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Nov 15, 2004 11:56 pm Better World
Flemming Funch
I didn't get around to paying attention here before, but now I am. So, hello everybody.

Creating a better world is one of my favorite topics. One of my favorite activities, for that matter. Some of the ways I've addressed it are:

I'm a counselor, helping people transform their personal reality. See http://www.worldtrans.org/transproc.html I wrote a couple of books, training manuals essentially, on Transformational Processing. They're freely downloadable from that site. And in Russia you can buy them in book form. You might recognize NLP and other inspirations there, plus a unique angle on things.

In 1995 I founded the New Civilization Network, http://www.newciv.org, an online community site for people who're working on changing the world in one way or another. It has around 9000 members today, and a good deal has been learned about what works and doesn't work in creating community.

I write a weblog, Ming the Mechanic, http://ming.tv, about, well, creating a better world. In my own irreverant, radical, idealistic, big picture kind of way.

Some years ago I outlined part of my vision of a better world in HoloWorld: http://www.holoworld.org

I wrote a little poetic manifesto about a better world, called "We are the New Civilization" http://www.newciv.org/ncn/weare.html

Just last week I started a new weblog, Escape Velocity http://blog.metastreams.com, which is on the search for success and wealth as a (slightly reluctant) entrepreneur. I traditionally have paid relatively little attention to distasteful subjects such as making a living, so I'm now trying to focus and get over the hard parts, and figure out how also to be a good internet entrepreneur. I mean in the monetary sense. In other words, to integrate material success better with my more ephemeral aims.

Oh, and I'm a computer programmer. I've done a lot of software that evolves around internet database driven websites, collaboration, etc. I'm trying to package some of that together in a company called OrgSpace http://www.orgspace.com

And, to answer the question, "To create a better world, what is most important?" ...

It is most important that you do what you're here to do. I.e. that you get in contact with your own calling, your own mission and inspiration. The thread that electrifies your life. And that you then do it. And then that you associate freely with other people of good will, and you collaborate. And that you work both for yourself AND for the whole. We can very well ALL be successful. The world can be successful.

- Flemming

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