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About Ryze

A Guide for New Members

by Stuart Henshall

So what are my learnings? What's the benefit for getting on Ryze?

When I think about my Ryze experience it generally feels good . I’ve been sharing something new, making new connections, and starting new conversations. On Ryze you can speak to a new person every day if you want. Each little guest book entry a little mystery, a brief thanks and a sense of belonging. The little secret may be interests and business.. I actually know more about some friends on Ryze than I have known about some colleagues I've worked with. This is a more human side to networking. There are pictures of real people here, diverse by location (global) by thinking and in sharing a certain sense of trust is evolving. It’s very new. You can actually influence it. Today we are “the people” on Ryze. If you have the view that everyone is remarkable then I guarantee you will make some interesting connections.

Suggestions for the “Ryze You”

1. Fill out your profile. Not too cryptically, at first you may just complete all the interests, and company. Perhaps a few lines in the HTML box and see how it goes. Do not forget to put a picture up! It triples hits. It means I’m much more likely to remember you from our meeting etc.

2. Search for a friend or friends. I’m there and so is Richard. Sign our guest books! Look at our friends anyone you know? Or a name perhaps that sounds familiar? Check them out. (Remember that Gold Members will know you have visited their page). You can leave a message or not. It’s up to you.

3. Add one or two Networks. A plug for Serious Play and Blogs and Bloggers. Check them out. Run though some postings. Perhaps visit a few of their pages. If they have blogs of interest Michelle Mees, Andrew Zolli, Sebastian Paquet, etc. Click on their blog links…. Say hi.

4. Now go to new members…. home page and leave a welcome on two or three new people that look interesting to you, whether jobs, interests etc. (You are doing this more to see how it works).

5. Update your membership to GOLD! Now search on your interests, former company etc. Then go to Advanced and check out who has visited your page. Some you know by now… they left a guest book entry. Other didn’t. Check them out. Remember they were interested enough to come to your page. Can you work out why? Look at their profiles, should you realign yours or use more searchable terminology?

6. Now invite some close colleagues. You have to start adding to your friends. (Clearly there are different strategies for “friends” on Ryze. Inviting is an important strategy. First think what can your message be. If you have been unemployed for six months you might think about reconnecting with all those suppliers that used to do business for you. You are valuable again. You may want to let them know that this is an interesting social experiment that all marketers should be thinking about it. Help them build their friend networks. It will strengthen your own.

7. Invite old colleagues from work. Not all will have the time or see the point yet. Can you connect them with any new conversations etc? Particularly invite the ones that really loved working for you. Encourage them into your guestbook! Invite friendly headhunters. Tell them to explore it. Ryze is also reframing how one can get information from companies potential secure new sources for job information etc.

8. Think about creating a network. If you can create a forum for exchange then you may well make a lot more friends. As a network moderator, you will get more hits and more introductions.

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