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For The first time ever, those seeking success In a Home Based Business on or off-line, will be exposed to some of the most profound protocols, systems and methodologies used by the best marketers in the world today to create unbelievable incomes and fabulous lifestyles. As we all know, over the years men and women globally have been chasing the dream of wealth and fortune via online/offline Home Based Businesses. Most of their desired dreams become undesirable nightmares.


Through out the ages many experts and gurus have surfaced with much great advice - Many of these individuals were or are intelligent sophisticated talents, whom witnessed a need in the market place and decided to fill It. Studying the masses and their craving for a better way, many of these so called experts decided it was time to jump on the band wagon and capitalize on those who seek fame and fortune. Now with all due respect, many of these expert advisors authored books, reports and even talk openly about their theories in forums... Now here is the interesting part. Many of these expert advisors have never experienced success themselves practicing what they preach. I remember talking to my marketing teachers back in college - off the record I asked - "Why do YOU guys and gals teach this stuff for $60,000.00 a year salary"? "Why not create wealth applying it"? Answer. " Most of the curriculum we teach is outdated or does not work". Interesting! So what we have here, is the blind leading the blind or amateurs teaching amateurs ....That's nice!

Quote - "The Mediocre Teacher Tells. The Good Teacher Explains. The Superior Teacher Demonstrates.

The beautiful thing about MENTORS IN MOTION - What we teach and preach is the "true art and science of marketing". It all works perfectly and has been time tested by an exclusive group, "the money earners or heavy hitters". This can never be debated INTELLIGENTLY Or LOGICALLY by any opponent or discreditor. MENTORS IN MOTION not only teaches superior theories and applications used by a select few - MENTORS IN MOTION was built on these very same principles taught, generating 100's of thousands of subscribers in over 118 countries around the world in just a few short years. However, keeping that in mind, I will state this - MENTORS IN MOTION is not for everyone, It takes a very special human being to step up to the plate and shatter barriers or conquer uncharted waters. Timing is everything, We all go thru our own process of evolution based on genetics, environment and personal experience (limitations) - These elements set the course for how our life is going to be (positive or negative). Unfortunately, many people by CHOICE - Take the path of least resistance, gravitating to failure and the undesirable, While sacrificing what they really want. Have YOU ever noticed most people will justify why they failed, why it does not work, why they lost this that or can't afford it... FEAR & GUILT is the primary controller of their lives, robbing ones life of joy and happiness, possibility and prosperity... We call this mind set poverty consciousness or simply denial... Interesting Huh?

Quote - "All Truth Goes Through Three Stages. First It Is Ridiculed, Then It Is Violently Opposed And Finally It Is Accepted As Self-Evident

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