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The Rich Living Way International Community for Lifestyle EntrepreneursHere

For People Who Want to Better Their Business, Find their Fulfillment and Love Their Life

At the Million Dollar Mastermind Network

Welcome to The Million Dollar Mastermind, a part of the Rich Living Way International Association for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs. We believe creating wealth is not just about how-to's and the mechanics of making money.  Itís about your beliefs about money, what you deserve and what you're willing to go for.

The purpose of a mastermind is to create an environment of support where the intention is to believe for others what they may not be willing to believe for themselves. It is about affirming, not tearing down.  It is about possibility thinking, letting go of fear, and believing that thereís a better way to create a healthy balance between work and play. We are interested in people who embrace the concept of passive income, even if they have not experienced it for themselves yet. 

This network is perfect for you if:

         You are open-minded, entrepreneurial and interested in learning

         You are intelligent, and on your spiritual path.

         You are open and caring and willing to get past your fears that have held you back in the past

         You are aware that there is a better way and are coachable

         You are polite, courteous and supportive of other people on this network


There are a lot of people in the world who are truly happy being miserable. They appear to get great joy out of telling the world all the reasons why they canít have the success they say they want and no one else can tell them differently.  It only brings up fear and anger. These arenít the kind of people we want at the Million Dollar Mastermind.  If this is you, do us both a favor and join another network. Youíll get really annoyed with Stephanie and other network members taking away your excuses every time someone comes up with another strategy that would assure your success. We only want to attract positive people to our network. If thatís you then youíre in the right place.

We are generally an unmoderated network because we want to encourage a free flow of ideas and insights. But make no mistake about it - you are like a visitor in our home and if you are rude, boorish or mean-spirited to others your posts will quietly disappear. This includes MLM appeals, no matter how thinly-veiled they may appear. This is our network, we pay for it and so we set the rules. It's not a town hall meeting or a free-for-all. There are lots of boards that won't censor rants from people who are negative or unsupportive. This one will. It doesn't happen often so it's generally a non-issue, but we just want to make it clear up front.

 What were you taught about money and rich people growing up?   

         We may not have money, but at least weíre happy          

         Rich people got that way by being liars and cheats           

         Rich people are demanding, difficult and a pain in the neck          

         Other people deserve success but not me           

         I don't have enough education, I'm too tall, too short, too fat, too skinny, the wrong race, the wrong religion....          

NOT TRUE!  Here you get tools and support so you can create the foundation and business that's right for you and the people you love.  Our goal is to help you create riches in your mind and offer how-tos so you can leverage your skills and create the life you want to live.  That's the purpose of a Mastermind - to support you in reaching your goals, and give meaningful feedback as you progress.

About Your Moderator


Stephanie Frank has been an entrepreneur all of her life.   She made her first million at age 22 with her own business.  After losing everything in a personal shift, she bounced back, quickly made millions again and then learned smart strategies to keep it.  Stephanie has learned to create leverage and has created passive streams of income in network marketing, the Internet, stocks, and business ventures.  She says, "I dropped out of college because they weren't teaching me to be happy.   They taught me how to get a job.  Now, I'm committed to helping others get more of what they want through the secrets I've discovered." Stephanie has overcome numerous obstacles to reach her success, and she can help you, too.  She is the author of the upcoming book "The Accidental Millionaire", released in April 2005.              

Join Stephanie and the other Million Dollar Minds here on this network and get excited about enjoying your own life - just the way you want it.  This is the place to share ideas, get support and discover resources like The Rich Living Way and more to help you make a quantum leap to the success you truly deserve.

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