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Diving Right In!Views: 302
Jul 30, 2006 2:08 am re: re: re: Diving Right In!

Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net

Glad you liked the link. It was a neat article. I think Asner's an excellent actor & definitely has his passion placed firmly in what he believes. He's opinionated -- things don't often get done by meek people, & sometimes seems radical. But then, while I'd not consider myself right-wing or even conservative (fercryinoutloud, I wrote a book about the porn industry . . . & I was there!), I'd say I'm much less radical & lean more towards a middle-of-the-road way of global problem-solving. His advice about treading carefully is good, IMHO. I think he may have been reflecting on his more blatant moments when he said that & the possible difficulties he had.

I found his comments about blacklisting interesting. It's a term bandied around Hollywood a long time, obviously, & while originally used as a way to identify liberals being denied work by conservatives (Ronald Reagan, Robert Taylor, John Wayne, etc), it's notable to mention that folks such as Robert Taylor were "blacklisted" after the hearings, by no longer getting types of roles & number of roles that were offered prior to the communist-driven stand-off.

And we find Ed Asner saying that in the '80s he'd been blacklisted for being liberal. History definitely repeats itself, doesn't it? It's a cycle, & what has gone before will come again.

re: the Gore documentary: I didn't see it. Frankly, I don't like him. He may have valid points, but I've never been able to stomach him. I live in suburban MD outside DC. My husband still works for the federal gov't & I worked for them for some time. I've such a hard time w/politicians of most any ilk. I think we get SO much of it here, & especially if we work in the gov't machine & see how it really works, it becomes difficult to stand back & see anything done by politicians as truly "for the people."

Guess I'm something of a cynic, eh?! : >

Thx for the thought-provoking exchange. Again, glad you're here.

Blessings -- Linda

Linda J. Alexander, Books For The Thinking Reader
HOLLYWOOD & POLITICS - http://hollywoodpolitics-network.ryze.com/

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