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May 21, 2006 2:03 pm re: re: re: I don't feel this is an ethical way to find leads for your business. What do you think?
Melody Thacker
Thanks Jason, I couldn't agree with you more as this being an ineffective way to recruit. To be honest, I was so shocked and annoyed that someone was calling me for their own benefit.

I don't know who these people are or which companies they are with. I didn't give them a chance to tell me. Just because I'm with a nwm company doesn't mean I'm their target market. Your target market has to need and WANT your product or service. I do not! And I'm insulted if they think I'm failing, rofl.

I see people who belong to multiple companies and who jump from company to company always searching for the golden opportunity. There is no such thing, these people fail at nwm because of *themselves* not the company, the training etc. No matter how much you want to help people, some will never *get it.* The best training on earth won't help someone if they won't take action...

Yes Evan, a true commitment and treating it like a business will reap some great rewards.

Tony, how is it reaching out in a truthful and caring way when they are spending *my money* for their own benefit? Seems pretty disrespectful and unethical to me.

Sadly but true, these people are obviously desperate for leads and need some good training.

Thanks to you all for responding.
Take care,

> Jason Clark wrote:
> Melody,
>Interesting discussion you have brought up!
>I would say it's a totally INEFFECTIVE way to recruit new blood.
>It is not logical to call folks up and ask them to join a new business to fail in when they are already failing themselves (97% of networkers fail!)
>Study some of the masters out there like Robert Blackman, Joe Schroeder, David Ledoux and they never lead with the business opportunity. But they recruit other networkers through the backdoor by retailing leads, training, etc.
>If another networker calls you up and ask you to join just tell them:"Hey I am focused with what I am doing, but do you need any good leads or training?"
>Kinda like the letter we use at Leaders Club....
>Make money coming and going.
>> Tony Williams wrote:
>> Hello Melody,
>>I do not feel it is an unethical way to find business but only if you do it in a ethical way.
>>There are many people failing in the Network Marketing Industry. People that are in a home based business selling services and/or products and not getting results they want can greatly benefit from Leaders Club training and support services.
>>It is a practice when trying to harvest leads yourself, to look for people in your target market. These are not business builders but more retail customers purchasing support services for their business. ie leads, training, skill development.
>>I do not know if your are refering to being contacted by a Leaders Club rep in a unethical way. If this is the case, trust me it is an overaggresive consultant that is not getting what is taught at Leaders Club and I apologize.
>>As a marketing consultant I have seen repeat promoters of mlm companies come to Leaders Club for answers and skills that their company does not provide. We then compliment, supplement, and enchance their training on a invidualized basis.
>>Some just do not know what it really takes to become successful. Once they realize what it takes some give up Some are so thankful for the truth.
>>So reaching out in a truthful and caring way is again not unethical. Just another way to promote what you have to offer to someone that really may need what you have to offer.
>>I hope I shed light on your question.
>>Tony Williams
>>> Melody Thacker wrote:
>>> Recently I've been getting phone calls from people who have visited my web sites, found my toll free # and then proceed to call me to sell me something or tell me all about their wonderful opportunity to recruit me into their business.
>>>A polite, "no thanks, I'm not interested," doesn't seem to have any effect, they want to keep on telling me about their opportunity! They are surprised that I am not happy to hear from them! Gosh, why should I be happy? I'm simply not interested, don't wish to waste my time hearing all about it plus I'm paying for their phone call!
>>>I don't feel this is an ethical way to find leads for your business. What do you think?
>>>Take care,

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