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Let's Get Better Acquainted: Please Reintroduce Yourself for 2008Views: 442
Jan 17, 2008 2:58 pm re: Let's Get Better Acquainted: Please Reintroduce Yourself for 2008

Walter Paul Bebirian
my first introduction of myself - I am a photographer for 50 years now - since I was 8 years old - and I have since beginning working with computers in 2000 have also begun working on creating abstracts from my photographic images with the tools available photoshop -

Just last December 9, 2006 I came across a brand new web site which for me was a dream come true - Imagekind.com a place where artists can upload their image files and customers can order prints from these files in whatever sizes they would like (provided the file sizes are large enough) on a wide variety of paper or canvas choices and then the customer can choose from various mats and frames and have all of the work done by imagekind and then have the finished product shipped either to them or to another person pretty much anywhere in the world -

I have been so excited and inspired by the discovery of imagekind and that it exists that I began last December 9, 2006 to upload images there and I have not stopped yet - *(although I have just recently slowed down a bit).

Until this point in time I have placed over 16,000 images in my imagekind site which can be accessed through this address:


before that I was working on buidling a number of stores with my images on gift items through cafe press and the main store can be accessed through this address:


In addition since 1992 I have given out over 2.25 million of my business cards to people wherever I go strictly following this Doubling Project program which I created for myself:


Through the distribution of those business cards many people come to me for various types of assignments depending on what their needs are at the time and this provides me with a continuous flow of work and income -

As far as Middletown is concerned I thought of an interesting concept which may or may not appeal to or work for the folks that live there -

The Imagekind.com company has an affiliate program that has been designed to allow people that are either artists or interested in art to create website - blogs or lenses on squidoo where different works from some of the over 13,000 artists that are currently members of imagekind can be featured and if the person with the web sites blogs and/or lenses are registered as imagekind affilitates they have a chance to earn some income if the art that they are featuring is sold through their link recommendations -

Of course individuals from anywhere in this country (USA) as far as I can understand are able to set this affiliate relationship up but my thinking is that since Lamar was looking for a way that Middletown could become known throughout the world - well if enough individuals from your town signed up and world diligently enough at promoting the art on imagekind either by subescts or categories or styles or even by individuals artists - then the town might have found itself a new industry in a sense and thus become know as the town that "sells the art of the world to the world" -

My proposal was for Lamar to take the first step and become an affiliate and begin the process there so that he could then use his own tools as an example to others in Middletown and thus the town industry would grow -

To better help here is a sample lens with my work mentioned on it although I am not sure if this fellow artist and member of imagekind is also an affiliate:


but Anne is also a member of RYZE -


perhaps some of you might like to welcome her here -

and then here is a link to the page where the general imagekind affiliate program is described:


thank you Middletown folks - all the best to you in your endeavor to become known throughout the world -



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