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Ryze vs Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,etc.Views: 127
Oct 15, 2012 9:53 am re: Ryze vs Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,etc.

T.E.A.M. Mom!
Thanks everyone for such a great topic thread! I have to say I am so happy to see that I am not alone on my feelings in re to many of the social networking sites out there, especially Facebook. I have been here on Ryze since March 2004 and have made every effort to keep "It" going for whatever time I could and use my Ryze URL as my calling card, as corny as it might sound.

For me, Ryze is my foundation, here is where I got my feet wet for the first time with online networking (something I still do not feel comfortable with) and the whole thrust forward into the 21st century. By this, having to make that initial step into educating myself on how to actually use my computer and know what to do with it :) It has been a gradual, although slow evolution on my part, but I try every time I hit that start button.

Of course I did cave a bit, and decided to venture out into waters of the unknown (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, even Plaxo) and found the social media universe scattered and not sociable at times. Dividing the time between them all, keeping track of what I said, who to reply to, which group to join, was and at times is beyond mind boggling (how do people really do it). Weeding out and really sinking my teeth into what I want to follow, RT, Share, Link, Post, Tag, has become a game in my mind, as I sit down and stare at my computer screen day to day.

Many people have made fun of me when I say, "Hey are you on Ryze?" or I ask, "Why not sign my guestbook or drop me a PM?" the responses I have gotten sometimes come wrought a sly indirect chuckle like, "What you are still there, why?" And of course, not afraid to speak my mind, happily say, "I never left!" Sometimes it opens up a new door of friendship, or a question or two of what Ryze is, the benefits (which I share good and bad) and tell them to be sure to look me up.

As for LinkedIn, honestly I very rarely if ever drop by, or even share anything... I am in a few groups, ask me what is happening and I will give you a blank stare. Plaxo, well that was just another place I thought I had to be, that went nowhere and left me with a bored to death when ever I thought of visiting there. Twitter, gosh one of my favorite places to just sit and read the most interesting things, especially my favorites and with a simple click, RT it so I will never lose it.

Facebook, hmmm that new kid on the block! I cringed at the very thought of having a page (now I have 2) and when my friends and family kept bothering me almost daily, I caved. In the beginning it was a great way to keep in touch with everyone, re connect with old friends, so on and than I started to receive messages from Ryze friends, some of which I hadn't heard from in years. That is when I realized that no matter what resistance I might have towards moving forward, life was not stopping and either I ran with the pace or get left in the dust.

Finding the happy medium and balance in everything you do in life is accessible, it takes time, patience and yes, being able to express who you are! What ever choices or decisions a person takes whether it personal or business, essentially are all comprised of who we are as an individual, you just have to be strong enough to take that first step. Much success to you always, Patricia

PS - Thanks Paul :)


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