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Organization Tuesday: The Late Business Consortium SolopreneurViews: 169
Feb 09, 2009 4:30 pm re: Organization Tuesday: The Late Business Consortium Solopreneur

Julie Bestry
Since I asked everyone else, I should be openly, neurotically honest, too:

1) If I'm waiting for someone else at a distant location, I get agitated if the other person is more than five-ten  minutes late (without calling).  Well, to be honest, I get agitated if the person isn't at least exactly on time, because I'm left wondering if I'm actually in the right place, if the other person has forgotten the appointment and so on.  As a professional organizer, I intellectually know that people are late for reasons rarely having to do with power plays or believing their time is more valuable than mine.  As a human being, however, I'm fallible, and thus annoyed.

2) I don't believe it's ever acceptable for me to be late, so I'm always early/on time.  (Hate me now.)  Given the unique relationship a professional organizer has with time, my credibility would be even more adversely impacted by tardiness than the average Joe.  If I am not within 10 minutes of my location by 15 minutes before the appointed time, I call.  (Cell phones have eliminated anyone's excuse for being late without notification.)

3) I'm much more lenient when it comes to someone being late to meet me at my home/office because  it does not adversely affect my productivity.  I'll still worry that the person is lost, lying in a ditch or has forgotten, but less so than if I've had to travel to meet them, because my surroundings are more comfortable and able to distract me.  Tardiness for teleclasses and online meetings depends on whether I'm the speaker and whether the moderator has turned off those annoying "be-boop" noises that ding every time new person arrives on the call.  (It's the aural equivalent to having people enter a movie theater after the film has started and wind their way to a center seat.)

4) I'm slightly more annoyed when a professional makes me wait, because they have daily experience with how frustrating that is. If a mom of 3 is late because her life has exploded, I have more sympathy than if a professional has kept me waiting. However, I think there's also an element of how open I can be. I can call my friend's cell and say "You're late and this is not working for me", but being the cranky to the office staff of a professional you're waiting to met just makes you look all the worse.

5) Again, I'm torn between intellectual and emotional response, because I don't want to seem like a robot to all of you.  But being late, even if it's not intended to do so, says to the other person, "your time isn't valuable enough to me to moderate my behaviors so that I can show you respect".  So, over  the next weeks, I'll share with you my advice so that your current and future clients, friends and family can know that you do value their time as much as your own.

Julie Bestry, Certified Professional Organizer®
Best Results Organizing
"Don't apologize.  Organize!"
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