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AIG OutrageViews: 157
Mar 29, 2009 11:56 pm re: AIG Outrage

John Stephen Veitch

Your congressman, Rep. Randy Forbes is just as crooked as all the rest, probably more so because he's trying to tell you that "I'm a good guy". Bullshit. It's rather sad Michael that you think he's making a valid point. That's causes me to think that you haven't taken off your rose coloured glasses yet. Never mind, things are going to get worse, and those glasses will come off.

All Republicans close to the party bear some responsibility for the present economic situation. So when Rep. Randy Forbes tries to claim "not me"; he isn't credible.

This is a national economic emergency. When Obama's team tried to act with emergency measures they offered the opportunity of a joint action process. Republicans wisely I believe chose to avoid that. If the plan fails they don't want that burden too.

However they also chose to sabotage the plan willing it with "PORK" and misdirecting the effort to other agendas. Such behavior indicates that for them is "the old political game in the old way." To which I say, disgrace, don't you guys understand yet what you've done, and that in four year time the American people are going to blame YOU for the disaster they have been through and that Republican members of Congress will be lucky if they can will any seats anywhere in the USA. The Republican party is GONE, but these guys don't know it yet.

Wake up Michael. They've fooled you a 100 times, and you let that continue. This depression is changing a lot of things. Fundamental values will be put to the test. I've been saying for many years that the USA's political system is broken. Both Republicans and Democrats fail to represent the public. Both parties are handmaidens of the MONEY that comes form business interests.

For me that is exactly why Obama can't fix the economic crisis. The people he should be acting against are the very same people who fund the Republican and the Democratic Parties. So he nibbles at the edges, he can't tackle the root. I expect he will fail.

Which brings me to the video about "Thomas Paine".

The video covers far too much and a good deal of what is says is fundamentally wrong, and contradictory. However, the central theme, that the system is broken and that the people of the USA have to fix it is correct.

What's never mentioned in the USA, is how the first past the post (winner takes all) voting system denies people real political power. In this system because of gerrymandered districts close the half the votes cast have no chance of counting for anything. No wonder lots a clued up people don't bother to vote. 90% of Congress members are is "safe seats" and all the votes for the other party are essentially just a protest.

Of course as the video claims the Electoral College, is another barrier to democratic control.

It's my view that the way forward is proper representation. You get that by some form of proportional representation. That will bring several new parties into the political process. That achieved the American People might have a means of making the government responsive to public needs.

John Stephen Veitch
Open Future Limited - http://www.openfuture.biz/
Innovation Network - http://veech-network.ryze.com/
Building an Open Future - http://openfuture-network.ryze.com/

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