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Liquors of the World Thread - Fact and Fiction - Info & FunViews: 603
Feb 15, 2007 2:35 pm re: re: Liquors of the World Thread - Fact and Fiction - Info & Fun

Ram Sridhar
Very interesting topic, indeed. Cheers to Tarun for this thread.

Very few have spoken about my favourite poison, Vodka. Here is more to Vodka:

-Vodka came from the Russian word "voda" meaning little water.
-Surprisingly its the Dutch who have perfected Vodka.
-Vodka is a product of Arabia and came to Russia no earlier than the end of the 13th century.
-Raymond Lulli, who was on the island of Mallorca in the hands of Arabs, discovered an educated man there who knew how to prepare vodka, which was then called "the water of life" (Aqua Vitae) and he brought it to Europe. At that time, the whole world considered this vodka to be water taken from a mysterious stone. It was prescribed in drops and believed to had curative properties!
-Russian vodka was made from rye, wheat and barley.
-Vodka was generally referred to as wine(!) and divided into types:
1.normal vodka was called simple wine,
2.the best of this type being called vino dobroye (good wine);
3.still higher was vino boyarskoye (boyar's wine); 4.finally, higher still was vino dvoynoe (double wine), which was extremely strong.
-Vodka is a neutral tasting spirit. What one can expect to pay a high price for it?
-Like in Mineral water, it comes down to the product’s perceived purity and clean taste.
-The flavour varies according to the type of grain used-rye is used primarily in Polish vodkas, gives the drink a zesty bite.
-The purity of water used also has an effect, as does filtration method-charcoal filtering, for example, will add a lovely smoky aftertaste.

"Smooth like polished marble;Smooth like China silk;Smooth like an angel’s tears". This is a description given by expert samplers of vodka. Funny, comparing Vodka to Marble, China silk.....

-The first vodka to be given the “premium” label was ‘Absolut’ way back in 1979.
-Before ever tasting vodka, learn the following basics:
-vodka should not be pronounced as ‘od-ka’, the correct pronounciation is ‘odu-ka’.
-It should be consumed chilled, mixed with clean water, if you want to dilute it.
-Don’t kill the taste by mixing it with fruit juices, soft drinks etc.,
-Remember, if anyone says cocktail with Vodka, kill him. For he should not corrupt this divine drink.

"Absolut"ely Vodka is a fabulous drink. Cheers!


Ram Sridhar

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