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Apr 16, 2005 2:02 am FUN Jobs for everyone!
ed curtis
It is time to advertise P.H. Products for our lives AND............


I hope you can pick the gold out of my mush, I have Attention defficit disorder but My concepts are good, TRUST ME .

I hope you will discover and exploit my concepts and use your skills so we can all get on to better things. Alone and with no understanding or care of there laws, I have taken on all of Seattle and am now taking on all North Dakota Government. IT'S KIND OF FUN WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND THE GAME! I have no legal skills, no public speaking skills. your sampeling my writing I have nothing but vision and desire for a better world! ( and a sense of humor) My sites are listed below, you will see, I am at least honest! I hope you will try to understand my approach, We are being robbed! I am facing jail, their army is getting stronger But we can recrute them all to our side! The knowledge to end this war is everywere, the war should already be over but it is not. WHY?? BECAUSE NO ONE KNOWS THERE IS A WAR and the rest do not know how to end it!!! Simply step out of their rabbit hole game!

WHEN YOU DO, YOU WILL SEE HOW SILLY THIS ALL REALLY IS! I admit, I am a little behind on my goal I thaught I could whop them all in about a month I am facing jail My back, is against the wall , I HAVE THEM RIGHT WERE I WANT THEM! Come, Join the party! Right is right and that cuts out all the fog ,right? I need your help continueing the game of psyco warfare on all of North Dakota!.

Every day I send the cops, judges and officials of North Dakota treasures I find on the web! I forward things I found interesting in efforts to help reform their minds, to become happy humans again! I am kinda silly so I ask them silly things like Who tells you, you need to harrass and steal from me or anyone? What did anyone do to anyone that was a crime against anyone, especally you? Who are you protecting in the course of your day? I send lists of people killed because of people with the same cover as theirs. I seek to help reform their minds from the brainwashing they have suffered, .I ask them,Why they do it? If there is someone making them do it, who is it? What special powers do they possess over your actions?, Is it your job to steal from me? I ask bazzar things like, Is your mind that weak you can not think for yourself? Are you an honest human? What Country are you from? Is theft, force, extortion, kidnapping,threatning, enslaving, murdering, and fraud cool in your world? Is it just wrong in my world? How can anyone else make you damage me? Do you do it because you hate me? Are you stupid, bitter or better than I? Is there a force I can not see? Have you forgot what right and wrong is? Why will You chase a scared kid to his death for no piece of plastic? What will you do when the people wake up and understand you and your brainwashed mind is what has destroyed this country? I seek to turn them on to what they are really doing in ignorance. I seek to educate them. I am not any bodies enemy and wouldn't hurt a fly, unless it stung me first. They stung, I am honest, there is a new reality on the way and I seek to share it with them, The honest people are waking up! What will you tell them in the light of honesty? Will you stand where you are for all the world to see? I have every one of you I have contacted under X in my adderess book, you can not escape the truth, I am publicly billing you from when the cell door slams on me for your crimes against "THE STATE" ...and they ignore me? WAIT TILL THEY GET MY BILL! will North Dakota ignore you? I beg you to find out!

Picture Gondi in a business suit, with an attitude!

I have some bad news buddy, in 5 years, Your labor now is building prison housing for YOU , Yes, You are reading this, you are being watched, Your electronic signature is recorded. You are known for conspiring crimes against the state.

How dare you call yourself an American and be reading this trash. There's still around 50% of your pay that's open for the taking. How many more hours can you to work to stay above water and support the system? You will be reformed into a law abiding American. From now on, you will be wondering when they will come.

Will they shoot? You openly said you would die for your country. What are they supposed to think? In 5 years you will be living with a lot of people housed in prison towns.

Some might have jaywalked or said a bad word. Some will teach you the ropes of the system, help keep you alive until you are reformed, and others in there have nothing to loose, they would just as soon kill you as to look at you.

There will be plenty of well paid guards and they will reform you. You will be a law abiding American or you will not be tolerated. If you are a good, obedient American you might get front row seat when they execute some of the very people writing this trash.

You have very few choices , you can wait for them to take you, you grab your gun and dig a fox hole and train for the day, but you will be out there with a 22 and get smart bombed from 50 miles away.

You want to live or die? You want to fight or learn to GONDISIZE? Educate and Bill them out of our lives! They will do it to you or you can STOP the war before it even starts! Join the pre game festivities in North Dakota, join the fun! A $10, 000 grand prize will be split at the best gondisizors!

You will become a rich hero perfecting your technique! You will make bank and save the world while sitting at home! With the profits of the game we can advertise far and wide, set up shows, Give houses away, start hundreds of new businesses!

The choice is YOU in prison or in war. Either way, you can take your chances of getting killed with no results. You can go with the flow and take the time they will give you for reading this or join the rush of a conspiracy to educate! Just… Ask them why! in a hundred different ways, just ask them why! Forward the news you wish they knew!


GONDISIZE EM AND LET'S GET IT DONE WITH!! phproducts123@hotmail.com


If for some reason your scared of the police, the smallest scales of the big old beast. If you feel a Judge to big for your plate, A lawyer, a lousy meal. Sharpen your minds for some really sweet meat! If you are creative, and want to help skin this big beast Go for the fleshy parts, it all makes a good meal! I give you my state North Dakota, To perfect your dish! With the right ingredients you will starve the beast! Youv'e had a hard day of hunting and ready to relax crack a beer and plan a few meals! For the dish of the day may I sugest TROGULIGHT?

