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A Spam, A Scam or Legit?Views: 276
Aug 23, 2006 10:44 pm re: re: re: A Spam, A Scam or Legit?

Angelo Cerase
DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with any of the companies/products listed below. Nor do I profess to be an expert on internet security or computers. This is just what works for me.

That sounds more like a virus that was sent via email, rather than your regular spam.

Do you currently have an anti-virus program? Specifically one that monitors incoming email? If not, there are several name brand anti-virus programs that will do that, and some free ones as well. One free program I like is AFG anti-virus:


Note: Do not have more than one anti-virus program running on your computer at the same time, since they may cause some conflicts.

As well, if you think your computer may be currently infected, or you just want to doublecheck to make sure it's not, there are some free online virus checkers. I like to run them once every so often just to make sure nothing has slipped by my antivirus program.



Note: These do NOT replace an antivirus program on your computer that protects you in real time. As well, they require something in Internet Explorer to run, so they will not work with Firefox.

Since Spyware/Adware is becoming a larger problem than viruses, you should make sure you're running some anti-spyware programs as well. Unlike anti-virus programs, it is recommended to use at least 2 anti-spyware programs on your computer (since none of them has been seen to catch everything). Here are 3 that I like (all free) and they all play together nicely:

Microsoft Defender

Spybot Search and Destroy

Lavasoft Ad-Aware

As well, you can use an email client that is more secure than Outlook or Outlook Express. Even though I use both of those programs mentioned (for various reasons), I have heard that Thunderbird (from the same people that brought you Firefox) is more secure than the Microsoft products. And they have some nice features as well.


Even though it was not mentioned, I assume that with the virus problems you had, you are using a Windows PC (what else would you be using?). So lastly, to give yourself a heck of a lot more security AND make your life easier, you can do what I personally plan on doing in a few months - Get a Mac. No viruses, no hassles. And it can run Windows for the few Windows-only programs that you may still need.


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