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Welcome to the Serious Play network.

Serious Play is where our stories and ideas can be prototyped. We join Ryze to network, accelerate our learning and make new connections. Serious play is little more than a concept to push the boundaries and muddle our way forward individually and collectively.

This space exists to help members accelerate innovation. There are no rules for Serious Play. Itís simply as a place for muddling through. As a group lets' nurture a preference for the gray space in this Stacy diagram.

Stacy diagram.gif

The fact is I started this network while experimenting with Ryze functions. With only a title we have members and an emergent interest. My curiosity got me this far. Itís time I learnt there was no going back!

My understanding of ďSerious PlayĒ has evolved out of how organizations learn. Michael Schrage use the term in his book by the same term. His focus on simulations, borrowed from the question around what type of organization are you.

Are you a culture that specs to prototype or a culture that prototypes to spec?

In the former, itís all about getting the right prototype. In the latter it is all about finding the right solution suggesting a bias to action, though encouraging rapid learning and better questions. Itís also the example of how smart companies use betas etc.It's a good book and reinforces how important play is to learning

When we join Ryze we begin playing with interests, homepages, looking at other members etc. Prototyping ourselves to improve response. Some of us found constraints; others will want new or different functionalities. Perhaps this is a place to start. What I know is within the Social Capital on Ryze there is plenty of latent Innovation Capital looking for an outlet.

The term Serious Play is also used for a strategy product www.seriousplay.com which uses Lego blocks as part of its methodology. Whether blocks or clay, consider treating this space like you were thinking with your hands, molding clay, using bricks, creating images, experiences and stories that enable us to see new directions. Letís encourage pictures and learning links. At the end of the day tools donít make innovative strategy ---people do.

Letís listen, respect and encourage all views here. We need creative friction to learn.

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