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Political Labels: Are they meaningful - Or are they just political swear words?Views: 126
Nov 27, 2009 9:22 am re: re: re: re: re: re: Political Labels: Are they meaningful - Or are they just political swear wor

John Stephen Veitch
Hello Lamar

It's not hard from your many posts to understand that you support the Republican Party. (Although give that the Republican Party have all but destroyed the USA, it's hard to imagine why you still feel that way.)

Not that it might have made much difference, "Republican Light" the Democrats are subject to the same paymaster and probably would have done similar foolish things, given that they have the SAME incentives.

Which brings us to the carrot mob. That's about incentives. Can we change the incentive structure so that business wants to create a sustainable world? I certainly hope so, but I think not.

I've got a training in economics. For economists PRICES drive everything. Right now that price of environmental destruction is TOO CHEAP. In fact, the best and easiest way to make a profit is often to extract the value out of some resource and care nothing for the environmental or social result.

Proper regulation, and proper taxation systems, working hand in hand are essential to make that work. It can't be done by consumer groups.

And so to Copenhagen. We need a way to create BINDING agreements. But it's in everyone's interest to have a binding agreement that applies to everyone else but NOT TO ME. Since that is the attitude of the USA and Australia (USA light.) There can be no effective agreement.

So there will be no effective limits on CO2 production. All the glaciers in the USA will disappear and there will be no summer water in California's rivers. You make your choices and you pay the price. Cause and effect they call it.

I'm an environmentalist from 50 years back. When I was at high school I was asked to study a running stream. There was one 100 metres from our house, running down the valley to the ocean. But is was an industrial valley. Woollen mills, concrete plants, fertilizer production, a cement works, timber processing. The only living thing I could find in the water were tiny round worms in the mud. No plant life within 15cm of the water level. No grasses or reeds growing out of the water. No insect life associated with the water. No fish or flies or bugs - nothing. Yes this is "clean green New Zealand" I'm talking about.

Environmental policy will NOT change the what happens, although it can help. We MUST change the way the ECONOMY works. That means, proper rules, proper taxation, proper enforcement of both the taxation and the rules. The requires proper GOVERNMENT, and proper government doesn't exist anywhere in the world to my knowledge.

John Stephen Veitch; The Network Ambassador
Open Future Limited - http://www.openfuture.co.nz/
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