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11/14/16Get Gold Bar and substantial incomes !!!!!!!!!! #


Hello Dears,

Do you want make money without spending a lot of money to get started.

More information here

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11/10/16Should I pay cash for capital equipment? #

PJ Patterson

One of the big differences between Commercial Leasing and Hire Purchase is in the handling of tax deductions. With Hire Purchase, instead of claiming the whole monthly payment as a tax deduction as you do with a lease, you claim the depreciation of the equipment and any interest charged. This tends to mean you will deduct more in the early years compared to a Commercial Lease.

continue reading: http://www.keystonefinancial.com.au/should-i-pay-cash-for-capital-equipment/

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06/29/16USA job opportunity #

jerry Bond clinton


Do you love the border between development and products? Are you an ardent learner who's always looking to improve? Can you play nice with both humans and machines? You like learning new things, and you can learn quickly. You communicate clearly, you write well, you are comfortable communicating in writing and on the phone. You are motivated and driven. You volunteer for new challenges without waiting to be asked. You're going to take ownership of the time you spend with us and truly make a difference. This job is for you. jscapitalinvestmentinc@gmail.com


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02/06/16The Next Google & Facebook? #

Harry Covert

Could these two be the next Google and Face Book? They are free to use just like FaceBook & Google, however they will pay you. Both are in beta stage.,

Zabang -The next Google, but with income! It has a free two
level Affiliate Program and features only mobile user friendly websites and mobile apps. Your your own mobile-friendly sites and apps to be indexed at no charge! Join at no cost and earn residual income http://zabang.com/affiliate/2067

StartPeeps - The next Face Book with free ADZ. ADZ is the next BIG crypto-currency, just like BitCoin.
StartPeeps pays you for being social with your friends and family. Why not get paid while doing what you already do right now? 100% Mobile Friendly
You'll get paid in Adz for being social.

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01/14/16Invest in profitable business loans or get a business loan #

Raymond Mafukidze

A hub for investing in profitable business loans or getting a loan http://tinyurl.com/zkjkqbj

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01/08/16Invest in IBM,Microsoft,Facebook,etc,Bitcoins,Gold and silver #

Raymond Mafukidze

Invest in the top brands of the world and gold,bitcoins,silver here http://tinyurl.com/jh799y7

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02/28/15investment projects #

sabastian tayoh


EMAIL DIRECTLY AT (sabastiantayoh@gmail.com)

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02/28/15lnvestment project #

sabastian tayoh


EMAIL DIRECTLY AT (sabastiantayoh@gmail.com)

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08/27/13Have you ever dreamed a Simple, Affordable and Lucrative system to help you achieve success? #

Damir Moslavac

Ever ask, "There's got to be something simple and realistic...?!"

The most lucrative compensation plan in the industry...bar none !!!

==> 100% payback commission
==> $10 for each basic referral
==> Break Even with your First referral
==> Unlimited Residual Income
==> No admin fee
==> Unlimited income $1000, $5000, $10,000...as much as you want

Web Hosting, Autoresponder, Splash/Squeeze builder, Tracker,
Rotator, Advertising,Downline Builder and Much, Much More.

==> Affordable : $10 monthly basic membership
==> The system Automatically follow ups your prospects for you

This Really Is The ONLY Program You Will Ever Need!

To Your Success,

If Interested please PM me.

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11/08/11Great Opportunity #

Huzaifa Batliwala

Dear All,

Are you interested in building a huge parallel source of income in your life? If the answer is yes then here's the great opportunity waiting to raise and take you to the next level in your life. If you are serious about making a difference for yourself you can call

Tasneem Batliwala on +97150-9849599 / +97155-5996452 or mail me at
tasneemhb at gmail dot com, tasneem _ hp at yahoo dot com

Apart from UAE, we have our core team available in Mumbai, Pune and other parts of India as well to detail you on this.

Kindest regards,

Huzaifa & Tasneem Batliwala
Dubai, UAE.

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10/10/09Be My Friend and Get Paid #

Dave Cottrell

Hi there!

Are you on FaceBook or Myspace? It's a lot of fun, isn't it?

Can you imagine having fun like that all day long like I'm doing and getting paid to do it?

All you need to do is be my friend and get paid! Weird, isn't it?

But that's the whole concept of Hello Hello.
Start up for free via a friend. Get POINTS when you upload and share photos, chat and video

chat with other members worldwide, upload videos, communicate with all your Twitter &

Facebook friends here, post blogs PLUS win prizes, get 'paid downline members'. Get Paid in

many different ways.

Get POINTS for every task you do on HelloHello.Net - POINTS can be converted to CASH or PAID

MEMBERS. What a great concept!

So... Be my friend on Hello Hello now and get PAID. Go to


Just click the link on my profile right under the balloon that says, Join Here Free (yes, my username is login!)

As soon as you get your own site, sent me a friend invitation! Have fun an get paid, like


God bless,

Dave Cottrell (login)

PS: If you're in a hurry and just want to quickly claim your FREE site,
go to http://social.hellohello.net/index.php?page=join&ref_id=login

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04/01/09A HR Managers/Executives works. #

Jayant Shah

A HR Managers/Executives works.
HR jobs can be divided into different categories such as employee recruitment & their training,analyst about.
their performance.Earn monthly.

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12/05/08Invitation to advanced Cosmic Energy meditations - Dec 21st, Chennai #


Invitation to advanced Cosmic Energy meditations - Dec 21st, Chennai

"I looked on his light and kept on looking till I became light myself!" - a sufi mystic of 12th century.

Dear friends,

the key to Success is higher vibration. Only the 'breather of light' knows this truth.

This is the essence of all mystics' teachings from ages. I am pleased to confirm that

we shall be meeting at Ashoka hotel, Egmore on 21st Dec., (sunday 9 a.m to 6 p.m) at Vardhaman hall to experience more advanced Cosmic Energy meditations

Venue : Ashoka hotel, 47, Pantheon Rd,Chennai, TN 600 008 India,Phone: 44-2855-3377
47, Pantheon Rd,Chennai, TN 600 008 India
Chennai, TN 600 008 India, TN, India
Map & Directions
Phone: 9380313999

You are dealy loved, Dr.Syed. No Fees charged for old cosmic family students; Only donations are welcome.

For new students: Rs.1500/- per person that includes lunch.


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11/26/08Finally, They Created a FREE Solution For Us #

gary sadler


I have just been introduced to a site that I have been hoping someone would make. A Web 2.0 site designed for Internet Marketers, this site really does have everything needed to build the perfect platform for online success.

The features are awesome, not only can you network with other contacts in the same industry, which is VITAL for success, we can also build a Hyper Viral messageboard list through the addition of an awesome list builder.

The site allows you to build a downline down 5 levels and contact them via messageboard, as well as this, they also reward you with 10% of the credits earned from everyone in your downline!

Credits are used to determine how much you get in the revenue sharing pool which means, just from being an active user, ViralNetworks share their revenue with you! How good is that!

The site has taken around 18 months to build from the ground up and these guys are serious about making it so much easier for you to succeed! There is no space in this note for more, but rush over to the site now and have a look::
Read Enough? Visit:

Warm Regards,

Gary Sadler

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