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Apr 30, 2005 1:19 am Hello - can I introduce myself please
Arthur & Sandra Harries
Hi everyone,

My name is Arthur and I live in a beautiful part of Mid-Wales (U.K.) with my wife (and best friend) Sandra. We have known each other for nearly 40 years and she is also my partner in the MLM business we run together.

I am 58 years old and a retired Bank Manager. I opted to take early retirement at age 50 and to start my ‘second career’ – which was to live as I wanted to live, not as others demanded of me.

I had a six year ‘rest’, doing all the things that I wanted to do – nothing exotic, but the freedom of time was absolutely wonderful.

Just as I was beginning to get ‘itchy feet’ and feeling that I wanted to have a more centred purpose once again, an opportunity to have my own business was presented to me, ‘on a plate’. It was Network Marketing and we came across it quite by chance when Sandra bought, upon recommendation, some really excellent Magnotherapy products that had amazing results with arthritic type problems etc on, not only herself and our dog Max but, other members of our family as well. We soon learned that a great number of other ailments (not necessarily arthritic related) are reported to be helped by wearing the unique BIOFLOW magnetic Medical Devices and were so impressed with these, and the other amazing and quite different Ecoflow products, that we became Distributors ourselves for Ecoflow PLC. We now have a modest team in place with steady upward growthand hundreds of satisfied customers.

I launched myself into it with a vengeance. Since childhood I have had very strong entrepreneurial leanings, but never enough courage to take the risk. Suddenly I now had the very thing that I had always longed for. Throughout my banking career I had envied the clients of mine who had built businesses. It was the challenge I had always secretly wanted to test – to see if I could be as successful at it as I always imagined I might be.

I now work even harder, at this, than I did at my banking – but it is a completely different kind of ‘hard’ and I enjoy it with a passion. My banking career had just been my job, a secure employment that had advancement [not an intended pun! :o)] potential and provided a good quality of life for my family and I. I now love every day of my life and absolutely thrive on what I do. In essence, I am now doing what I should have been doing all my life and the joy of ‘doing what I want, when I want’ is immense. It gives me the ability to keep an almost perfect balance in my life.

In my present ‘work’ I help both people and animals with their health, environmental safety & protection, efficiency and lifestyle. I also help people to set up and build their own business and get a terrific satisfaction from that. I have met many wonderful people and made great friends in the process. My wife Sandra is my partner in the business as well as in life and that makes everything even more worthwhile and enjoyable.

We have a daughter Samantha (29) who lives near us and has a career in Social Work in the local Department for Children with Disabilities, and a son Ross (27) who lives and works in Cardiff. They both lead hectic lives. He has a full time managerial position with the National Health Service, is the founder of a successful band in which he plays lead guitar, does freelance journalism (mainly rugby and music), works part-time for BBC Wales TV and hosts his own Radio Show on the main Cardiff Hospital Radio. They are both avid travellers, and both did their ‘rites of passage’ extensive world travelling for a year or two each, at different times, after their University Degrees. Both Sam and Ross have their ‘life partners’ (Matt and Kath respectively) who are also travel addicts and they all still pursue annual back-pack pilgrimages to exotic places. Sam and Matt have in fact renovated an old split-screen Volkswagen camper van that is their pride and joy and has already taken them across France and Spain. We are a very close happy family and all six of us enjoy each other’s company and meet up regularly.

My greatest current enjoyment in life is that I have eventually found something that gives me the complete balance I needed. Also that I discovered in the last few years (a little late I know!) the joy, and full meaning of, ‘Self-Development’. I now soak it up – books CD’s, and tapes etc (great while driving in the car) and oh how I regret that I didn’t find this ethos of S.D. when I was in my youth. I left school before I was sixteen – then would have been a good time to have discovered it – how much more enriched my life would have been for all those years. Never mind – I have found it now, at last, and I am watching, with great interest, the development of the ‘anti-ageing pill’, much talked of lately – which might increase our lifespan to 140+ years! Maybe then I will manage to cram in all the things I want to do in my life!

One of my favourite mentors is Jim Rohn – if you haven’t tried him I urge you to.

“The major value in life is not what you get – the major value in life is what you become” (J.Rohn).

Enjoy your lives and what you become.

Arthur (Harries)

Please visit our RYZE Home Page if you wish to have further details of the products or the Business Opportunity.

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