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AIG OutrageViews: 147
Mar 31, 2009 1:28 am re: re: re: AIG Outrage

John Stephen Veitch
To both Michael and Scott

Congress hasn't served the people for a long time. The two party system has always been corrupt, but the level of corruption was restrained by "checks and balances". Across the world when countries get a chance to establish modern political systems they don't choose the two party model. It's far too inflexible, and one day will be changed. (In the UK too. In fact 10 years ago the British Labour Party promised to do just that, but once elected didn't bother.) That issue is currently being revisited too.

It seemed to me in 2000, looking from the outside, that despite the problems with the electoral system, with the party system and with the deficit, the checks and balances were working, and the system plodded along.

Once in a lifetime for most of us there comes a change that for us changes everything. Perhaps you (perhaps I did too) thought that in your life, the terrorist attacks of 911 were that moment.

911 allowed President GW Bush to be "strong" and to reinforce many of the things that were wrong with America, but under restraint. 911 seems to have removed that restriction. Now it was possible in government to make decisions without opposition that would have been impossible previously. (And apparently the same sort of decisions were being made in business too.) The result hasn't been a happy one.

Right now the depression the world is entering into has the potential to change America and the world in ways that make 911 look like a the movie trailer for what is now the main event.

If I'm right not only will the dollar value of everything be reassessed, but the value of all our ideas and prejudices will also be "stress tested" as Tim Geithner has been saying.

All of America's political parties will be tested in this process too. World opinion voted GW Bush out of office long before his first 4 years as President were up. The USA chose to re-elect him. For me that simply reads as, dysfunctional news media and Tweedlle Dum and Tweedle Dee as possible options. The system is devoid of ideas and broken.

Today is another day. There is a new challenge in front of us. Obama is trying to rescue the OLD SYSTEM, he's trying to rebuild what's broken. I don't think success is possible. Nor do I think that success in that way is desirable. The system needs to change.

As the crisis deepens I expect, strikes, sit-in's, and street protests. In a few months protests could easily turn into riots. I don't say this to "trash the USA" but to acknowledge the seriousness of the situation and the difficulty President Obama is facing.

So when I see the Republican Party play politics with he real need to do something that works, I shake my head in despair.

John Stephen Veitch
Open Future Limited - http://www.openfuture.biz/
Innovation Network - http://veech-network.ryze.com/
Building an Open Future - http://openfuture-network.ryze.com/

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