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business opportunity and website opportunity....Views: 176
Aug 12, 2010 4:42 pm business opportunity and website opportunity....

Judy Nowakowski
New Business Opportunity! sell personalized gifts you can join for free if you have a site that you can link our banner to.

Sell personalized gifts, frames, and other goods. I will be adding a lot more gifts, bridal gifts, jewelry, etc $4.99 gets you started! You get an intro site that introduces your affiliate site. The site goes to your affiliate link. You earn 20% on all goods. You earn 5% on your downline. Charlyce has her intro site check it out http://www.charlycespersonalizedkeepsake.info

Sue has a full size website that cost a little more http://www.suespersonalizedgifts.info Sue earns 30% on her site sales and 5% on her downline

Come and join us we have fun! Ground floor opportunity
We have more items soon! http://www.nowaspersonalizedgifts.info/business_opp.htm

If you like to get real personal...you can sell advertising specialties too! We plan to be customizing everything!

How about a website you could manage yourself?

Would you like to be in control of when your website gets done? Ofcourse your designer works as hard as she/he can. I know for a fact as a designer that web design is often lot of work and challenging. It's easy for me to design for myself...to pick out what you want is a little more challenging. I started designing sites because I couldn't afford a designer. My goal always been to be economical for the client.

With os C Max its a form of osCommerce. It has all the capabilities of os and more. You can have affiliate, retail, and wholesale pricing. That means you can offer more to people. You can wholesale to stores, flea marketers, etc. You can have affiliates join your business as reps. Offer rep agreement, etc. Then you can retail sale to customers who shop your site. So many possibilities with os C Max. You have a full back office where you can see how many people are shopping your site. You can even judge what people are wanting the most. That gives you a chance to get rid of what not selling. You can add pics and descriptions similiar to doing a blog or adding pics to eBay. My husband Henry installs the php cart and some of the products. He gives you tutorial on how to add more products. Later on we may offer some classes on the subject. Ofcourse if you need help we always here. Your new products each month automatically appear in the bottom category to show your customers on the main page. Here is an example a kats site we have for sale http://www.coffeedelights.biz/ the new arrivals change as the products are added. Here are some os features http://www.nowasbudgetwebdesign.info/osfeatures.htm

The work I do FrontPage is being phased out. Microsoft says that the FrontPage extensions which I work virtually with FrontPage is not secure enough. Expressions Web will have to be uploaded probably about 2 years we estimating. There will come a day that there wont' be any FrontPage extensions. What I been doing for 12 years is going to change. I am old dog so I am not looking forward to it. Most people are going to php carts for their sites. Os Commerce, Zen Cart, Cube Cart, os C Max, and others. We recommend os C Max its a little more secure than osCommerce. If you are interested in Zen cart our partner/friend Trisha does Zen cart about the same price.

Here is your chance to change your site over or get a new site... about four months we have Christmas. You do not want to miss out on Christmas and Hanukah sales. If you celebrate Halloween or Harvest time its a good time to have sales too. Get your site now during summer time while things are slow, get the site advertised, get known, get reps if you want them. You have time to get business cards, post cards, and letter head if you need them. If you order our large site we send you some pens to go with your marketing of your business. Once your site is paid for we will advertise on ryze and facebook for you.

Whats the best we offer? We offer you a payment plan. You can make a minimum of $25 a month we know times are rough. You can collect orders while you are financing your website. There no service charge for our payment plans. When the site is paid for we turn the name over to you in godaddy. We advertise the site for you. If you are able to pay full in advance we give you extra advertising for your efforts.

We have a starter plan $50 which can be two payments of $25 every two weeks or every month whichever works for you. economy size website add 10-15 products for $50 and get all the convenience of os C Max. You can add the rest of your products or you can upgrade later. If you have 15 or less items this be a perfect site for you.

We have larger websites $100 and up can be made in $25 or $50 payments http://www.nowasbudgetwebdesign.info/webdesign.htm free advertsing once site is transferred to you.

The large site comes with a year hosting the other two sites comes with free hosting for 3 months then hosting is $5 a month. $25 will get you started on any site.
Order today or contact me by email we get you started.

Check the sites we have for sale http://www.nowasnetwork.info/websitesforsale.htm


Need back to school items? I have backpacks for $10...free shipping if you spend $30 http://www.nowasmarketplace.info/backtoschoolspecials.htm Teacher supplies too!


Judy Nowakowski
check out my biz opportunities....
http://www.nowaspersonalizedgifts.info join free if you have a site to link to!

http://www.nowasadspecialties.info join us for $10!

http://www.nowascellobiz.info join for $12.99 and get a cello kit!

http://www.nowasnetwork.info network with us!

http://www.nowasmarketplace.info all my opportunities on one site.



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