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Dec 25, 2004 12:47 pm Don't pray for peace
Jerry Waxman
Scientific evidence exists to support the power of prayer.

Prayer can be done as a religious activity, and it can also be done as something personal. I think it is more effective when done as something personal. Like meditation, praying can relax you and connect you with a side of yourself - and a side of the world - that can bring answers to questions and problems.

During this holiday season, we hear a lot about prayer. And religious leaders are praying for peace in the world. At least that's what the news reports say.

Religious leaders and countless millions of people have prayed for world peace for centuries - or at least as long as there have been beauty pageants. Why haven't their prayers brought peace?

Maybe it is because everyone has a different idea of what peace means. And maybe it is too great a thing for an individual to ask for. Is there any one person you can think of who deserves world peace? Is there any religious or political leader that you know of who has taken action to achieve world peace?

If we want to bring about a better world, maybe we should do it in increments:

If you pray for anything, pray for these three things for yourself and for other people: Health, Prosperity, Happiness.

First achieve health for yourself, so that you can better serve yourself and other people. Then do something to help someone else be healthy. Healthy people are not hungry, and they are not anxious, and they don't normally scheme to do harm to others.

Achieve prosperity, first for yourself so that you are financially secure and you can use extra money to help others become prosperous. People who are prosperous understand that their wealth does not depend on other people being poor. Prosperous people tend to understand that true wealth comes from helping other people become prosperous.

Achieve happiness and help others achieve happiness. Wealth is well defined as being happy with what you have. If you have wealth and you are prosperous, you should be happy. Happy people don't want more for themselves, so they are not likely to enter a life of crime or politics. Happy people tend to want others to also be happy because it is actually painful to see others suffer. So, if you can help others to achieve health and prosperity, then you can also help them to achieve happiness.

So what will happen if everyone prays for health, prosperity, and happiness not only for themselves but for others as well.

And what will happen when those who achieve health, prosperity and happiness take action to help others achieve health, prosperity, and happiness?........ Peace in the world.

Have a healthy, prosperous, and happy holiday;
With love from this part of the world,

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