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Austin Rare Coins Red Alert! Buy Gold & Silver Now...Views: 313
Mar 06, 2007 11:59 pm Austin Rare Coins Red Alert! Buy Gold & Silver Now...
me4you Austin Rare Coins Red Alert! Buy Gold & Silver Now...

In the 18 year history of Austin Rare Coins, this is only the 5th Red Alert we've ever sent! Today, our researchers and analysts could not delay another minute in notifying our clients to BUY GOLD NOW! BUY SILVER NOW!

Last week began with wild gyrations in the stock markets around the world. China lost 9% on Tuesday while the DOW Industrial Stocks lost over 400 points in one trading session on Tuesday.

The sell-off in stocks rippled across world markets and even rock solid investments like gold and silver have been hurt. Right now, we feel there?s an extraordinary opportunity to buy gold well below where it started last week. Silver is down over
10%. Yet the fundamentals for both precious metals remain sound amid the turmoil in world stock markets. For anyone who?s been thinking about buying more precious metals, we urge you to act now and buy today.

A Rare Opportunity to Buy Gold ?On Sale? The flood of liquidity, cheap interest rates, and excesses in the stock markets are beginning to unwind quickly. Suddenly the risks of investing only in stocks have become all too obvious.

In a panic sell-off, the value of almost everything goes down short-term. Highly leveraged investors and high-risk traders are forced into selling good stocks and even precious metals to cover margin calls. As a result, the price of gold and silver fell drmatically last week and has triggered this ?Red Alert Buying Notification.?

Over the past five years, while the stock market was doing fine, gold has averaged annual gains of 26%. Silver has locked in 36% a year on average. During the past five years, before the sudden gyrations in world stocks, DOW Industrials were up a mere 22% for the entire five years. This is far less than precious metals averaged each and every year for the past five years.

Flight to Safety is Coming Short-term swings in the price of solid assets like gold and silver are puzzling to many investors. We've seen this phenomenon happen over and over after panic sell-offs in the U.S. Stock Markets. All markets are tied together these days and when speculators borrow to highly leverage their stock buying, they often get stuck having to sell everything to make margin calls. When that happens, they can be forced to sell gold and silver short-term.

What seems bad at first is really a great buying opportunity as we see it. We would urge you to buy gold and silver now. Our opinion is that we are not in a stock meltdown right now. The financial world as we know it is not going to crash immediately. However, investors over the next few weeks will become more and more focused on avoiding stock risk. As a result, they will seek out safe havens and security.

Fundamental Reasons to Own Precious Metals In the coming flight to safety, we feel gold and silver will again become the alternative to stocks. When the dust clears from this week?s stock debacle, we believe that the price of both gold and silver will recover quickly? possibly by the end of next week.

The fundamental reasons to own precious metals will remain:

1. Gold and Silver always act as long-term insurance policies to protect against a stock market crash or a liquidity crisis.

2. Precious metals remain the asset of last resort. Every paper currency, given enough time, has failed. In the end, when all paper currency becomes worthless. Historically, only gold and silver remain as the currency of last resort.

3. A core holding of 10% up to 20% of your savings in gold and silver can provide both long-term stability and extraordinary profit opportunities during these risky times.

4. Over the last five years, gold has averaged annual gains of 26%. Silver has topped the 36% annual profit level.

Stocks Have High Risks and Low Rewards Expect the stock market to settle down and recover in the days ahead. However, the risk will be far greater in days to come than at any time in the past five years. It is our opinion that the price of both gold and silver will quickly recover and have less downside risk.

We see gold going back to the $685 to $700 level promptly. What is uncertain is whether gold will move quickly and leap frog from today?s level in the $640?s to $675, then over $700 to hit last year?s high of $725.

We feel this is a distinct short-term possibility. As a result, we feel this is a rare opportunity to ?BUY GOLD ON SALE?? the same for silver.

To buy gold immediately online, click below for ?Today?s Best Gold Buys.? Click here? http://austincoins.com/S-Gold-Bullion.htm

Act on This Opportunity Quickly Please, please do not overlook this Red Alert. On the extremely rare occasions when Austin Rare Coins & Bullion has sent a Red Alert, the results have proven to be very profitable for those who took our advice to heart.

With gold down over 5% last week and silver down 10%, you may have the opportunity to put away precious metals at prices we may not see again for years. While no one can guarantee your success in any financial endeavor, we believe that this is an extremely LOW RISK ? HIGH PROFIT opportunity that you should find irresistible on this pullback.

To buy $10,000, $25,000, or more in gold bullion or silver bullion right now, we urge you to call our Gold Specialists at 1-800-928-6468 for cash and quantity discounts. Austin Rare Coins & Bullion will have our team on duty from 9am till 9pm today and all weekend to answer questions.

Austin Rare Coins was founded in 1989 to serve collectors, investors, and rare coin dealers. Our staff is devoted to providing our clients with professional advice and high quality U.S. rare gold coins, silver dollars, and gold bullion coins at low, low prices.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Byrd President Austin Rare Coins, Inc.


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