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Jan 23, 2005 10:44 am SucessMotivator for the week of Monday, January 17, 2005
Jason Clark
SucessMotivator for the week of Monday, January 17, 2005

"The three greatest essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are first, hard
work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense." ... Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison is a prime example of a man who achieved by following the three
greatest essentials of hard work, stick-to-itiveness, and common sense. In
thinking about the three essentials to achievement that Thomas Edison mentions, I
believe it is much like a three legged stool. You need all three legs of
the stool to keep the stool standing.

A question often popping in our minds as we strive to succeed in our businesses, is,
"why do others succeed and we seem to struggle?" Fortunately, you don't have
to ask that question any more!

You and I were made to achieve. We were born with a natural desire to achieve and
succeed. We have the power within us to unleash this desire into a burning desire
to achieve and succeed in all that we do. Realize, this power we have internally has
not have been given to us to just let the power sit idle. Nor were we given this
unique personal power of achievement without also being given the ability and
opportunity to realize it.

You must first know your strengths and weaknesses before you can be a real achiever.
Take some time to think about your business and what you want your business to
be. Once your strengths and weaknesses are identified, you can begin working toward
your goals and dreams.

Keep a firm understanding of the difference between achievement and success. Yes,
there is a difference between achievement and success. Achievement is the knowledge
you have studied, applied, and result in moving you forward in all you do.
Success is being praised by others.

The key is to aim for achievement and success will follow. Break your plan into
small stepping stones of achievement (i.e. Earn the Leaders Club Top Sponsor Award
every month). Seeking steady progress like this will ultimately add up to
Long term achievement and ultimately success.

TIP Long term achievement needs constant motivation. Spend time daily planning
your business and at least 10 minutes a day building your sustainable motivation.

Things do not magically happen in this business or in life. Hoping won't make
something happen either. It is the actions you take consistently that will help
you unleash the power with in you to reach your goals and dreams.

As you work toward the goals and dreams you want to reach, it is important to
keep in mind the three essentials Thomas Edison teaches us. Don't just work
hard, also work smart. Track your progress and take consistent action. Remember,
action speaks loader than words.

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millions. What it's worth to you is up to you!

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