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Friday Fun - Game Lovers Rejoice!Views: 265
Mar 08, 2009 4:04 am Some fun online games - re: re: Friday Fun - Game Lovers Rejoice!

Bobbi Jo Woods
Speaking of fun games...here are some online ones I'm guilty of enjoying now and then... all of which are really addictive!

Good Night, Mr. Snoozleberg
This is a game where you are Mr. Snoozleberg, an ambassador who gets invited to all kinds of important functions around the world, but who is a sleepwalker! You have to click on stuff ahead of him, as he sleepwalks through different areas to avoid him waking up! The graphics and effects are awesome, and it's really fun to see what stuff you find!

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
If you get stuck, here is a site with hints (aka walkthroughs) - but try it on your own first!

Chowder - Bookin' Cook
This cute character on the "Chowder" show on Cartoon Network is part bear, part rabbit and part cat--but is a totally cute little purple guy! He works as an apprentice at Mung Daal's Catering Company, with Mung Daal (the blue guy with the big schnoz and white whiskers) and Schnitzel (or Schnitz), a big rock monster who is really crabby and serious but really lovable! As Chowder, you have to take people's catering orders on the spot, cook their custom dish to order, then have them pay you. And you have to make a certain amount of money before the shop closes, so hurry!

Play Game:

Social Slots
This is a game put on by Winster.com, which is like regular black jack slots in Vegas, only you get points for real prizes like movie tickets, gift cards for Amazon.com, Papa John's Pizza, DVDs from Amazon, etc. The trick to the game is that you share your spun "tokens" that others want, in exchange for those you are trying to collect. There is also a chat right on the game so you can talk to the players you are in the room with. Totally addictive! Ask to play "jackpot" or 'jp'. It's team effort at its finest!

Play Game:
http://www.winster.com > register and click "Play" > "Social Slots"

PS - if you decide to join Winster.com and want to play social slots, look me up and add me as a friend! My hand there is 'bwoodzy'.

My Lil' B*st*rd
Cartoon Network's AdultSwim.com has lots of games, most of which I find stupid, difficult or disturbing beyond words. This is actually kind of a cute one, but the content is a bit say, adult (language, character drinking alcohol). You are the owner of a pet "b*st*rd" (strange unknown species of animal--think Japanese Tomogachi or Nanopets) and you raise it to learn how to take care of itself (toilet train, feeding, playing frisbee, etc.) and as it grows up to be a teenager and then young adult, you keep it from smoking, drinking, humping stuffed animals, and teach it to use the computer, etc. Eventually the pet poos gold coins and trinkets, which when you click them, are cashed in toward your total money allowance for supplies, etc. Kind of stupid, pointless and a bit frustrating, but a cool time-waster. The more effort you put into the game, the more points (and gold poo) you get, to spend on supplies, food, etc. Guided narration walks you through the game when you start, in kind of broken Japanese-English. But fun!

Play Game:


-Bobbi Jo

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