This dish is healthy, It's under the scales, It's like a roast, But I like the T bone! The meats plump thick and jucy and barbiques well the trick of this dish is you have to remove all the fat. All said and done you'll enjoy searven up another chunk of the beast! It's all covered with scales and a thick layer of fat, be kind and gentle but shake them firmly, wake them all up! Most unknowing of there part feeding the beast. The meat is everywere, on all parts of the beast! There is a whole world of writing when you think Trogulight! Start carving up your meals!
If you look past the scales and can see the big beast you will discover a whole new world of tasty little treats! You must understand the full beast cause there is some parts not too good to eat. Don't waste your time on the spine or brain there is plenty carving chunks out of them as we speak but they don't see the whole beast? Some blend into your neighboorhood and unknowingly help feed the beast but with a good grillen they will help starve the beast.

The ones who hide behind scales we all know as the law, truth of the matter is that they are just the bones and prime cuts of what threatens us all. The News rooms, the Bankers the, the teachers in schools, con men in business, Hell, All the buracrats can go! So have some fun and plan a few meals they are all jucy targets of some mighty fine meals!

We need to wake all the business owners and show them the beast and give them the tools to help carve up some meals of this big old beast.

It's time to fire the high scoolers in FDA, The adminstrations of business who hog all the pay, all the crazieys in the DEA The lawyers and judges will shrivel and die as your message of peace and education spread through all lands. As more of the people help carve on this beast We'll need to wake all the doctors and nurses to find us more cures and help stop the intruders telling them what to do. They need to wake up so we all can live longer in heaven on earth!

As more people awaken and discover they have been had the game will be over, there army, ours. We can not denigh it is all us to blame we all are the reasons we in this mess. The truth of the matter is anyone sleeping endanger our world. look real deep and think really hard at how some jobs relate to the ones who treat us as food.

There is trogulight everywere you won't waste your time sending your ingreadients and recipes far and wide! Help everyone to see this big old beast, It won't take long to bring it down to size. Without knowledge we all are part of the beast with knowledge to everyone, How can it grow?

Have Trogulight with Every meal!

Hay you all, Want to come over to Bo's a nice place to come and share your meals! Words going around he's planning up a feast!


If you want to tip me copy and paste these people below, Invite them all to the party! They ignore me

SAnderson@ndcourts.com, ZAnderson@NDCourts.com,
JBekken@NDCourts.com, BrBohlman@NDCourts.com, KBraaten@NDCourts.com,
LChristofferson@NDCourts.com, GDawson@NDCourts.com,
LFontaine@NDCourts.com, DFoughty@NDCourts.com, RGeiger@NDCourts.com,
RGoodman@NDCourts.com, president@whitehouse.gov,
JGreenwood@NDCourts.com,phproducts123@hotmail.com, RGrosz@NDCourts.com,
GHagerty@ndcourts.com, BHaskell@ndcourts.com, DHerman@ndcourts.com,
RHilden@NDCourts.com, RHolte@NDCourts.com, GHolum@NDCourts.com,
JIrby@NDCourts.com, LJahnke@NDCourts.com, DJorgensen@ndcourts.com,

DKleven@NDCourts.com, DMattson@NDCourts.com,
JMcClintock@NDCourts.com, MMcGuire@NDCourts.com,
BMcLees@NDCourts.com, JMedd@NDCourts.com, DWNelson@ndcourts.com,
JPaulson@NDCourts.com, FRacek@NDCourts.com, BRiskedahl@ndcourts.com,
BRomanick@ndcourts.com, sokand@state.nd.us ,GRustad@ndcourts.com,
ASchmalenberger@NDCourts.com, TSchneider@ndcourts.com,
MSimonson@NDCourts.com, wwebb@ndcourts.com, RWefald@ndcourts.com,

RESOPNSABLE FOR THOUSANDS IN JAIL: sokand@state.nd.us ,socscs@state.nd.us ,soeft@state.nd.us, sohire@state.nd.us. sosdu@state.nd.us,

Fargo cops STOLE $600

jretterath@ci.fargo.nd.us, tgosmundson@ci.fargo.nd.us,

katernes@ci.fargo.nd.us , jmwilliams@ci.fargo.nd.us ,
mjmitchell@ci.fargo.nd.us, sohire@state.nd.us,

jminette@ci.fargo.nd.us, plswift@ci.fargo.nd.us,
cwnestler@ci.fargo.nd.us ,

kcolvin@rrrdc.com, jchuntley@ci.fargo.nd.us,

smstenerson@ci.fargo.nd.us, mnelson@rrrdc.com,

jestoll@ci.fargo.nd.us, bjbaer@ci.fargo.nd.us,

mjmitchell@ci.fargo.nd.us, pdlaney@ci.fargo.nd.us,
plswift@ci.fargo.nd.us,pjacobso@state.nd.us ,

jfvettel@ci.fargo.nd.us ,gmstone@ci.fargo.nd.us,
sjruziska@ci.fargo.nd.us ,sosdu@state.nd.us ,socscs@state.nd.us ,








djtellinghuisen@ci.fargo.nd.us , detodd@ci.fargo.nd.us ,

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