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Sep 07, 2004 5:15 pm re: Look up aerosol attacks happening above your head!
Mary K Weinhagen
Hi Laura!

I'm delighted you've discovered Patricia's work!

As you do more research you'll discover we've been exposed to chemtrails for a long time.

And YES...there are many 'secret' goings on behind the scene but, while I respect your feelings, perhaps you'll be less saddened by the news that all is very soon to be brought to Light!!!

We can each contribute to bringing these things to light by taking responsibility to be minding our vibration! :-)

This three-dimensional world we're all sharing exists and is experienced through vibrational rates so if you can make a deep and meaningful commitment to yourself to FEEL GOOD NO MATTER WHAT and to SET A CLEAR INTENTION about the world you want to live in and experience, you will open yourself up to inspiration to take action that suppports your commitment and intention. And that's how you raise your vibration and bring things to light.

The more of us doing this the brighter and more 'exposed' everything is...and the truth really does set us free! :-)

So Laura...there's nothing wrong with feeling the sadness...it can serve us even by providing clarity about the contrast between what we're feeling and what we want to feel...so when you feel it no longer serves you and you'd like to feel something better, go ahead and raise your vibration by feeling something better and contribute to shining the light into those dark corners.

...to your 'lightest' feelings,

--Mary K

.. )) -::-
. .))
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-::- ((.* Light

> Laura Zaky wrote: > In a long search for truth to what is really happening and why we must endure the lies. >

>I was introduced to the works of Patricia Cori recently and was blown away by some of the findings especially what is in front of our eyes - Chem Trails - most think they are Contrails from planes but there have been studies that this is not the case. >

>You have to believe what is right for you but this is so profound that I wanted to let you know to make your own minds up. Here is some information www.carnicom.com, www.rense.com (these links take you directly to the chem trail section, there is a streaming video on Carnicom.com) or you can do your own research by searching on Chem Trails, chemtrails and aerosol attacks, try Google and Yahoo. >

>It seems to me that there is a deliberate change happening to our environment manufactured by us mankind and all the secret goings on behind the scenes, they keep us embroiled in mass media hype of atrocities so that we do not see the truth behind all the horrible control of lies being fed to us. This is mind bending stuff, all the things we were brought up with to be thought of as truth is seemingly not, WOW. I am so saddened by all of this. >

>This is not to put you in a state of fear but to allow you the choice of knowlege, please do the research and see for yourself what is happening, wake up humanity, let us not be controlled anymore! >

>What do you think? >


>Love, Sunshine & Laughter >

>Laura >

>Laura J. Zaky
>Personal: Founder & Organiser of Friends In Focus >A spiritual group for like-minded people who want to make a difference.
>+44 (0) 7989 300641
> >

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