger or podcaster? Do you want to be? Do you want to learn more about using video to increase your business? Tech Tuesday is just for you!

Tuesday is also "Anything Goes" Day! What does that mean ... ? It means you can post whatever your heart desires. If you have an issue or topic you want to share with the group, post it on ANYTHING GOES DAY. Read a good article? Post it on ANYTHING GOES DAY. ANYTHING GOES DAY is also a good day to share some humor!

Wednesday is Ad Day. In order to post your ads on these days you must have posted on at least one other day during the week. Please include “AD” in the subject line when you post.

Wealth Wednesdays is all about securing our financial future. Share your wealth-building, budgeting, money-saving tips and resources here.

Thursday is Networking, Relationships and Recognition Day. If you are a skilled networker or want to learn more about networking in person or virtually, this is definitely going to be a day you won't miss Thursday is also the day we recognize members of the network for their contributions to their industry, the network and women.

Friday is Beauty, Books and Balance Day. Share your beauty tips, or ask advice of our beauty experts. Read any good books lately? Post them here! Have some great suggestions for creating more balance in your life? Or want advice on any of the above? Post away! On Fridays we also review our goals from the previous week. This is an unmoderated topic and we invite members to start the conversations around these topics.

Saturday is Show and Sell Day (to promote what you do, to post ads).

Sunday is Time for Me Day - you can discuss anything on this day (business or personal) ask questions, and get input from other members.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – in this permanent thread members are invited to post a picture that needs no explanation. The picture should “speak for itself” and give the viewer “food for thought.” The picture can be one of your family, a person, place or thing that you feel compelled to share. Feel free to post your pictures anytime the spirit moves you. When you do make a post in this thread, you may put a title to the picture and of course your signature. Members are invited to reply with their own thoughts about the picture. One word of caution: be sure you only post pictures you either own or that are in the “public domain.” We don’t want to violate any copyright laws!

Mastermind YOUR Idea to Success - Every Day is HER Mastermind Day! Join in the discussions, add a question, post a comment and brainstorm with other members to help you with a challenge you are facing. TWO (Master)minds are better than ONE! Let's explore, experiment and brainstorm to amp up the success level for all members of HER Mastermind! (Note: This is a “sticky thread for easier access and participation).


WE Magazine WE magazine for women is an international digital business and lifestyle magazine focusing on the total women. In addition to women who want to learn more about doing business on and off the WEB, WE’s audience consists of women who want to explore great destinations, improve their outlook on life, learn quick and easy ways to get and stay healthy, find out about the latest technology gadgets and information, get some networking tips, become inspired as they read about women making a difference in the world and even ideas for great entertaining and expand their knowledge of business. Click on the link to view the latest issue.



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