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3 Really WEIRD & Wild Extra Cash StrategiesViews: 99
Jul 17, 2004 3:11 am 3 Really WEIRD & Wild Extra Cash Strategies
Glenn Osborn

Dear Julie Jordan Scott,

"I have been sitting here today, feeling like I want to think up some really WILD strategies..."


Dear Julie,

  • Thanks for that
  • When I saw your "wild strategy" note
  • My heart went pitter pat,
  • Like an oven exploded compote.
  • My Mother taught Home Economics. So I got into all kinds of wild food preparation.


    On to the wacky, weird and wild strategies:

    WILD Strategy #1 - Mentor Marilyn Jenett sent a link to this site. That's how I found you.

    How I Made $1000 in 48 hrs w/a WILD Poem Affirmation

    After a few weeks on one of Marilyn's Group Phone Conference "Feel FREE To Prosper" sessions... I went back thru my notes. Turned 2 of her ideas into poems.

  • Smiling $1000 Checks,
  • Come hopping Up to me,
  • They JUMP in my pockets,
  • They Shout & Sing with GLee.
  • I've got - Plenty - Plenty - Plenty of
  • Money - Money - Money
  • Lots of - FUN - FUN - FUN
  • In the SUN - SUN - SUN
  • Marilyn - Marilyn - Marilyn
  • It took 48 hours to make another $1000. (This has happened before using other ideas from Marilyn.)

    I'd been saying my affirmations in the am. M said to say them right before we went to sleep. I tried it.

    The next day - one of my "Big REd Nose Club" ezine readers from NEW Zealand sent me $1000. HA! I didn't even know I had a reader down under - except for Australia.

    You might find this a pretty WILD Strategy to test out - yourself.


    WILD STRATEGY #2 - Don't You LOVE me anymore? - Julie - You might find this Wildly profitable too. A Texas real estate millionaire - he's done 1/2 billion of deals - taught me this one.

    Earl always uses this face to face. To GRAB attention. And to turn cold non-buyers into WARM interested prospects.

    I use it mostly in print or over the phone.

    100% success rate - so far.

    Suppose you wanted to make an Appointment with a prospect. Let's make her the owner of a Retail Store. Web store or Brick and mortar - no matter.

    Step I - is to break thru their WALL of Boredom.

    Step II - is to get them to CALL or Email you.

    Step III - is to Prepare the way for You to call them - and for YOU to get a Happy, enthusiastic welcome.



    Dear Julie, (You are the store owner)

    Don't You LOVE Me Anymore?

    You don't seem to be as - In LOVE - With your store products as I am. What's up with that?

    You might find that some of these Proven, Tested ideas from store owners all over the world will interest you. That is why I'm trying to reach you.

  • Wild, Low-Cost Hi-Profit Pre-tested Strategies:
  • #1 - Aussie Retail bird store owner painted a red arrow up the center of his floor. From door to cash register. New buyers follow his arrows and buy.
  • #2 - We adopted the idea for a Health Food Store. Put big Green Foot prints with toes from front door over to the addictive FREE snack table. Boosted his sales by $2300 a month
  • #3 - 43% More sales for Kentucky Pharmacy - Ran an ad in his local paper: "FREE Drawing for $2000 Stereo System - when you bring in this ad..."
  • 500 pounds of cheese sold in ONE day with this sign, "FREE Cheese SAmples-Best I've tasted."
  • 35% more sales for a paint store. Bag stuffers in all purchases. And store signs said, "FREE 18" PIZZA with each order of $300 or more"
  • Please call me at ZYX. And expect my call tomorrow to discuss how you might use one or more of these ideas.

    Glenn Osborn



    WILD Strategy #3 - Really WILD and Crazy Headline Grosses over 10 million & Still Rising A partner of mine - Judy Kendall - Mother of the Fuzzbuster Radar detector - said this to me on the phone one day. I wrote it down - quick as a bunny. Here's what the final draft looked like:

  • Husband Falls in Love
  • Buys 2nd Yacht
  • Wife Steamed! Must sell Hers!
  • That headline (along with ad copy) sold Judy's yacht and 3 others for her friends. Got over 1000 phone calls in 1 day before Judy shut the phone off. All from a small ad - double the size of a biz card - Just 1 ad in a Boat, Truck, Yacht Trader Magazine in Ohio.

    We also sold 2 of Judy's houses. 9 bank repo houses in Tennessee for a client. And over 11 million more homes in the mid-west. Mostly as side jobs for marketing clients. Year after year the ad template keeps on kicking up the cash.

    With Variations on the above headline, of course.

    It's really WILD. Like magic.

    Thanks for listening,

  • Glenn Osborn
  • Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association
  • Rentamentor Group
  • P.S. - Marilyn doesn't know I'm over here visiting you-all. I strongly suggest you Hop, Jump and butterskip over to Marilyn Jenett's Feelfreetoprosper dot com website. And ALSO read some of the 700 or more Testimonials (That's what convinced ME!) from many 100's of women and even a few men - making lots and lots of Extra GREEN, Fluttery, Happy M-O-N-E-Y. At www.ryze.com - M's Feel Free To Prosper Testimonial site is hosted over there.

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