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This New Technology
is the shape of things to come!
In a clinical study, this Advanced Protein Peptide Technology has been shown to E
nhance Fat Loss while maintaining lean muscle, when combined with a reduced-calorie diet and proper exercise. 
This is not a Colon Cleanse as many products are for fast weight Loss. This is all about Inches Not Weight Loss 
I have loss a lot of FAt in all areas of my body but I am most concerned about the Belly Fat Which is indicators to Poor Health.
This is the best program I have ever seen and I eat real food and am never hungry. WOW That is Cool

Sept 8   2008 230 Lbs 46 Inch Belly
Sept 14 2008 226 LBS 44 Inch Belly
Sept 21 2008 221 LBS 42 1/2 Belly
Sept 28 2008 219 LBS 42 inch Belly
Oct 5    2008 218 LBS 41 1/4 Belly
Oct 12  2008 217 LBS 40 1/2 Belly
Se my lastest YOUTUBE video at www.newyorkmike.com

 Results in FAT LOSS Clinical results:

In a reduced-calorie diet, half of weight lost is fat, but the other half is muscle.
By adding this powder to a reduced-calorie diet,
of weight lost is fat.*
Natural products are viewed as “better for you.”
Advanced protein peptide technology
There are several mechanisms that may play a role in fat loss with
our Science.
What we do know
Two similar, double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical studies  and a
Large-scale, 8-week open-label human study
Summary - when combined with reduced-calorie diet and exercise, it helps promote fat loss*
Significantly decreases weight,
BMI and waist

Clinical study: In 12 weeks, people who used this technology and reduced their caloric intake by 500 calories lost
wice as Much Fat
people who only reduced their caloric intake.*

Open-label study: Our Associates and Employees who used
this technology for 8 weeks lost an average of 2.5 inches off their waists and almost 1 point from their BMIs.*

Thie Science is a whey protein supplement containing whey protein,
fat-loss peptides and milk minerals (including
Using a patented process, specific parts of whey protein, called peptides, are separated and concentrated to ensure the optimal level of fat-loss peptides.*  
Whey Protein Supplement 
  • 100% Whey protein blend with no fillers
  • All natural with no synthetic additives
  • Crafted from food protein
  • Promotes fat loss and spares lean muscle mass*
  • Synergistic with reduced calorie diet and moderate exercise* Provides essential mineral nutrients
  • Per 24.4 grams daily serving
  • Calcium --  44% DV
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorous  
  • Learn more about this information at www.newyorkmike.com or call 888-245-9548
  • See Before and After Pictures Sept 8th 2008 and for the next 8 weeks.

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01/24/20re: Take a tour of a free opportunity! #

Roxanne Chapman

> Tonya C wrote:
> http://bit.ly/hbnaturalshop


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06/11/19Take a tour of a free opportunity! #

Tonya C


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01/06/16Safely experience weight lose results in 3 weeks #

Raymond Mafukidze

In all aspects of life,safety is key,here is a safe weight lose remedy begin to see results in 3 weeks and more,view here http://www.vitoslim.com/?id=89e8cf

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01/02/16Total Life Changes Iaso Tea #

Natasha Avant

Www.givemetlc.com great weighloss supplements. Number 1 tea in the world. Iaso tea. Lose 5 pounds in 5 days. Nutriburst liquid vitamins and minerals. Nrg best amino acids and energy supplement get rid of monster and bull. All natural and organic supplements. Guaranteed to work.order today.


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08/28/15IT WORKS! #


Hey friends!! I am looking for 5 people in each category to be a product tester and get the products at MY pricing for 3 months!!!!!!
Skinny Wraps or Facial Wraps 4 for $59.00
Defining Gel for $45.00
Berry Greens for $33.00
Orange Greens for $33.00
Hair Skin Nails for $33.00
Thermofit for $39.00
Fatfighter for $23.00
Stretch Mark Cream $39.00
*NEW* Facial Peel $36.00
You get the product at my pricing, take before and after pictures and give me your honest opinions!

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08/09/15Best Weight Management Product Ever!! #

Leanne Farinha

Have you tried every diet under the sun?

Look no further!!!

Try a product that actually works!!!

Have a look :


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06/14/11Amezcua Bio Disc and Chi Pendant #


Hello Everyone,
Are you a very busy entrepreneur or corporate worker? Do you work long hours and have little or no sleep? Do you take in lots and lots of beverages (like coffee) just to stay awake? Do you body arches or battling with an ailment? Do you want to stay focus on your job or studies at all time? Do you want general wellness both in mind and body?
If you said Yes to any of the questions above, then this product is for you.
The Amezcua Bio Disc is made of technically engineered natural minerals that have been structurally bonded in glass at a molecular level using high-heat fusion methods. Through this combination of minerals and fusion techniques, a positive energy field is created, which allows the Amezcua Bio Disc to transfer its energy field to water and the human body, as has been certified through various testing and evaluation processes. It is the transfer of energy that brings out the best in your water. This mean you get harmony in your body from every sip.

To combat depleted energy levels without adding to the already busy schedule of your day, the Amezcua Chi Pendant is a way to provide continuous protection from the effects of a busy and stressful world, a way to recharge your batteries, and importantly, a way to allow you to get on with life with a bounce in your step.
The Amezcua Chi Pendant is an advanced, mineral-based pendant made from high-temperature nano-engineered glass that has a positive energy field. Wearing the Amezcua Chi Pendant makes you feel balanced and harmonised.

As well as improving your harmony and energy levels, the Amezcua Chi Pendant also protects you from the electromagnetic fields in your environment. Tests have shown that the Amezcua Chi Pendant is able to neutralise the negative effects of electro-smog (e-smog), which is the result of electromagnetic fields created by electronic equipment such as mobile phones, computers, microwave ovens, lightings, air-conditioners, etc.

To make a Purchase go to http://Qnet.net and use this ref # HZ949375.

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09/30/10Reap the Benefits of Working at Home #

shakeem lewis

The success can be found with the work from home business opportunities. Generally these come in the form of companies with a product or service which has others doing the marketing, promotion or even being part of making the product or delivering the service. They can also have differences in how they operate. Some are simply home business opportunities; others can be MLM or Network Marketing. People who really have a big desire to start a business will consider opening a bricks and mortar business, a business that is in a retail location or is a business that resides in office space. The truth is that even though this is one option, it is not the trend. In fact many businesses in retail space are closing down. The home business is going to be the major contributor to the economy in the coming years. And it is already being seen. Many people start a home business in a spare bedroom, and then find some years down the line that they can afford big office space or retail space.



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06/15/10Drop 2 -3 Sizes in Ten Munites #

Natasha Petersen

You can hear all about it by also calling:
(641) 715-3900 Access Code is 99649#


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11/14/09applicator #

lynn smith

i have a applicator that can be used anywhere on the body to lose inches. measurable loss after as little as 45 min, and continues to work for 72 hours, results are long lasting


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09/19/09Data entry jobs earn cash #

management career

Data entry jobs
Employers post vacancy for careers for computer data entry, rail, government, and banking Earn in fresh jobs.

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