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Apr 17, 2005 6:34 am re: re: SuccessMotivator for Monday, February 21, 2005
Jason Clark
Well done Ron - who did you join under? ;-)


> Ronald Hunter wrote:
> Just joined Leaders Club a couple days ago. Looking forward to the good training.
> Ron
>> Jason Clark wrote:
>> ------------------------------------------------------------
>>SucessMotivator for the week of Monday, February 21, 2005
>>"Motivation is everything. You can do the work of two people, but you can't be
>>two people. Instead, you have to inspire the next guy down the line and get
>>him to inspire his people." - Lee Iacocca
>>Many people tell us about their frustration with getting their downline into
>>action. The question we return is, "What's your level of action?" The majority of
>>the time it's only slightly higher than what the downline is doing.
>>Network marketing is a business that hinges on duplication. And no matter what
>>your own level of success and action is, it will duplicate through your organization.
>>Your activity will duplicate into an active downline. Your inactivity will duplicate
>>into an inactive downline.
>>One thing to remember is that duplication is never exact. Once in a while you
>>will find someone who will outshine your level of action, but this is rare. Generally
>>your downline organization will do less than you do. This means that if you
>>want to increase the average level of action, you must increase your own level
>>of action even more.
>>TIP - If you're trying to get your downline into action, star by looking at
>>the motivation cycle:
>>First: Are you motivated to build this business and achieve your goals? If
>>you are having trouble getting into action it's probably not actually due to
>>external influences like lack of time, health issues or financial struggles. You
>>might think that it is but it's not. After all, if you need an excuse not to
>>make a phone call, listen to a training session or build your skills, you will
>>always find one. Rather than make excuses about your inactivity, look for ways
>>to motivate yourself to greater action. Discover a "WHY" that will make you
>>do what you don't want to do right now. Look for ways to stop procrastinating. Also
>>look at what may happen if you do not take action today. If you're happy with
>>what your life will look like in three years, chances are you'll continue to
>>procrastinate and make excuses.
>>Second: Once you have yourself motivated it's time to start motivating your
>>downline. Help them find a "WHY" big enough to get them into action. Get them
>>plugged into Leaders Club so that they have the opportunity to learn how to
>>build a stable long-term business.
>>Third: Once your downline member has learned how to motivate themsleves, teach
>>them how to motivate their own people.
>>TIP - Becoming motivationally fit is much like becoming physically fit. Start
>>with 10 to 15 minutes of positive thought a day. Listen or read something that
>>is uplifting and makes you feel good about yourself and your future. The point
>>isn't to become fit overnight, but to build a habit and make a lifestyle change.
>>Over time you'll find your outlook becoming increasingly more positive. The
>>result will be that you not only feel in charge of your own future, but you'll
>>also have the power to actually take charge.
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>>all disclaimers and credits remain intact. Leaders Club, New Albany OH 43054.

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