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Talk Radio Hosting Advice?Views: 299
Sep 03, 2006 12:52 am Talk Radio Hosting Advice?

Marilyn Jenett

I was just formally invited to become a talk radio host on wsRadio, World Syndication Radio, with their brand new "after hours" format. The station is looking for a certain type of host who gives advice and who attracts call-in listeners (there will be several of these hosts). I am giving this much consideration. After hours means after 6pm - which is great because that's the time slot when listeners call in. It's also great because I'm at my best later in the day so it matches my personal rhythm.

The station has worldwide syndication, live streaming and is archived for listening on demand. It broadcasts live via the Internet reaching a global audience and receives listeners for their various programs from over 145 countries. After the live broadcasts, all shows are archived in topic segments for listening on demand 24/7.

This is the largest independent Internet talk radio station in the world. Their partners include eBay, Entrepreneur Magazine and many other high profile organizations like the American Marketing Association. Apparently, the opportunity for exposure is significant.

There are 32 remote studios world wide, including San Diego (nearest to me), but I would probably opt to purchase the ISDN state of the art technology to broadcast from home (it's a three-hour drive to San Diego!). I would be able to use this equipment for any other radio broadcasts or any other stations in the future. It's the standard equipment used in all broadcasting and has the best sound quality. It will be the same as if I'm brodacasting from a studio location but I can broadcast comfortably from home.

I feel that my interactive group mentoring calls for the past few years have actually been "grooming" me for talk radio and feel that hosting a show would be a great vehicle to bring my teachings to a wider audience.

The show would be one hour once a week.

Now, let me explain what my main concerns are with regard to this venture. I got the opinion of a media relations professional although I don't know how valid her opinion is. Even though Internet radio is the "thing" right now and allows you to access the world, her opinion is that hosting a local broadcast radio show has a lot more credibility in the media arena than Internet radio. And in fact, it seems like all the broadcast radio stations now stream on the Internet anyway.

So the question is, should I invest in a radio career with Internet radio or get my own talk show on a smaller broadcast station with a good outreach? The equipment is very expensive and that part is okay because I can always use it if I transition to broadcast radio. The ISDN will also allow me to sound like I'm in the studio when I do interviews on broadcast stations. But here is the most important issue...

It is very important to me that I have call-in listeners and I didn't think that was the norm with Internet radio because listeners can access the archives anytime. So I think I would want to see if those evening shows do get the listeners calling in before I jump in and sign any contracts. I know I wouldn't want to do a show that didn't have a lot of audience interaction. That's the meat of the whole thing. Keep in mind that many talk show formats have guests that provide the interaction. But since my format is about imparting my teachings to the public and not about interviewing guests (although we will have some of that), the call-ins are vital.

Do any of you know the answer to this? Internet radio has never attracted me - I don't listen to it, although I have been interviewed on shows. In your opinion, which would be a better marketing move - Internet or broadcast? And do you know if Internet shows ever do get a lot of call-ins?

Thanks for any advice...

~ Marilyn

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