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ABHP - A Bit of Humble Pie [This Network is not currently active and cannot accept new posts] | | Topics
ABHP - CowPunchers Directory - Intro YOU and your marketplace.Views: 386
Jun 23, 2009 3:56 pm re: ABHP - CowPunchers Directory - Intro YOU and your marketplace.

Charlie Brown
Howdy Charlie Brown.

CB First and foremost to address the Ranch Wranglers Greetings here on ABHP...Hello what kinda pie is that, inquiring minds want to know?

Charlie, I know you will HATE this, but I just can't help myself...

CB I call it a love,hate relationship;)

Folks, meet our newest celeb. "Charlie Brown."
Does Snoopy really sleep under the stars on top of that dogs house?

CB Yes, The Stars & Snoopy see great things for this network and all the team members:)

Is Woodstock an early morning chirp-er?

CB Yes, Woodstock enjoys bringing a song of positive motivation to all.

When will Lucy next kick your be-hind?

CB Lucy i.e. Carole Brown here on Ryze has to catch me 1st!

I apologize, but it's not often I get to repay the same, in
kind. Brown is not that common of a name. Since it's mine
too though, I understand how much the ribbing can bore you
to death. I bet you get much more than I have.

CB Jr Hi, Hi School and College was a test of ones character lol. In the business world it is heaven:)

Charlie is now living and working in Texas. He's a
promoter and has some great pic's on his Ryze page. Nice to
see someone sharing some family in photos. Are those
darling's your daughters? (Ha)

CB Some very good friends:)

Charlie, we're tickled pink as a pig (is that PigPen or
Linus, I forget...?) you joined us today and will be looking
forward to an introduction from you in this thread:

CB FYI PigPen is trying to clean up his act. Linus is hiding me from Lucy, she says I owe her...Not!

If anyone else bothers you because of your "celebrity"
status, just let me know. I carry a big "poking" stick!

Eileen :D

I must be in trouble plenty, as Lucy has a BIG Foot, ouch!

CB Celeb status? OK if you say so, as long as the Paparazzi doesn't tell Lucy where I live as we just moved to Texas from the OC Ca. a while back. PS That girl can really be a kick in the pants;)

CB Now then...lets address the new yard dog a howlin syndrome, not barkin...Snoopy that is;) i.e. Lucky & Lady my two Beagles and their saying a BIG Howdy to all our new and existing friends here on this unusual and very charismatic ABHP Network! That's a compliment by the way:)

CB Last but not lease, Linus wanted to give up his security blanket as a present to Eileen...He seems to think your worth it...Hello!

CB Now then for Charlie Brown's intro thank you very much.

CB I am a Business Promoter, Sales and Marketing Expert. My business is promoting your business, taking your companies profit center to the next level.

Charlie Brown profile http://www.hitekconnection.com

CB FYI Time is $money$! and this intro took alot of time and thought as you can see. So with that in mind I will be invoicing the network soon...Don't worry I'm one of the good guys, I'll give you this months discounted rate as I view you as a friend:)

CB Continued success to all, your friend and new network member Charlie Brown & Gang.

Private Reply to Charlie Brown (new win)

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