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Jul 09, 2005 1:55 am 'What I want' or 'How I learned to luv creating new realities.'
Greg Horn - BlackMarketGold

'What I want' or 'How I learned to luv creating new realities.'

Writing in great detail about 'What I want' (think: delving down into the sites, sounds, smells, and metaphysical complexities of 'What I want')), for me, actually creates THAT reality in my head - which in some sence, is the 'end game', the 'real thing' -- for me. The writing-in-great-detail part, for me, is, one of a 'suite' of first-steps I use to bring about the crystalization of my New Realities.

Reality Creation Factories.

Realistically speaking, noone, EXCEPT MYSELF, from what I can tell, seems to be controlling my Reality Creation Factories, right now, or, is even capable of controlling my Reality Creation Factories -- and I postulate that noone has ever controlled these Factories of mine in the past nor (will) in the future. Exactly like noone, not even myself, from what I can tell, seems to be now controlling the energy eminating from the Sun.

Oh, the Sun god (little 'g').

Food, for me, tastes better when I view the world thru the 'lens of abunance' - as I sit down and type this out and eat (not knowing its final form -- tweaking it into existance).

See http://www.monsterprelaunch.com/ml/11/bwpr

What is this 'loupe of scarcity' that you speak of? Educate me; but first, the challenge I put forth is for you to ONLY so educate me in the form of posing questions to me that I am only able to process ('answer') with my intuitive mind.

What questions, when you pose them to yourself or have others pose them to you, can not be processed by your analytical mind, but, can only be processed by your intuitive mind?

I luv creating New Realities because it makes me happy and elevates my already-high myself esteem. I naturally 'broadcast out' this elevated self-esteem to others who then detect it with their esteem meters and it seems to energize them - in the same way that it energizes me when I detect it in others.

I achieve that rush by creating New Realities and exploring these New Realities. I also achieve that rush by asking of myself (or having others ask of me) questions that I can only process with my intuitive mind. And by posing questions to others that they can only process with their intuitive minds.

I enjoy the 'addiction' -- and I do this AT WILL. And the fire never goes out - like the Sun god. A world of abundance. My Reality Creation Factories are in a state of perpetual motion. Orange embers that never go down to zero-degrees Kelvin.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Absolute_zero

Greg Horn

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