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Aug 28, 2004 1:02 am [PGM] Here's Your Magic Key!
Frederick Mann - Better-World Project
Sometimes there's something that's been right in
front of you for a long time, but you didn't see
it. Or you noticed it, but you didn't realize its
importance. So you didn't pay any attention to it.

The "magic key" I have identified is called "Blind
Front-End Marketing":


(See Sp0nsoring Protocol at end of message.)

Sometimes you don't see a "magic key" because it's
really a "kind of negative." It's something you

You deliberately remove everything you can from
your marketing -- at least at the first point of
contact -- all those things people typically
object to or say "No" to.


Most marketers, if they get 5% of visitors to
their website to join, would be overjoyed.

But what does the "magic key" do? Well, instead
of getting maybe 5% to sign up, what if you got
25%? Would that make you happy? How about rich?

Here are the actual statistics for
since MonsterPreLaunch was launched just a week

Accesses: 1891
Joins: 536
Conversion Rate: 28.3%

During the week since launch, the program itself
(ID #1) has sponsored 572 people. (This number
is bigger than "Joins: 536" because some other
URLs were also used by ID #1.)

During the first week, our members have sponsored
over 1,100 new members. This is "massive downline
action." It's what makes programs work well. The
magic key is working, not only for us, but for
our members as well!


So grab your magic key and start using it!

Our next major action will be to import
about 14,000 BigBooster Associates into MPL
(MonsterPreLaunch). You may want to join and
sponsor your favorite prospects before this
happens. Being ahead of thousands of new
members is always an advantage!

There's another important reason to join MPL
and build your downline. Within a month or
so we'll be adding an "MPL AdCycler." The
product will be high-quality advertising
costing $10 per ad, with a maximum purchase
of $100. Depending on sales volume, we'll
pay back double the money in 20 days. There
will also be other options. There will be
a 10% referral bonus. Whenever any of your
referrals buys advertising, you receive a
10% referral fee.

Our AdCycler will be based on the best features
of similar programs, with some major improvements.
The basic business model is very powerful. There
is a program of this nature that has received more
than $15,000,000 in advertising revenue so far
this year. Eventually the MPL AdCycler could
pay out considerable bonuses... in addition to
"doubling your money in 20 days!"

So, join MPL and prosper (even if you never
sponsor anyone)!


Sp0nsoring Protocol: If Frederick Mann/BigBooster is
not your sp0nsor, and you decide to join any of the
pr0grams mentioned above, please check with your
sp0nsor before joining. Where applicable, please
join these pr0grams under your sp0nsor, using his
or her sign-up URL/join details.

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