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Is testmonial advertising powerful or perceived as deceptive?Views: 161
Mar 07, 2006 1:56 pm re: re: Is testmonial advertising powerful or perceived as deceptive?

Steven Boaze

Thanks for remembering this Vijai. Another
version can be explained in an article that
I wrote for my business partner.

"How to use Testimonials as an additional
Marketing Tool"
By Abe Cherian
Copyright 2005

It's been said before that one unsatisfied
customer will go out and tell 10-20 of their
friends and family about their unsatisfactory
experience, but the opposite doesn't seem to
occur. Your customers, vendors, suppliers and
associates might think you walk on water, but
they won't seem to tell everyone else how great
you are unless you show them how and give them an
actual reason to do it.

There are many ways to get testimonials from your
customers. You can actually hold contests for
best testimonials. Request letters of
endorsements from your customers, vendors,
suppliers, and any associates you have. Use those
to promote your products and services. When you
use testimonials to add credibility to what you
do, you're letting your customers do the
marketing for your business.

Testimonials from your customers are one of the
strongest marketing tools available.

What is a testimonial? It's a statement, usually
written by your customer, saying nice things
about some aspect of your business, you, your
employees or your products and services. If you
want to use the testimonials in marketing
efforts, you need to get a written release from
your customers who wrote the testimonials giving
your business the right to use the testimonial in

The best time to obtain the release is at the
time the customer delivers the testimonial to
you. You might tell them you want to share their
insights with your other customers or some other
complimentary statement.

When you use these testimonials, you want to
weave them into your marketing story. Use them to
embellish and support your claims and promises.
For every benefit or objective you need to
overcome in your products or services, it is the
best scenario to have testimonials establishing
or referencing each of those benefits or

You can take the next logical step and establish
that your business delivers what it promises.
This becomes a very powerful statement.

You don't need to use all of what it says in each
testimonial letter. Here are some choices or ways
you can use testimonials.

You can print the entire letter.

You can print one sentence.

You can print one word.

Print with a picture of the person whose
testimonial it is.

Print the person's initials only.

Print the entire name of the person providing
the testimonial.

You can actually do video or audio recordings
of a person's testimonial.

Ideally, you want to use all of these techniques.
The benefit of using testimonials on your web
site can help link popularity in search engine
results as well. Whether you use this marketing
tool for both inbound or outbound reasons, you
will have an advantage over your competition.
Check them out next time you visit their office
or web site and see for what people are saying
about their business practices. You'll be amazed!

About the author

Abe Cherian is the founder of Multiple Stream
Media, a company that helps online businesses
find new prospects and clients, who are anxious
to grow their business fast, and without spending
a fortune in marketing and automation.

Web's #1 site to find "free resources to Plan,
Build, Market, and Maintain your website":

Steven Boaze

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