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Jan 27, 2005 9:46 am re: re: re: My thoughts on Constant Contact re: Ezine service

Linda Bohrnerud
Hmm, I am a member of several mailing lists that let you subscribe by email - no web based form. I personally prefer this, because it allows me to keep a record of what I sent. If I had to reply to an email, saying, "Yes, I still want to be on the list." that would be fine by me. I might not feel like signing up again through a web page. Hey, maybe I'm fighting with my browser that day.

Linda B

> lisa micklin wrote:
> Hi Barbara-
>That will depend on the service you choose to go with. Currently EZezine allows you to import a database, but, when the new version of the software is released in a couple of months, you will be required to re-opt-in your list.
>According to CAN-SPAM legislation, both the list owner and the list host are accountable for being able to provide a time/date/IP stamp on every single subscriber. What that means is you need to be able to prove where/when/how each subscriber opted-in. The only way to obtain this info is via a web-based subscription form.
>Aside from the law, it's a good idea to clean your list and find out who is really reading it by requesting a re-opt-in. What we're doing at EZezine while we head towards the transition to our new service, is recommending that new members do this now, when they transition to our company. That way they won't need to do it down the road.
>The best way to do this is:
>1) Figure out who your new service provider is going to be.
>2) Place a subscription form from them on your website.
>3) Via your current provider send a couple of announcements saying that you are switching services, and asking folks to re-opt-in, directing them to the new form.
>You can use this third step as a marketing tool. Something to the effect of:
>"To better serve you we are switching ezine providers. I want to be sure that you still want to receive xyz ezine, chock full of tips, hints, and whatever making your life run more efficiently....etc.... Please go to http://your-ezinesubscriptionform.com and fill out the simple form you will find there. This quick step will ensure that you will receive xyz ezine with no interruption"
>This is just an example off of the top of my head.
>A while back there was a discussion here about the response rate to requests like this. My theory is, if a so called subscriber isn't willing to take the 10 seconds to re-opt-in, why would you think they would take the 5-10 minutes required to read the content of your ezine? Those who don't re-opt-in are zombie addresses who don't care about your ezine anyway, and are likely deleting, or clicking the 'this is spam/junk' button anyway.
>Hope this helps,
>> Barbara C. Phillips wrote:
>>I have one more question. When changing ezine service, will my subscribers be subjected to another optin?

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