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May 01, 2007 12:35 am re: [OPP] & [MLM] Any Advice Greatfully Received
Reg Charie

Hi Linda,
I have one complaint about most of these plans, yours included.

Instead of promoting the product they operate more on a pyramid scheme, promoting the business.

This severely limits your market, (and your income).

The first link you provide is strictly a business sign up.
This link will credit you if someone becomes a member.

The second link gives you no credit and still offers no opportunity to look at or purchase product.

While the concept behind building a downline is reasonable, in the real world it fails rather quickly.
The money is in the product, not the business, as 99% of those that sign up with you will never do much.
If they do, they will need constant hand holding and encouragement, which means developing contact lists, training programs and more, all branded with your image or business name.

I did NOT sign up because:
1) I do not want to get on their mailing list at theis time.
2) I am not interested in becoming a business selling their products.

However, and correct me if I am wrong, but I suspect I have to become a member to buy product and it will cost me to join.

I have been doing networking and web based marketing for over a decade and the only successful MLMers I have seen are the ones that have their own site which can sell to the general public. These folks promote the product and offer business options as a seperate deal.

Most seem to stall and the "business" put on hold once their warm market is exhausted.

Let me ask you some questions.
A) Have you done a formal business plan?
B) Have you done a marketing plan?
C) Are you prepared to invest time and or money in getting your business out to a wider market?

A and B should be "living documents" that you update and modify on a regular schedule.

When I do a marketing plan it is updated almost daily.
A business plan needs less frequent attention, but it should still be updated as your business progresses.

Now let us look at "C".
If you wish to reach a wider market there are 2 categories.
Local and Internet.
Local means joining local business or other groups. These could be Chamber of Commerce, seniors organizations, business fairs, or whatever you can find in your neck of the woods.

Internet means getting your information out to the widest market segment possible.

Company supplied websites like yours just do not cut it, as they have too many strikes against them.
They are also not under your control so the only way you will build traffic is by placing links.
Compared to getting the site found by the general public using search engines, this is time consuming and, at times, difficult.

Getting a site found by people searching for your keywords shows the highest ROI and can bring in a good income.

To do this you will need a website which includes a domain name and a website host, and a website, crafted to get top search rankings.

As I said, "Time and Money".


> Linda Walker wrote:
> Hi, I have been involved in MLM and Network Marketing over the last 10 years and whilst I learnt a lot about the industry along with a huge ammount of personal development I didn't find the right company. I know am very lucky to have found a company, marketing plan etc that works for me and my family.
>As I have used my warm market on several occasions, it is rather difficult to go back again, however, the product is so good that I have now started introducing it to some of them and it is loved. My question is though: I want to build my business as quickly as possible but do struggle with getting the activity up in relation to numbers of people to show the oportunity to. I, as we all are, am looking for more business partners, does any one have any advice, information or good ideas that will help me move my business forward more quickly?
>The advert we use for this business is below:
>An Unparalleled Business Opportunity
> UK Launch of a major breakthrough liquid supplement
> Delivers optimum nutrition to the body in minutes
> Genuine 6 figure residual income opportunity
>No sign up fees & No stock to buy
>Completely No Risk
>No Meetings- No Experience
>Turnkey System Provided
>Listen: 0800 53 53 703
>Kindest regards
>Linda Walker
>Linda Walker


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