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which has a better art scene?Views: 240
Oct 26, 2009 6:29 am re: re: which has a better art scene?

KISHORE M SALI Fine Arts n Photography
Hi all,

I was more into Advertising Photography for last many years but now I am wanting to make more inroads in the Painting market. I stay in Mumbai and can talk about Mumbai only at this stage. I went around many Art Galleries in Mumbai & found out that -
1) Jehangir Art Gallery has a waiting list of atleast 8 years.
2 Nehru Centre Gallery has a waiting list of 2 years Approx.
3) Most other galleries which are available on rental basis have atleast 1 and half year waiting period.
4) Galleries which are reputed & more known in Art world for example - Tao, Bombay Art Gallery, Museum Art Gallery, Cymroza, Studio Napeon etc take Artists only with a background of good number of one man shows & painting sales to their credit.
5) I have seen abroad lot of 'Call for Artists' organized by even established galleries. Here except for 'Monsoon Show'(when the market is low) & annual shows by couple of galleries I haven't heard of anything like this. In these shows one can submit only not more than 2 paintings. If one goes thru this link in Toronto one will find call for group, one man shows at respected galleries - http://www.slateartguide.com/indexes.php?index=Calls%20for%20Artists
(recession is actually much more intense in Toronto than in India, inspite of that this)
I do not know why such 'calls' are not there & why any such website is not there in Mumbai. I do not know if it happens in Delhi, Bengalure or Chennai.

Point I want to make here is it takes atleast 2 years to just start exhibiting in Mumbai. After that real good sales one can only hope for only after appearing in costly Page 3 with good(again costly) PR & inviting movers & shakers in the society for the opening bash. I do not know why we can't judge a good painting more by the Artists talent & Artistic merits of the Artwork; why people HERE look at paintings more as a commodity & an instrument for investing money. Yes Art is looked for investing in a big way abroad as well, agreed BUT THERE IS A HUGE CLASS THERE WHICH BUYS PAINTINGS FOR THE LOVE OF PAINTINGS & BECAUSE THEY BRING PEACE & HAPPINESS TO MINDS OF THE BUYERS APART FROM RAISING THE BEAUTY OF THE INTERIORS. THIS CLASS IS OF A NEGLIGABLE SIZE HERE...UNFORTUNATELY.

I would like to put this in BOLD -
This is my knowledge & experience, however I would love to be proved wrong & would want to know more opportunites if they exists for upcoming Artists.

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