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Feb 08, 2005 10:51 am SucessMotivator for the week of Monday, February 07, 2005
Jason Clark
"If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten!"
-- Author Unknown

Awesome words of wisdom. Think about that for a minute. Realize that your business
will not grow magically and if you have been struggling in building your business
you are not alone.

Too often, we get stuck on a great idea or strategy that just does not work
for us. But rather than change what we are doing, we continue to do what we
have always done.

Unfortunately, most of us also expect a greater result. We get stubborn and
refuse to change what we do. Then we become frustrated because we are not getting
the results we expect and deserve.

So how do you get the results you know you should get and the results you deserve.
the answer is simple. But simple is not always easy. We are often afraid of
challenge or difficulty in change, so we continue to do what we have always done.

The bad news is unless we change and start doing something different in our
marketing, we will never achieve our desired results. Change MUST take place
in your attitude and in your marketing plan to help you become the success you
want to be.

Begin with a 30 day plan of action and track your progress. Even if you are
uncomfortable, that is o.k. Changing habits and forming new ones is often difficult.
Well, after you track your progress for 30 days, create a 90 day plan of action.
Use your statistics to help you plan and forecast your business.

Realize that no one can change you or your habits except you. Building your
business and becoming successful in all you do is YOUR responsibility. Keep
in mind that you must make change and form new habits of success if you want
the results you desire. Know that no matter what you do, "If you do what you
have always done, you will get what you have always gotten!"

NOTE: Success requires a sustainable motivation. A sustainable motivation is
like the Energizer battery... "it keeps you going, and going, and going!" Having
a sustainable motivation will allow you to overcome the ups and downs of building
your own business without getting derailed from moving toward your main objective.
Begin developing your sustainable motivation today by reading at least ten
minutes a day. Read something uplifting and positive!

Developing a sustainable motivation builds confidence and confidence is important
for keeping you on track of building your network marketing business.

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