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Jul 10, 2004 11:45 pm re: re: Introductions
Whitney Rix Victory II

Hello All,
Always an open mind is essential for transformation. Respect is also key and tolerance is great, but respect and acceptance of the commonality of humans will lead to an understanding, love and respect of each other that will have us all in a place where tolerance was a step up from the past. We cannot "fix" the world, we must transform it creating from nothing, free of the constraints of the past. That which we want to "fix" is a constraint and a limit as what we resist will persist. These concepts may actually take a little work to understand or get into, it is "out-of-the-box" thinking and comes from a point of view few reach. I have studied Psychology, Sociology and Ontology, as well as Philosophy for many years and worked on the solutions the world needs for sustaining itself for many more generations. It was when I stopped coming from "fixing" that the real breakthroughs began to occur. Now we are on track to lanch the first group of companies and second as well. Our first group is about Information and Commerce and will give us the wherewithal to further the good work of the second group promoting Construction and Environmental technologies. Therefore we will be able to use a foundation and deliver our environmental techniologies where they cannot be afforded. The education and enlightenment needed will be facilitated through the structure and massive market visibility of the first group. Thus, we will create new possibilities for this earth in many ways, available to all. Each individual will then have the opportunity and it will be their decision to utilize that opportunity. We can bring the water, but each individual must drink for themselves. Of course those who care about you will be sure that the water reaches you.
So, what is most important? I would say all of this and a union of communication about it, a Community. The larger the betterworld community the more rapidly and effectively that a betterworld will come.
The transformation of the world is in our hands.
We are responsible for this by simply declaring it, so what will are plan of action be?
Respect all others as equal and life as sacred in your thoughts and actions in this plan, communicate it to this community and proceed to be an agent of transformation.
Take Care and Be Well Always,
> Danielle Cutler- The Party Starter wrote:
> OK- I'm just gonna jump in because no one else is! :-)
>What I think is important in creating a better world is having an open mind. Open to new and different ideas, and acceptance of the fact that we are all individual people. Therefore for every 10 people in a room, there will be 10 different opinions of a topic.
>I think if more people showed that open-mindedness and tolerance, half the battle of having a better world would be won. :-)
>OK- I started- NEXT!
>> Frederick Mann wrote:
>> Welcome, new members!
>>Please introduce yourselves.
>>You're also welcome to post your comments, suggestions, and questions.
>>What do you think is most important in creating a better world?
>>Frederick Mann

Private Reply to Whitney Rix Victory II (new win)

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