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Oct 04, 2007 1:24 am MLM and Funded Proposals--Are you using it?
Reginald Sinevet
This was sent to me by my mentor and I wanted to share it with you all because it has been generating lots of dialogue. Enjoy and let me know what you think.


I've seen a lot of confusion out there online about funded proposals, so today I want to take a few minutes to share a few important points that you may not have considered.

Doing a Google search for funded proposals a few days ago I found a thread online in one of the largest network marketing forums specifically about starting a funded proposal.

The response to the initial question was telling.

What I found and what I've known for quite some time is that there are in essence two types of network marketers, those that want the edge and those that like to stick to the tried and true recruiting methods of old.

In this forum the response ranged from, "you should use XYZ's program to start your funded proposal" to "whatever happened to good old networking?"

Simply, there are some network marketers that want the edge that using a funded proposal provides and others that want to stick with what has worked for years which included meeting people in book stores and good old cold calling.

Where the confusion lies is here . . .

Using a funded proposal does not stop you from doing what you're comfortable with in good old belly to belly networking. What it does do is give you an advantage.

Yes funded proposals allow you create leads exclusively of a quality that cannot be bought and yes funded proposals can and do create a front end profit margin that will insulate you from what stops most network marketers dead -

Which is running out of leads and a marketing budget to keep your business growing for the long haul, but what you may not know is this . . .

The two types of networkers that I described above are two separate groups from a network marketing mentality, what a funded proposal does is it allows you the opportunity to tap into both markets.

Since I began network marketing my main concern has always been making the path easier for anyone that comes after me and Power Prospecting System is my direct response to that engrained goal of mine.

Here's why it's important to you. There are network marketers that are fully capable of creating huge growth in your business, but because they are entrepreneurs to the fullest definition they don't want to just get involved with a good company or a good sponsor they want a good system that provides the ultimate leverage to all that will come after them.

If you have a funded proposal as part of your marketing plan you have the ability to attract this caliber of heavy hitter into your team.

They want, just like you and I want, success in the quickest, easiest, and least resistant path and that's what a funded proposal does.

It's not magic, but it literally bridges the gap between you finding the best caliber prospects in an economically favorable situation so that you don't have to spend hours a day sifting through dead beat leads to find the right ones.

With a funded proposal as part of your marketing you literally attract the right prospects to you and your business - increasing the speed at which you can find and recruit high caliber new members to your team.

Yeah the tried and true works, but what you'll find is there will be a significant portion of your prospects who want the best solution to growing their business and even if you get them to join your business without a system that allows them to leverage the awesome power of the internet eventually they will start to look for a solution on their own and if a better system attached to an equal caliber business is found you run the risk of having them jump ship.

When I originally started using the internet I can't tell you how many people in my business wanted to join my business from other teams because of the way our team was leveraging the internet.

I had to turn them down of course, but what needs to be understood is the demand is there and unless you have the type of solution that many networkers in today's age are looking for you run the risk of having them look elsewhere.

Relationships are the glue that hold the business together, but your prospects have eyes and if they see a better way to run the business, a smarter more leveraged solution than calling a bunch of leads or hunting people down in your local bookstore, then believe me, you run the risk of loosing them.

If you provide what your downline wants then your doing your job as a sponsor.

As some of the comments in the forum showed, many networkers live in a vacuum, they want you to fit into what they do because it works for them, not necessarily because it's the best solution or what will work best for you.

Simply . . .

A funded proposal, past more and better leads and more front end income, allows you to provide your prospects with the EXACT type of solution that many of them are looking for, and for it you'll recruit and retain more of your team.

Check out what he's talking about to get the full details at http://reggies.getnetmlmprofits.com

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