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Quiz-Vision Competitions.Views: 104
Dec 13, 2010 6:50 am Quiz-Vision Competitions.
Manohar Bhatia
Hi friends,

We are interested in starting this quiz game every Monday on bimonthly basis..... i.e. there will be 2 game shows every month.Its an exciting game of English Literature,testing the intellectual level of the participant.I want the friends to participate in large numbers in this quiz game and I am also offering some prizes to the winners.Here is the sample of the quiz, where I want my friends to read,understand and participate... the trick is to get addicted and addiction can come by regular participation..........

Manohar Bhatia

Let's start at the very beginning.Since times immemorial, people all over the world have always been fascinated by mystery,magic,skill,intelligence and what have you! Man has always loved a challenge to test his intelligence, bravery or his hidden abilities to find a solution to his problems.Many great and famous writers of the English language have commented upon the richness of its vocabulory and have pointed to the fact that the speaker of the writer in English has an edge or an advantage over the speaker or writer in French,German,Spanish or Italian________ what we mean is that a large store of words upon which,he can express his thought.Likewise, the teacher of English are in the habit of contracting the limited vocabulory of the individual student with the wealth of words possesed by his mother tongue and stressing the importance of making the greater number of words as his own.They show that,we become articulate in English when we can command a greater number of words and especially in finding the right word for the quotation.This is the crust of this competiton on which it is based.If the writer cannot find an absolute word in his quotation, then it will cease to inspire.Then the writer has also to look at the meaning of his plot of the story.If he can find the right word, which expresses clarity of thought, meaning,beauty and inspiration, then he has done his job as a writer.

Keeping the above points in view, we are planning to start Quiz-Vision.What is Quiz-Vision? Quiz-Vision is an English Literary Competition where sentences or "Quotations" picked up from the books, magazines,periodicals are placed before the readers participating in these competitions.These quotations of the writers or the authors have an element of 'truth' in them.There can be no way of altering the meaning of these quotations of these writers.Finding the 'truth' in these quotations is the key to solving them.Logic is another area where the competitor can apply on the 'quotation' and arrive at the correct answer.Competitors are advised to think sensibly, use their knowledge judiciously and arrive at all the correct words of the sentence as written by the author of the material content.The 'extra' word planted by the wily compiler add mystery to the quotation and is all that the competitor had to eliminate.It will be a real challenge by the solver to spot the correct original word of the quotation.There will be totally 11 Quiz sentences or let's call these sentences "Quotations" on topics based on as diverse subjects as Health,Philosophy,Literature,Emotions,History,Sex etc.The competition Compiler might also pick up sentences from Newspapers,Periodicals or Magazines, if he finds the Quiz sentences interesting, knowlegable or challenging for the competitor.In every Quiz sentence, one extra word will be put by our competition Compiler anywhere in the sentence.This 'extra' word will be the wrong word of the compiler.The competitor will have to spot the correct original word used by the author of the book, newspaper, magazines from where the sentence or the "Quotation" is picked up and cancel the Compiler's word.Quotations are also sentences said by someone as common as a man on the street.But, they can become 'historical' only when these sentences have an element of truth in them.Maybe, these sentences carry a message for the masses,are self-experienced or foretell even an impending future discovery!Great past authors,writers,philosophers or thinkers have quoted some beautiful sentences, that are still relevant to-day!Why? Because, there is truth in these quotes.Someone quoted:- "A cat has nine lives" is still being spoken of to-day and may be believed by many.Another quote:- "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."is really being investigated by scientists for its truth and reality.Then there is another Shakespere quote from a play--'An importance of being ernest' says--"They also serve who stand and wait"Just think to yourself, this is relevant even to-day.Take a sentence--'A dog is barking on the street'.This sentence cannot be called a quotation, because no message comes out of it.But, observe a changed sentence--"Barking dogs seldom bite" can be called a quotation, because of a message in it.He can use these exercises to increase his knowledge,to pass his time usefully,and also come to know the name of the book and the author, or the source from where the "Quotation" is picked.Besides, housewives, students, retired folks can also benefit.--Editor.

1)Employees and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate in these competitions.
2)Neither the Directors nor the owners or their immediate family members are interested in these competitions.
3)Full sources of the selected sentences from the book will be published at the end of the closing date of the competition.
4)The editor's decision is final and legally binding on the participants.
5)No participant can give out the sources of the quotation; otherwise his/her entry will be disqualified.


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