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How Do You Feel About Classified Ads in Community Newspapers?Views: 125
Dec 29, 2009 7:50 pm re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: How Do You Feel About Classified Ads in Community Newspapers

Lamar Morgan 954-603-7901


I am not really in disagreement here. Getting people to LOOK at classifieds period needs to be addressed, first. You may be able to address that in advance with a press release. If you cannot successfully address the classified ad problem in a press release beforehand, I recommend not do the classified ad. But, if you can, why not go for the classified ad?

You have to have a "design" for the entire operation. So,what do you do? You go from Press Release to Classified Ad to Squidoo Lens(Landing Page). The fact that you could coop this effort with the help of numerous businesses - just like a signature page in a newspaper - is actually an additional benefit. You reduce the individual cost for each business advertiser by sharing in the overall cost of a single ad. You also entice more interest in the Squidoo lens by featuring more than one business. That means more "eye candy" potential. Having just one gear (a classified ad in just one newspaper) working for you is a waste of time and money. There needs to be a campaign of sorts at work. No single gear has any power unless it is connected to another gear. But, you get a lot of gears connected and working together and you will be amazed at what happens as a result.

Ants are a great example of this. What can a single ant accomplish? Nothing of significance. But, working in community, ants in South America actually change the landscape of the forest in the Amazon Jungle. It takes them 25 years to do it. But, they do it. How could ants possibly change the landscape of the forest? Well, they have a plan and work their plan. They focus on a section of trees in the forest. They inject their poison into those trees. Very slowly the trees begin to die. At the same time the trees are dying, the ants physically start moving the seedlings on the ground from the trees to another area of the forest and physically plant those seedlings in the ground. Every 25 years in the South American Amazon Jungle one section of forest dies and another section of the forest is given life...all thanks to ants.

Even ants can demonstrate that inch-by-inch anything is cinch. You simply need to have a good design and be willing to work it.

Walt Disney knew a thing or two about having a good design and the importance of being clever. When he first thought about building a magic kingdom he did not announce it to the world. Instead, he came up with a clever design to meet his needs. Specifically, he set up 15 companies who did not even know each other to buy up parcels of swamp land in Central Florida. It was not until all that swamp land was purchased that he announced his plans to the world on TV to create a "Magic Kingdom" in Central Florida.

Does it matter if you have a good design? You bet. It's not just the medium, it's the design for how you will use it that matters most.

Lamar Morgan
Network Moderator

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