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How to Gain More Clarity.Views: 141
Aug 01, 2005 8:01 pm Stephanie : How to Gain More Clarity.

Sue T.
I agree. I'm going to be joining that movie place where they mail you the movies and keep a list of movies that you want to see :) I just forget.

Life gets busy! How can we expect, even if a person "does not" have ADD/ADHD to remember everything that we would like to accomplish in one day? Even a normal list of everyday activities can be overwhelming and we can forget things as others come up.

Another thing that I am going to invest in is a mini recorder. I have "the best" ideas in the car while I'm driving around with the radio on. Something I hear will trigger an idea and I'll think! That would be a great article. I have an envelope here on my desk lol with a bunch of bits and pieces of paper with all my ideas, just waiting patiently for me to turn them into something.

As I do transcription during the day for an attorney a habit that I have is to immediately type them up for fear of erasing the work or losing the tape. So, that will be a great tool to use as well.

Initially one would or may feel funny talking to themselves but it's just like anything else, once you get used to it, you simply do it.

I'm very visual ... so since I know that, and lets say I have something that I need to do? I put, lets just use the vacuum as an example. I want to vacuum, I may forget. So the instant I have that thought, I either ... vacuum right then and there or I grab it and put it in the middle of the room where I'll be annoyed by it cluttering up my environment. I'm not allowed to put it away until I've used it ... I'm the boss. :) It works!

Same thing with Vitamins. I'll do a great job taking them for a while but then as time goes on I start to forget. Way around it? I put a glass of water on the counter. Why? To annoy myself and as a reminder that I have to take the vitamins, if that shouldnt work I leave a bottle out on the counter because I like my countertops clear. It may seem like a silly thing to do but it does work.

Remember, anything you really "want" to do that intrigues you, you'll get done right? So finding those ways that intrigue you, or motivate you is very important. If one way does not work, try another. It's impressive how much we can accomplish by recognizing when we "are" the most able to focus ... and when we're simply unable to. It helps alot and it shifts day to day, month to month.

Hmmm, guess that's where go with the flow comes from aye? :)

Sue Tosto
Life and Relationship Coach

Confidence is Silent. It doesn't defend itself.
It simply exists inside of you.


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