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Aug 18, 2005 9:39 pm re: re: re: Persistent Identity
>> Barry Caplan - Start Your Future Today
Thanks Bob -

sometimes I make posts like that and people don't understand the point I am making. Glad you did!

Here are a few additional comments.

A "persistent" identity may or may not:

- map to a physical person
- last for a specific length of time
- map to more only one physical person
- map to one or more other virtual identities
- map to a combination of physical or virtual identities

There also might be more then a 1->1 or 1->n mapping between physical and virtual identities. They could be more properly considered n->n.

E.g. someone might have multiple virtual IDs on Yahoo for various purposes, and might share some of the IDs with others.

I am just brainstorming here, and this is probably covered elsewhere in depth, but these thoughts are somewhat aligned with the concept of "Corporate personhood".

Corporate perosonhood is based on the twin premises of shielding and sharing liability and equity - Why should a virtual id be any different?

And then, if there is shielding, we might measure something (don't know what) related to privacy and trust, rather than attachment to a physical or off-line entity.

eBay's rating system seems to be an early example of how almost pure virtual IDs combined with community trust, can enable a thriving community in a usable fashion.



> Bob Snodgrass wrote:
> Good thought Barry,
>Just to clarify, I think a persistent identity is a good thing as one needs to use it to simply day to day tasks on the internet or in order to "prove" their identity for some purposes, such as for e-commerce or trusted networks.... I wouldn't propose that this persistent identify be enforced in all areas of the internet.
>Your point...
>"This abstraction impacts our daily lives where we use the internet. I think usabilty issues surrounding indentity should allow individuals full control over their own identity while addressing the sovereign/non-sovereign issues."
>... is dead on!
>- Bob Snodgrass

Private Reply to >> Barry Caplan - Start Your Future Today (new win)

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