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Jul 24, 2004 2:45 am re: re: [PGM] Get Paid $20 for Having Breakfast!
Frederick Mann - Better-World Project
Thanks, Mary K.

It should have been "[PGM]." I've changed it accordingly.


> Mary K Weinhagen wrote:
> Thanks Frederick -
>I really appreciate the demonstration and now
>I'm wondering what [MPL] signifies?
>~~Mary K
>> Frederick Mann - Better-World Project wrote:
>> This is a demonstration of how to use BWP to promote a money-making program.
>>First, this is Friday, the only day of the week such promotion is allowed.
>>Second the progam I'm promoting is StudioTraffic, which is on the "BWP List."
>>Third, the subject starts with "[PGM]."
>>First thing in the morning I fire up my computer
>>and I launch StudioTraffic, an autosurf program.
>>Soon after finishing breakfast, my computer has
>>surfed 100 websites, and I've earned $20 doing
>>nothinig. This is the easiest way to earn money!
>>StudioTraffic is an "autosurf" program that
>>currently pays me $20 a day if I autosurf at
>>least 100 websites. I also receive referral
>>bonuses of 10% when my referrals upgrade their
>>In order to earn $20 a day, you need to upgrade
>>your account with $2,000. I did this in stages
>>as my confidence in StudioTraffic grew. I will
>>use some of my earnings to upgrade further and
>>earn more per day. The probability is high that
>>within one month StudioTraffic will cover my
>>The "work" involved is very easy. In the morning,
>>I launch StudioTraffic. Then I have breakfast,
>>while my computer surfs. Soon after breakfast,
>>my computer has surfed 100 websites, and I've
>>earned my $20.
>>When I first saw StudioTraffic, I attempted to
>>analyze it rationally. I decided it was probably
>>a good deal. I studied the parts of the website
>>I thought relevant, and I subjected the program
>>to a series of tests. It passed all my tests.
>>First, I did some autosurfing and found out that
>>it worked. Then I deposited $1,000 via NetPay.
>>The program didn't automatically upgrade my
>>account. So I emailed admin and they quickly
>>upgraded my account. Then I autosurfed each
>>day and checked that I was receiving the proper
>>earnings of $10 per day. Everything worked fine.
>>At the beginning of the month my account was
>>credited properly. (The balance was less than
>>$100, so I couldn't make a withdrawal.)
>>Then I deposited another $1,000 via NetPay.
>>Again, the program didn't automatically upgrade
>>my account. So I emailed admin and they quickly
>>upgraded my account. I continued to surf,
>>now earning $20 a day, and at the beginning
>>of July had $809 in my account. I requested
>>a withdrawal via PayPal and was paid within
>>These experiences, together with the regular
>>company updates, have given me a great deal of
>>confidence in StudioTraffic. My intention is to
>>ugrade my account by a further $500 each month
>>(possibly more later). All indications are that
>>it's a good bet. Check it out for yourself:
>>You don't have to risk as much as I did. You
>>can upgrade with as little as $10. As you gain
>>confidence and earnings, you can upgrade further.
>>A very important consideration is "ease of
>>money-making." Because you don't have to
>>sponsor anyone, and it's an autosurf program,
>>you can literally earn your money while having
>>You can start small with StudioTraffic and
>>take a series of steps, much as I describe
>>above. You can parlay some of your earnings,
>>eventually earning $5, $10, $20, $50, or more
>>per day! Spending some time to check it out
>>may be one of the best investments you ever
>>Sponsoring protocol: If you decide to join a money-making program as a result of participating here, please join under the person who invited you to The Better-World Project (if applicable). Exception: If Frederick Mann invited you, you're welcome to join under anyone.

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