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Aug 10, 2005 2:36 am Great Business Opportunity & Unlimited local & Long Distance $24.95
Ronald Coleman
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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is the future of the communications industry and quoted as the "biggest paradigm shift in the history of modern communications."

"Technology That Will Completely Revolutionize Communication." 

- Fortune Magazine


"The Internet Will Wipe Out Old Phone Service."  

- Federal Communication Commission




Be a part of the new era in telecommunications – Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and grow with an expanding market – $280 billion in annual revenue.

The largest transfer of wealth EVER in American Business is about to happen...

Millions of people will abandon their antiquated land-line phones for VOIP in the next couple of years!

Don't miss out on this great opportunity!

Learn how to profit BIG-TIME from this exploding new industry!  




“VoIP will really take off and by the end of 2008 some 17.5 million users, or about 16% of U.S. homes, will be VOIPing.”

“Now that over 60% of American homes have high speed connections, more consumers can readily make a switch to VOIP.”

“So more broadband means more VOIP, which means more broadband, and so on. It’s this virtuous cycle that’s creating so much excitement in the telecom industry.”

- Fortune Magazine, July 2004

        “VOIP is the only sexy thing out there right now.”

        “It’s all about IP today. No one calls and asks us about anything but IP. It’s mainstream.”

        - Cisco Systems, Aug 2004

        “The VoIP market is far bigger than we would have guessed.  We were wrong.”

        - Stuart Elby, Verizon’s VP, May 2004

        “If you don’t do it (VoIP) next year or the one after that you won’t be playing in the game.”

        - Richard C. Notebaert, Quest – April 2004


        “VOIP gives customers a sense of WOW.  WOW hasn’t been used to describe telecom since the 1950’s advent of the furry pink             Princess phone.  But the inherent flexibility of the Internet protocol may at last make that word appropriate.”

        - Business Week

        “VOIP will irreversibly alter the world of communications.”

        “VOIP is the most significant paradigm shift in the entire history of modern communications since the invention of the telephone.”

        - Michael-Powell-FCC Chairman, July 2004

        "50% of US homes now have high speed Internet availability"


        - Nielson/Net Ratings reports, July 12, 2004

        “VoIP’s impact will be more profound than cell phones or the Internet.”


        - Fortune Magazine, June 26,2004

        “The Telecom Industry is too slow to stop agile startups from taking market share”                                              


        - FCC Chairman Michael Powell, February, 4 2004



        "You ought to be terrified because we are lowering the barriers to offering a service to which you have dedicated a massive infrastructure."


        - FCC Chairman Michael Powell, May 4, 2004



        "If you don’t do it (VoIP) next year or the one after that, you won’t be playing in the game."


        - Qwest CEO Richard Notebaert, Forbes, April 26, 2004

        "VoIP will account for approximately 75% of world voice services by 2007."


        - Frost & Sullivan Research




Now is the time to Own Your Own VOIP/Telecom Business

YOUR BUSINESS will also include Cellular Phone Services, Local & Long Distance Phone Services and DSL & Broadband Internet Services. How many people do you know that have or need one or all of these services?

YOU can take advantage of an emerging technology that Business Week, Fortune Magazine, the Associated Press, and every other major periodical is saying will completely change communications FOREVER

You can save large amounts of money on something you use everyday.

BETTER YET, YOU can become a representative and have the FIRST opportunity to share in the movement of $750 BILLION of wealth in the next 3-5 years.

FORD MOTOR COMPANY, BANK OF AMERICA, and many other FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES have replaced their old telephone networks with Voice Over Internet Protocol systems, and saved BILLION.

You can start earning LIFE-CHANGING income by being FIRST in the market place with a technology that EVERYONE in the world will use in the next few years.


Visit  http://voipvision.lightyearalliance.com and find out more about Lightyear Alliance and the business opportunity.

Next, visit  http://www.highesthopes.com/voipvision/ and sign-up for a live conference call.

Then call or email me so we can get you started.

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