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Entrepreneurs with ADD [This Network is not currently active and cannot accept new posts] | | Topics
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Feb 19, 2006 2:48 am re: : Very helpful software (class on how to Mind Map)

Danielle Bailey
Is it weird that I read about ADD and keep thinking "But I thought everybody did that!"

Is it that a great majority of people have adult ADD or is it just that I'm nuts and think just because I do these things that everyone does them?

I read the 50 tips article, and it's so spot on it's really scary.

But then I think about a meeting I had last week. In the meeting I had a notebook and pen and was writing almost from the moment I sat down. Notes from the meeting itself, side thoughts, mind mapping. When the man sitting across from me commented on it I said 'forgive me, I have ADD, it's the only way I can organize myself and keep up.'

He laughed at me and said 'that's not ADD, that's boredom, everybody zones out during these meetings.' Then he talked for about 5 minutes, apparently intent on entertaining everybody in the room, about how people who say they have ADD are just excusing normal behaviour, that it's just a buzzword.

I have to say, I was immensely hurt. I felt humiliated and ashamed. I really *do* need to do those things to stay on track, and maybe I don't have ADD, I don't really know, but my son does (he's gone through testing, I haven't) and after my son was diagnosed his doctor explained that I probably have adult ADD because of the way I always described the things I do (I thought Grayson was normal because I always do the same things he does).

So, I guess, my question is, how do you know it's ADD and not just normal boredom setting in? I never want to embarrass myself that way again so I'll never bring it up that way again. I still feel shocked and just low.

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