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Dec 11, 2004 2:09 am Synergistic Forward Motion>>>
Michael Wentworth "TRg"
Synergistic Forward Motion >>>

Here is a free lesson from me about
something that I consider to be deeply
understood, and embedded into my being.

I created this lesson to help every
living, breathing person, that I come
in contact with...

If you develop a keen listening ear,
it will promote your self-ability to
identify the evidence of upward bound
momentum and “Synergistic Forward Motion”
with your own life, and the lives of all
you know.

Your ability to identify this strong
emotion of emotions in other people,
coupled with the thrice daily
(three times) positive self affirmation:
"I Help others- to Help MYSELF"

This will enhance your life tremendously,
in any direction you so choose.

Why do you think they call it the
backspace key? "It's the opposite of
Forward- a space forward...

When you are Writing (typing something),
and you hit the wrong Key?

Immediately, what's the next key you hit?
Ah, that's right! YOU back up, and then
"keep going forward!"

You ever watch an Ant Farm? Ever See an
Ant Back up? Sure,, if an Ant, backs up,
it's because, something is in its way...
If you try to stop an Ant- from where he is going...
He will back up, and keep trying to go Forward!

When ever you do your affirmations- in the day-
be sure to “Thrice Daily” (three times)

Affirm to yourself that:

"I am acting in this day with
Synergistic Forward Motion- and also affirm
that you are:

"Helping Others- To help themselves"- and
"Helping yourself" A great deal more by doing so.

Just picture, in your mind- An ant walking up
to the Great Wall of China- it will help you remember it...

This WILL Become a Part or your Being!

"Helping others, to help themselves
has been a part of my being. Since I first started
Affirming it to MYSELF- in the summer of ‘1998-
since then, it's has always been my intention,
my offering to anyone that I come in contact with ...

A great Forward thinking, Positive Attitude-
Coupled with Genuine interest to help them apply
the ant philosophy in their lives.

The Parent Company of my entire operation
is a non-profit company that will be funded by
receiving 50% of all profits, from my
profitable ventures.

This non-profit company- is my way of nourishing
back to the business community-- new innovative ventures
that will enable the world missions of so many people
that would not be possible otherwise.

I bring to the table my insights and most importantly,
my intentions of helping others in what ever it may be.

Only by keenly identifying the
Synergistic Forward Motion in others and being able to
empathetically coax them along at their own pace,
helping them to bring that momentum into their current
motionless reality."

By: Michael P Wentworth


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